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    they wrote blue succubus and its only half body of the costume on the image so i really don't know if its queens memento but i voted anyway, hoping it is xD


    P.S. I expected guitar to be at the top, guess not... :c

    Blue succubus is the same as Queen's memento, except the belt / outline are blue instead of red. Same outfit though

    I'd be willing to pay for a permanent Exp Hold if Gamigo would consider the idea to sell this item, a big YES from me! evilhoney

    I never really bothered with the temporary Exp Hold versions because they're ineffective for the amount of time I would use them, so in my opinion and in my case the benefit isn't worth the amount of money spent.

    As for the on/off toggle I surely don't mind it, but I'd be ok with the option of purchase a separate sc item that undo the exp freeze status in the case I decide to change my mind and level up again.

    YES! A separate SC item to undo the exp freeze is a very good idea as well.
    Gamigo please consider this <3

    There are so many characters that perm at various levels in Fiesta in order to be able to attend certain dungeons and raids, such as lvl 105, 110, 115, etc.
    The one thing that can be frustrating is to constantly have to pay attention to your EXP bar to make sure you don't level past a certain threshold.

    So here's my suggestion : why not create a permanent EXP hold item in the SC store that can be toggled On and Off?
    This way the player can decide whenever he/she wants to avoid all types of experience gain.

    I know there are already limited duration ones in the store but I feel like us perm players would be a lot more satisfied if we had a permanent version of it.

    What do you guys think about this idea?

    I have, that's just the bad luck of it sometimes. I'm not standing up for how bad the rates can be, I was only saying that I've had the same luck during sales as outside of them.

    Yes I didn't mean it in a bad way, sorry if my reply made it seem so. I was just wondering if it has happened to other people too.
    Thank you for sharing your experience

    Hopefully this can get looked into to at least guarantee one upgrade from an entire bundle.
    Pls gamigo ;_;

    I think it's mostly myth, I've had both good and bad fortune on days with bundle sales.

    I think the whole blessed vs lucky/basics is BS too, I have the same luck with luckies as I do with blessed. Can't speak to the success rate on normals. They seem to do fine for just +0-3 though.

    Have you ever spent used a full bundle (10 attempts) and got zero upgrades from it?
    There should ATLEAST be 1-3 guaranteed upgrades from a whole bundle... I had NONE
    17 tries to get from +6 to +7 is attrocious luck, this really needs to be looked into e.e

    But which stones are best for higher success rate? Is it the blessed ones? cause that's what I've been using

    IIRC, Kobal said in a post loooong time ago that the individual enhancement rate isn't fixed but dependent on how many players are enhancing at that particular time. I don't remember if he specified if this was server-wide or map-specific (I assume the former), but basically because so many players are enhancing during sales the rates may be lowered. Problem is we have no idea if this process ever changed or how exactly this works quantitatively.

    I see :( so I better wait a couple of days next time.

    It's a Myth

    The Enhancement Rates are only luck ^-^

    Luck should have its limits within a game tho ;( Using 2 bundles for one upgrade is crazy...
    Imo there should be guaranteed success after 5-6 fails in a row...

    So it just took me 17 tries to enhance a lvl. 115 Legendary weapon from +6 to +7 using blessed stones...
    That's like nearly 2 whole bundles for a SINGLE upgrade... absolutely ridiculous
    After asking people in Uruga, many people told me that the rates are lower/rigged when bundles are on sale...
    Some also told me that normal green stones have higher success rates than blessed ones.

    Are any of the statements true? and if so, why is it designed to be like this?
    Should I always wait a couple of days and enhance after the sale ends?
    I understand any game needs to make income, but this is a bit overkill if I must say so myself...
    Today was NOT a good day for me... Really disappointing ;(;(;(;(


    This is a rant about something that's really been bothering me for the past few months.
    As a Guardian, I always feel like I'm the most useless class in the game because no one wants me in parties or expos for raids/ farming,
    Most people would always rather have a HolyKnight as they are pretty much better in every aspect (cross, crit buff, etc....).

    It's such an empty feeling when the only time I ever get a party is by begging my Guild members to join a raid or expo.
    I get invited (once in a while, rarely), but only because I am part of the guild; not because my class is able to properly contribute to the party.

    I only chose Guardian thinking that the stronger heals would make it easier to be a party-oriented cleric, but boy was I wrong. Big time.
    It is honestly really lame when you feel like you have to beg and leech your way in order to be able to participate in dungeons and obtain gear.
    Can we please make Guardian more viable in PVE? Please...

    Maybe make Rebirth last for an hour (just like normal cleric buffs) and make them work like Tears of Legel so people don't lose their scrolls when they revive.
    This skill is borderline USELESS at the moment considering people who raid do not want to lose all their T6 scrolls / purple pots / disease immunity when they die,
    which is why they would always rather use a tear instead. Also if HK buffs can last for 75 minutes, why can't guard's Rebirth last 59 minutes instead of 4 minutes.
    Having to use it every 4 minutes on several party members during a raid is a huge waste of time and is really pointless. Please make this ability more useful.

    Secondly Bubble needs a huge fix. The range indicator is always messed up and the area it covers is SO small that you literally have to be exactly on top of the
    person for it to take effect. Clerics should be able to use their spells from far away, but Bubble forces you to walk up into boss-range in order to use it.
    Please change it so it can be cast from a distance and please increase the area it covers.

    These are just my suggestions, I am sure other players can find better ideas for improving Guardians in general.
    At this point, I'm willing to take any improvement to make the class more respected within the game... ||||;(;(

    P. S. I am not sure if I posted this in the appropriate Forum section, so feel free to move this thread as need be.