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    Is anyone having issues with their whole screen randomly turning a solid color? The HUD stays but all of the background just turns blue and i cant see anything. It only happens in certain areas. I've tried to adjust my resolution, graphics, nothing seems to matter. I even removed the Nvidia profile and went back to Intel on board graphics.

    Its really annoying because i cant play when it does this. I have to move to other areas of the map.

    my account is still broken and its pre merge. I've always been on Isya, and the account was working perfectly fine after the merge. It just one day didnt let me in and said my password was wrong. When i go to change my password, it gives a database error.

    I've reported it, been told to be patient, and thats about it. It wasnt locked, blocked or anything else. I literally cant reset my password because it throws a code error. Been over a month now. I'm mostly mad because I have rare mounts and a fiesta 5 year balloon on that other account.

    So when i check processing, I have 10 GB of RAM left when running fiesta. Should i extend the VRAM or pagefile? My SSD is quite full ,but when i moved it to its own SSD it didnt really seem to help. About literally the only that has helped and it basically fixed the issue, was turning off Name tag change. Im not even sure what that does, but it helped the most. Turning off other names helps as well, but its mostly name tag change.

    4.0 Skylake i7
    OC competition motherboard
    3.3 mhz 32gb corsair ram
    1000 watt gold edition power supply (not that is matters, but might as well flex)
    8gb 1080 dual fan gpu
    m.2 chip SSD

    It is -almost- server class. Still hangs up in Elderine.

    However SNACK was the man! He called it. Apparently how this game was designed, it seriously hangs up on too much text being around. So if you remove all of the character names, name tag change, npc name, it works perfectly fine.

    weird...and your account is not banned?

    So if you login ingame a message like your ID is blocked? Cuz you cant change your password then, thats normal

    If I try to login in from the client it wont let me. It says "check user id or password." I havent changed the password either, I know its right. But, i tried to reset it anyway and I get error messages. If i try to change it from the fiesta portal, I get "an unknown error has occurred." If i try to change it from gamingo I get a script error.


    Thats the thing, ive been in the game with that account perfectly fine up until a week ago. I've been using it for over a month now. Then, when i tried to log in again, it told me my password was incorrect, so i tried to change it and it says "an error has occurred."Very obviously broken at the database level. I tried on the gamingo site as well and the same thing happened with more detail on the error message. I really just think if they reset my password at admin level, it would work again. That or the account got locked somehow.

    Did you know of the servermerge a few years ago?

    try change your password with your gamigo account and not with the homepage

    So I havent been able to get into my account for a week now. I've sent 3 support tickets. The first response was "make sure to use a new password." Okay, so that doesnt work because the password reset errors out no matter what I use. I sent in another ticket yesterday and they told me that its a known issue and to check the forums. I was able to make a new account with a different email, so I know its an account issue. :cursing:

    I've had that account since 2011 and its got a ton of stuff on it.