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    Whoever thought it was a good idea to Nerf crusaders instead of buffing them needs to be fired.

    Like seriously just make advent hit box more reliable and faster cast time. Make crusaders skill have more priority over other skills and give people a reason to use final light.

    There is no way you guys sat at a table and all agreed this was a good idea and whoever did all needs to be fired. Say that at your next meeting.:rolleyes:X/

    "Kreuzi" in my signature is "crusader" :)

    Then you should know why sunlight is very reasonable skill to have at 30 seconds if you invent 5 points into it, unless you don't pvp with your temp at all? At least in pvp mostly being able to cleanse every 30 seconds and combing when every other pvp class can de buff you 2 sometimes 3 times in that amount of time.

    Description - Instead of Slime Coins being bound to your account and only being used to buy in game items and gift from the store, why not make it so you can trade it in game?

    - Why would you like to see it implemented? (What are the pros and cons?)

    Pros: With Slime Coins being tradable it will completly 100% get rid of scammers and you will no longer have to worry about that gifting rule. Also I'm sure with this implemented it will encurage more people to buy SC (Which will in turn make you guys more money) to earn gems fast thus making everyone happier and the community a better place.

    Cons: I honestly can't think of any downsides to having something like this in game but interested to hearing what the community might come up with.

    - How would it work in game? (Is it viable? with current systems?)

    Pretty self explanatory I think. Just have your SC balance shown in your inventory maybe under your premium shop bag or between the 4th bag slot and the auto pick up toggle? Then with trading you could have a SC box where you can type the amount you want to add just like with gems.

    I think this is a very viable suggestion with the current system because with all the trading thats already going on (Including trading via gifting) and problem with scammers it will be a perfect fix.

    - Maps involved?


    - NPCs involved?


    - Items involved?


    - Number of players required? (If it is a team activity)

    - Any related images if you have some.