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    Reps are faster for 90-110, with an lnhc run to do 94-96 instead of reps - since shinies were nerfed lnhc kinda sucks.

    For 110 to 135 most guilds will have a leveling guide on their discord servers which you can check out (if your guild doesn't have one lmk and I can send them one!!). I have tended towards doing 110-135 with quest boosters as long as I have some weeks where I can no life, but it's not a requirement. Keep in mind you might have to queue for some spots as there's only one spot for a bunch of 115+ reps. Also you'll need to find/hire a capped killer for many reps as a fighter if you want to get them done decently fast, in underleveled gear.

    Most of the time you can use a 120 set to cap in as long as you get help with your questing (and you'll need help for most of them as a fighter anyway). I capped my HK in a 105 set solely because I got tons of help from my guild and other players, so I didn't need an upgrade.

    For cap as a glad you'll need a bunch of different sets. Slash, mighty, LN, DDF, etc. as well as the capped set. I don't have a capped glad so I'm not the person to answer your capped glad questions but I know they need a hell of a lotta sets!

    For 135 max stats, I've posted this information on the forum here: 115+ Max Stats for Weapons, Armor and Jewels

    One thing to note is that aim is super important for capped glads. I'm sure a glad main will elaborate on this point but that's just something to keep in mind!

    Imo just take the charms off the drop table and bring back the spawn rates. While T6 production isn't in the game it is such a pain that nothing drops T6 scrolls now. I've seen a few shinies a week since the change and none have dropped any T6s QQ Also I miss doin LN 90-110 lnpls

    A 120 perm wizard would be great for DDF especially, so I don't think you need to worry about not being useful. honeyhap

    For PVE

    Due to the ease of getting a 120 legendary weapon which has good aim for the mobs around that level, you can likely focus HP/Mdmg/Whatever ya want depending on your preference and be fine. The flat Mdmg stat you get from 120 gear will build up if you shoot for it on all your gear.

    Talisman is up to you - either a DEX one or an INT one depending on your preference, if you have enough aim for mobs then you can go INT for the extra Mdmg.

    You want a tier 3 defence bracelet and a t3 mdef bracelet as well if you can get your hands on it, to swap against mdef heavy mobs and make your life easier - mdef brace is optional though. I wouldn't bother with a t3 attack brace as it only gives you crit; the extra defence is better.

    For PVP

    Wizards need aim in PVP since they don't get the aim passive that warlocks have. You want HP/Mdmg/Aim gear and a DEX talisman. Both Def and mdef braces to cater to whoever you're fighting.

    Overall it's kinda best to go for HP/Mdmg/Aim gear with a DEX talisman because it's a good set up which works for both PVE and PVP situations. slimeblush

    In some parts of the community there's been additional worries about the hacking of accounts. Fiesta is an old-school MMO, but that doesn't mean the security of accounts should also be old-school (lol)! Therefore I am proposing two-factor authentication when a user logs in from a new IP address. This could be in the form of:

    - An e-mail

    - A text message

    - A security question

    This makes it more difficult for any hackers to access an account via key logging, etc. as they'll need to provide an additional form of verification before they can gain access to the account. Newer games have this (GW2, etc.) and I think it would make the player base feel safer about their accounts overall.

    Anybody got anything to add? Or know of other methods of account security that could be beneficial for fiesta? honeyhap

    Just to let people know, at the current rates you can get anything to 12+ with bright frags and patience! You don't need SC frags before then. So for T1 and T2 braces you don't need any SC to enhance em to max.

    It's the rates after 12+ which need to be fixed. As well as that, now that the shiny rate has been nerfed into the ground, regular bright frags will be less accessible which is a big bummer and something I hope can be changed.

    I believe its normally "a few" business days (weekdays excluding holidays) after the sale ends. It is Wednesday today so we're on the 3rd business day since the sale ended, so hopefully very soon, maybe even some time today if we're lucky!

    I get asked by people in game pretty regularly about the max stats for gear over level 115, so I thought I'd share the info I have saved. I got these from discord and some of the information was blurry/cut off, so I've rewritten everything out to make it more readable. If anybody has any of the missing data then please let me know and I'll add it in! lovehoney

    **The "13x" type data means the last number was cut off so I don't have the exact figure for you. In the case of "13x" it would be a number between 130 and 139. Hope that helps!


    Currently looking for data on:

    • 120 legendary weapons
    • 120 SA weapons
    • 130 DQ weapons
    • 125 KA weapons
    • 120 Omamori


    • Added completed data for 135, 130 and 127 jewels

    Unicycle is right, we should definitely get a post here or something but Bike how do you know it's just a reset if there was no prior notification? slimehehe btw it just ended. winkwink

    Because they post prior to it happening for maintenance but don't post for resets! So the lack of information gives me the information! hahaha