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    A handful of people were stuck in bijou sanctuary KQ after successful completion. After trying to relog multiple times, the characters were still stuck in the KQ even after 10+ minutes after the successful run. Went AFK to submit a ticket and found myself in Jail for 2 hours because I was "AFKing in the KQ".


    1. Subject: Present Box - Kingdom Quest Reward ( Does not indicate which quest though - Looks like Red Present Box )
    2. Current situation: Does not give any rewards when opened
    3. Expected situation: Suppose to give rewards
    4. Client Version: Updated - this occurs for versions
    5. Reproduction: Always - it is always empty
    6. Screenshots / Videos:
      1. Note** These boxes may have been from previous as the account has been recently restored. I am helping my husband report the bug, his ign is potz. He sent in a ticket but was told to post here.


    Trying to see if anyone is interested in purchasing or trading lvl 95 cleric gear that is on Pagel but I would like items/gem on Isya.

    I have the following items on Pagel and was forced to move to Isya :sleeping::

    Smite Amor: 42str/40end/8spr
    Cross Pants: 20str/34dex/39end
    Smite boots: 47str/42end

    96 Helm: 42str/40end

    All clean not enhanced.

    Thank you.

    If interested can find me on handles or swaddle in Iysa.