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    Yes! Let's cause an uprising by removing x amount of titles from all players in the game and see how that turns out. Thank god you're not in charge of anything that will impact the game. Did you read through any of the comments? I did. From what I gathered most people enjoyed shinies, and agreed that the drops were a bit too much. They also offered excellent solutions to counter the problems that the charms and other items were bringing into the game, creating a depreciation of sales for 4 hour charms. The rates as of now are too low as it is. We want new players coming and having a chance of what we already have, title wise. By your logic you would rather burn the whole server down than try to think this through logically. I think from a business stand point its beneficial for them since they would see more people out leveling again, buying exp cards, charms, hunter's war rants. Some mistakes can be wonderful discoveries. I think it just needs some revamping and you can make everyone happy again.

    Perhaps you're right, perhaps you're wrong. Then again its not your game so how do you know?! I think the bottom line is up to the company and not you.

    Umm you're missing the point here. So when every perm buys a permanent exp hold then what? Exp holds should be temporary period, and a convenience at best. You can go sacrifice your character over and over if you don't want to purchase the 30 day hold (which I already think is generous). I never said perms never existed before nor will die out so please don't twist my words. I said if you offer your suggested item it would create a bottle neck of perms since the cost is what keeps them from running dungeons 24/7. This idea will never be considered so I'm not debating this further. To think all I have to do is buy a perm exp hold and never have to buy anything ever again except in-game charms and rants... smh..

    Nah there's too many perms ruining low level content as there is. Charge them for it. You seem to forget how Outspark did things. If every perm had permanent exp hold all the instances would be crowded and then you'd have another thread complaining that you want dungeons all to yourselves, imploding the market, You want to limit your level, pay for it.

    Nah sorry I'm with Chusky on this one. You're being presumptive that everyone knows these things failing to realise that the more people that can participate, the better for the game. We need all world bosses farmed, not just SK and others. I think it would be a great idea to add that to the game in some way and help guide people into raids. It's also a great opportunity for sales of charms, rants, teva and tears etc. I think we all want the servers to thrive.

    I think scripting one KQ affects another. That's why this thread appeared. You can't fix two and not the other three? The issue is with regeneration. Even if they reduced the regeneration by some, they could get an indication whether that affects the probability of a KQ success, considering many have mentioned a lack of damage dealers. It seems many can go many rounds taking the chest down, it's just pushing a boulder up a hill with the regeneration. Eventually they could succeed if the regeneration is appropriate to the damage output of the participants.

    I'm making a character on Pagel, so it better not die! Lol. It sounds like it could be a bug, so I would try it once more. Also if possible, get someone to video the raid, and if you get the same result.. then it most certainly is a bug and should be reported via the ticket system. What all did you lose in the raid? :C Sorry to hear about your missing chest.

    I hope so, they have so many designs to choose from, I think it would make an amazing opportunity for the company. Time will tell I suppose.

    Sorry but I'm with MintyGreens on this one. Would it be fair for non-perms to get perm exp cards? I think we all want the server(s) to thrive, so its either buy the temporary exp hold for convenience, or do it the old fashioned way and keep running into the first mob in the dungeon over and over... I think that's the selling point of the exp hold personally. It would be wildly convenient, I do admit as well, but think of the long-term effects of that.

    You have to be patient, it takes a while to get your account back up if you were inactive for some time. And don't send multiple tickets! It will only impede your recovery process. By what it sounds from your posts TumTums , your account is possibly locked. Let CS know, preferably from the account's original email, that you would like to have to it unlocked, and answer or provide any details that prove you're the account owner. If you're pre-merge then I apologise and my information is a bit off. Don't give up hope, you'll get your account back. :)

    I promised myself I wasn't going to post on the forums anymore but this topic has peaked my interest. Speaking as someone who missed the merge, I know how it feels to have my characters separated and to be without my old set up of 6 characters. The merge literally deleted all of my storage inventory, as well as the last two pages of my personal storage on all of my characters, all my iron cases and boxes, and all my gems that were stored in storage.

    I, like many have decided to start over, and I tell you if I have to go through that all over again, I will not be playing this game any longer. Once was enough. I think what we need to come up with is a way to make the less populated servers more viable. Try and recruit some Isyans to start up a small farming guild, make some events on those servers, increase the shiny/exp/drop rates, there's so many possibilities. If you want to risk your inventory for a larger server (Pagel combined with Jenira and Enid), then make the case to the company without risking others in the process. But please don't put the rest of the game/players at risk because you missed the merge and now want one. I fully blame myself for not checking in more often and missing the transfer tool, and therefore have just moved on. In fact it was quite fun to rebuild and its an ongoing process.

    I just don't think merging at the time is going to solve anything, and possibly create even more potential problems. (Economy, inventory, names, guilds..) Anyways, that's just my point of view and nothing else. Please don't take offence to anything said, its just my personal experience...

    Hey I’m not here to argue. I’m just pointing out that what you’re suggesting is indeed devaluing a product. If half the server blocks roars then what do you think will happen? People will stop buying them and the game makes less money. I don’t know if that was a subtle dig at SC users, but please don’t take my comments personally either. I’m only trying to make a point, which I thought the forums were meant for... discussion. We may not agree but at least be civil. I agreed with you, roars can most certainly be annoying. I’m slightly confused about derailing as I suggested a Cooldown in opposition of your filtering suggestion. Ie. Would you buy an advertisement for your business if the provider said they can’t guarantee it’ll be heard by anyone let alone everyone because they allow filtering of commercials for users who hate them? Probably not. I’m not commenting on this thread anymore so no need to get upset. It would’ve been nice discuss possible fixes, but your mind is made up already.

    Yes and they coded a block function for that very reason. Would I buy a roar knowing you’re just filtering them as well as others? No. I’ll just use /s and call it a day. You’re trying to devalue a product but please continue.

    T4 immunity potions, T6 purple potions, are not made. T6 scrolls recipes are possible but they are locked out because they didn't update the recipes saying t5 items HHQ Leather instead of dark leather. etc. thus a higher idea would be putting extra rates of those "shinies" spawning again. the charm 4 hour one was fixed a while ago, so it's not really a huge problem. perhaps lowering the rate of those elrue-xir t5 recipes but that's just a silly thing.
    As for the hidden nerf of sticking t6 hp/sp potions into Arkroute and other 115-120 maps instead of the T5 drop rate is just B.S., be that a change to help mediate the Magic Potion income or listening to someone else's rant about T5 is just silly too. T5 tiered items sell rate was not bothered. so those should have been updated so that HP potions T5s would drop normally because there is plenty of players in those long ranges without having the time to deal with making potions. and the shiny rate was all for t6's so doesn't impede the t5 production/selling rates either.
    so lets' all gather together for returning that rate of shinies. (because t6's are needed)
    also band together to force their hands on t5 hp potions drop tables.
    and then we can squabble over 4 hour charms. because really i'm fine with those being slowed, because the company needs to sell charms somehow.

    I agree with you fully! I think they were left in game as is for too long and now the markets have become meshed with those drops. :P (Im kidding!). The only solution is to tweak the drops, (reduction), and perhaps increase the spawn rate because at this point, T6 supply shortages are very soon to come. I also think it’s a great way to to get people back to normal play and not shiny lurking/hunting.

    This sounds amazing in theory but from a business stand point, how do you market something intended to reach the masses, when you will just block/filter it like you said in your post. People use those to sell items, services, people finding, or to look for gear. Have you seen the marketplace lately? I know Pagel isn’t as robust as Isya, but roars are very much essential to the game. They are extremely useful in many aspects, but also abused in other circumstances. A cool down would make more sense than completely filtering roars. Wouldn’t it be frustrating if you wanted something rare, and someone roared it for sale, or your friend paid for a roar to find you, and you just filtered that all away? Really, this isn’t even really a debate. There’s a block function in game, problem solved, and roars maintain their value. It’s not as fluid as the aforementioned suggestions, but come on,, it’s a roar lol. Just block it if you don’t want to be bothered. 😉

    There were some good fixes in this patch.

    I think they did from their eyes "fix the 125 kq" without hearing us that sorah is too difficult unless you have a powerhouse team of sc/charmed fellows carrying everyone (in the way the kq was intended to be)

    Is that how the game was designed to be played? I must confess that if a KQ requires fully SC’d and charmed players then that would mean the quest is unbalanced. Charms and CS gear are meant/supposed to be luxuries, not the the bare minimum to complete a KQ. (I understand this is not the case post 100 but you can’t rely on everyone being CS’d in a group event.). The game needs to make money but if a KQ continues to fail over and over again what do you think that will do for player retention in the long run? I don’t think that’s their intention. Successful KQ’s result in satisfied participants, adding to purchases of exp cards, tevas, and quite possibly charms. So no, KQ’s should not rely on charmed/CS’d players to successfully complete it in my opinion. Just my three cents. ;D