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    Your response shows your lack of understanding on a cosmic scale. That is my "tips help" on the subject matter. It doesn't fair well to be a snob and then give an adequate suggestion. My SS tip for you is to work on your aim so your words have more accuracy and therefore, more effective. Yawn.

    This post shows your lack of understanding on a great scale.

    Off topic a question for the wider FO community how come rangers get poison shot upgrades but Sharshooter doesn't?

    interesting statistic, 9/10 people said SS is better because; attack speed, boat load more abilities, knock back effect, disarm, blind,and aoes. The point about them lacking are past level one hundred is because they are PVP, not PvE.

    I hear often how ranger does more damage, but isn't that because SS has aim, attack speed, and a damage passive while rangers get 200 evasion. Even trickster pretty much only becomes a reaper, unless someone wants to comment about how they have the 1 out of a million trickster that is a Spectre lol

    The game wouldn't really be quite the same without people spending real life money. The weapon skins are more important because they add perks. It's just marketing, get you to spend more so a visually appealing item can be on a different account. If they can for weapon skins, makes no sense why not to for a stateless item

    Warlocks dont get AOEs, Wizards do. Because Warlocks are PvP. Rangers are PvE; therefore, SS shouldnt get any new Aoe upgrades or skills past level 100. Rangers dont get aimed and power shot upgrades. If SS get to have PvE skills and diminish the fact that Rangers are PvE, then give aimed and power shot to Rangers too. Level 100 trap is _GARBAGE_

    I don't get how Wizards have AOES, Warlocks have 1v1 attacks (PvE and PvP class), but the Ranger gets crapped on by the SS because, for no legitimate reason at all, SS gets EVERY ARCHER SKILLS. SS is PvP single target class and should have tiny damage because they chose bow and aim over damage. But at level 100, SS get both single target attacks AND Aoes. Ranger is the PvE class, THEY are the only ones who should get AOES because SS get single target skills.

    Ss also get default knock back, which makes no sense since a crossbow would be a heavier hit

    Ranger is totally under credited by gamgio because they give SS a perm damage buff too and Rangers get a petty 200 evasion, but not permanently; only when moving.

    Ranger having hide is not a strong skill that adds to survival if you can be hit by anything, unlike Warlocks bird form.

    Ss at level 100 get... 8 new skills? Ranger gets, what, 4? Rangers level 100 trap is USELESS.

    Time to balance out the classes because SS is given an extreme amount of favoritism. 1/8 Archers will become SS because they get all of the upgraded skills, pvp and aoe. Strip SS of ALL lvl 100+ AoE skills, or give Rangers all of the PvP skills SS have.

    There's a difference between being a PvP class and obvious favoritism

    Since gamgio has gotten so many request for it, it should be the players right to transfer perm suits and aura the same way you can weapon skins. Those suits and aura bear no stats, and players paid real life money for them, which supports gamgio. It's a waste of money to buy a perm item, again with real life money, and be screwed because you take it out on the wrong character or change your mind. Instead of marketing us to spend more just to get the same item, support the players who've kept supporting you!

    Thanks, although the retort to this will probably be a super weak excuse just to make sure we keep spending money for a stateless perm item. ;(:cursing::cursing::cursing: