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    thank you all for your help. I have started a new archer, and currently at lvl 15ish.

    The quests seems easy enough at this point, and straight forward, I like the system where you can accept/submit quests without going back to town, a real time saver.

    However, I sometime find it hard to get to a particular map. Sometimes I need to get to map A for quests, but none of the portals on the current map leads to it directly. The auto walk works sometimes, but not all the times.

    Is there some trick to find the correct way to a map?

    As the title says, I am new to this game, and hoping that I can get some advice. Any help will be appreciated.

    some main questions I can think of are:

    1. class selection/promotion

    I am mainly a casual player who doesn't like PvP. What are some good PvE classes that doesn't have a high requirement on the reflex/skill?

    2. How about skill system/builds?

    3. Gears, are they hard to come by?

    Thank you for all the help.