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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the advice so far, but I've tried the academy farming thing and it doesn't seem to work.

    I partied my level 1 characters and brought them to places like Moonlight Tomb but when I killed enemies they would gain little or 0 experience.

    I tried bringing them to Forest of Mist to kill level 11 phinos and they gain very very little experience. Towards the end they are not even gaining any experience at all.

    Am I doing something wrong? Do they need to stand very close to the monster before I kill them? What level range do they gain experience at?

    Or is it just my main is too high level (64) for them to party together?

    Really stuck here and getting frustrated, any help would be appreciated.


    Thanks Charizard for your responses.

    Just thought of a few more questions that's been a bit of a concern:

    1. I keep reading that archers and mages are useless at cap, like they can't participate in end game content. is this true? If so, what else is not useless in end game content apart from glad and HK? Keep in mind I plan to spend minimal to no SC

    2. I see a lot of gear with stats in brackets, eg. STR+10 (+10) - does this mean it currently has +20 STR or +10? If it's +10, how do I make it +20?

    3. With the academy farming, got a few more questions:

    a) Where do I level the alts from level 1-10 to ensure I don't overshoot their levels and miss out on the money?

    b) Once they get to level 20 they will need to class change. Which class is the fastest at that without any gear? Can they party up and class change together?

    Thanks again.

    Hi all, I'm relatively new here, just got my archer up to level 60.

    From all the things I've been reading on the forums, it seems like things for every class (except glads and HK) are pretty rough at cap.

    Just wanted to ask some questions at this stage:

    1. Still deciding to go ranger or ss, is it possible for either ranger or ss to find a grinding party at level 120+ (without SC items)?

    2. Is it possible for ranger or ss to solo farm at level 120+ (without SC items)?

    3. I'm thinking about farming academy using multiple logins to level 30, what's the best farming path to do this? ie. what do I kill to be most efficient? Also does this work if your level gets too high?

    4. Is it possible to buy inventory space from other players for in-game currency?

    5. Weapon skins - once you get these and it runs out of durability, how do you 'repair' it? Do you have to spend more SC? Also, are these tradeable?

    6. Is it faster to earn money by levelling up and selling high end gear or just farming academy?

    Thanks in advance