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    Last patch crusaders were nerfed. Already a below average pvp class, they were crippled in their survivability and turned into by far the worst class for pvp.

    If you feel the cooldown changes that were implemented should be rolled back, vote yes.

    If not, vote no.

    Reapers are very good in pvp. They can reach 8k+ eva at cap, 40k+ def, have unstoppable damage that can drop anything except clerics and knights in one ice, have an instant stun and a broken nimble defense that makes ranged attacks miss like crazy.

    Glads can take them down at cap if they have solid aim, hof, keep low hp and use empowered nub stun, which has priority over sneak attack. Then with decent rng they should be able to drop most reapers. If you don't use nub stun, sneak attack will prioritize over deva and the glad will get iced and dropped in 5 seconds.

    Reapers are good vs archers, demolish specs, demolish templars, are balanced vs knights and beat wizes and lose to good locks. All around good pvp class, if you think otherwise it's because you don't pvp.

    Just a few thoughts on this templar/crusader nerf from a templar main, who also dabbled in a lot of perm crusader pvp/pve.

    Templars and crusaders were never considered overpowered before this patch. Pre 100 crusader was always extremely disadvantaged and after 100 the class gets a lot of useful tools that made it a viable pvp/pve hybrid that is mainly a support class but can also hold its own in pvp against some classes.

    Sunlight was always an absolutely essential skill for crusaders. Most importantly, it removes all debuffs, such as fatal slash (which is important as templar is a low defense melee class), immobilize, demoralizing hit it removes slow debuffs such as from enfeeblement (allowing templar some defense against being frozen) and frost nova. It removes stifle which is minor help against mages (although mages were still a heavy favorite in 1v1 vs templar).

    When you change the cd from 30 seconds to what it is now, you make templar defenseless against almost all classes. Against fighters, templars are perm debuffed, and a temp who is slashed with slash set will get killed in 3-4 hits. Against reapers there is no defense against curing enfeeblement to ice (and that was already close to impossible before this change). Against mages you can't remove stifle, against archers you can't remove poisons (and before this change both those classes were beating templar in pvp).

    Sunlight was also essential for skill rotation, as it removes the cast time of the next skill - for example using light impact, a heavy magic damage skill that has a far too long cast time. The cds of both skills were united at 30 seconds, which made it ideal for using them together. Without sunlight, light impact can't be used because it takes so long to cast.

    Sunlight was also helpful in other ways, such as removing the cast time from illuminating heal (it has a moderate cast time) which is very useful if you want to heal yourself or a party member but you are likely to be disabled before the skill is cast.

    It might sound like that skill is overpowered, and it is extremely useful, but it's also necessary because templars already suffered in pvp. The skill animations of the class are long and have low priority and are often interrupted by other classes' skills/disables, the class has low def but is on the front lines in pvp and pve often taking as much damage as gladiators, and does not have the protection of demoralizing hit, does not have the protection from eva that archers and tricksters have, or the constant spammable debuffs that fighters have. The class is one of the most vulnerable to being disabled and templars themselves have no real disables. Advent is easily avoided simply by running, and there is no other disable to protect the class.

    Nerfing sunlight so much like this removes one of the key defenses of templars. It leaves the class basically defenseless.

    I won't even get into nerfing ascension too, one of only two disables a templar has and not even a very good one.

    Nobody asked for these changes. There is no reason to make a disadvantaged class weaker like this.