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    ReuSan No, it is not possible. Unbinding items from the SC store are used only on gears and weapons that bind. Not skins or outfits or mini pets or houses or accessories or anything of that like. It is purely to unbind gears and weapons.

    You could ask them to add it, but even if they "unbind" the suit... the suit is still not tradable so would make no sense to unbind it. Gears and weapons are tradable. Suits are not. It binds to the character when you use it, not when you get it, but because the suit is non-tradable when you get it, you would not be able to move it to another character.

    This was exactly what i was looking for. By move to another character i meant my account. I just wanted to be able to earn the suit from one character and wear it with another i own. I never had the intention of trading it. Thank you again! ^-^

    Were you able to move your skins to your SC inv? If so, how did you do it?

    Honestly pay no attention to his aggressiveness. He trolls every thread with condescending comments, I really take him/her with a grain of salt. My suggestion is to make a suggestion thread or possibly PM someone who works for the game. I highly doubt items of that nature will become tradeable, but Snacks comments are clearly unhelpful. Nevertheless, it never hurts to try right?

    Thank you for your helpful answer ^.^

    There are many costumes ingame which can be obtained without the SC store, but why should they be tradeable?

    I never said "it should be tradable", I just asked if it was. I don't know why you have to be so aggressive in stating that costumes aren't tradable. Everyone knows SC costumes are not tradable. I was just "wondering" if "in game" earned costumes are unbindable, so i could move them to another character on my account. Have you even tried it before or are you just answering based on your own personal theories?

    No you cant. why should this be possible, that makes no sense to me

    Because it's a common item not a premium item. Also, it isn't bought with SC. It could've been possible with those reasons, that's why I was wondering. :/

    1 more question, can this be unbinded using the sc unbinding tool?

    TYVM! ^^

    The daily quests they're talking about are the ones you get from the Hunter's Union Board in Elderine outside Bran. You have to buy the scroll from the board and then accept the quest from the Hunter next to it.

    Do note that they all have level limits.

    And you can get permanent zombie hunter from the pouches?

    Complete any daily quests and you get rewards which you can swap for 2 bags which will give a random item.

    I believe the more expensive one gives u the zombie hunter uniform it isn’t particularly rare from what I can recall.

    I’ll log in and check later upload some pictures I’m at work rn

    That would be helpful. Thank you! ^^

    You can get a permanent Zombie Hunter costume by starting to do the daily quests from Elderine. Try getting a lot of tokens by doing them and you can get a costume for free. However if you really want it, you can always suggest the costume in the suggestions threads :)

    What dailies? Is there a certain level requirement?

    Would it be possible for the Developers or GMs to add ZOMBIE HUNTER (PERMANENT) costume in the cash shop for a few days? Would be eternally grateful.