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    Fully support the above.

    Once you're fully geared in this game, what else is there to do besides organised PVP?

    FBZ, whilst fun, is not structured so not really 'balanced' and offers no rewards.

    From a capped player's perspective, without GT there is nothing else left to do and players would have no choice to quit, which means less SC sales for Gamigo as there is no reason to spend money on this game anymore.

    Please reconsider the requirements for GT registration, make it so that an actual active guild can participate and 'ghost' or 'shell' guilds can't sign up.


    One thing I don't understand - if there's stuff that can one-shot a s/s from range, how are glads staying alive in melee distance? How can they stay alive at 10% HP?

    I'm not looking for a way to beat glads in raids, I'm just looking for a way to be on par or at least close to glad's damage so classes other than glads get invited to raids, and not for buffs/debuffs but for dps

    For your stipulation that the players are invincible, everyone is definitely at 60% or below because Glad passive.

    Ok in that case I phrased my conditions incorrectly and didn't account for Glad's passive, my bad.

    What I'm trying to gauge is the damage difference between glads and other classes in a realistic raid scenario

    Realistic meaning that, if you can keep Glads at 40% hp throughout the boss fight without them dying constantly (one or two deaths occasionally not counted), what would the damage difference be between:

    - Glads at 40% HP, vs

    - Rest of the other classes?

    Wow I'm surprised at these numbers to be honest, with the way everyone carries on about how OP glads are I would've thought every other class scored 60% or below.

    Why is there such a bias towards Gladiators in raids then? Why not take like 2 Glads to tank and the rest S/S to damage from ranged? Would put less of a strain on healing as well

    Also I'm suprised Templars can do that much damage, I thought they were more support orientated. Also surprised Knights can do so little, considering they stem from Fighters as well

    For the select few capped raiding veterans out there, to give the rest of us an idea of the damage difference between each classes, using gladiator as a benchmark for damage (100%) can you please share your opinions for the damage of each class below? I've created a template for ease of filling out (excluding clerics for obvious reasons)

    Eg. Ranger = 60% (I dunno, just an example)

    This would really help people decide which classes they want to play.


    - Fully geared / SC'ed (charms, etc)

    - Single target boss damage including expected def/mdef debuffs expected to be applied to bosses in a raid

    - Defense/Survivability does not matter - assume you are invincible, just estimate the damage output please

    - Gladiator: 100%

    - Knight:

    - S/S:

    - Ranger:

    - Wizard:

    - Warlock:

    - Reaper:

    - Spectre:

    - Templar:

    Wow thanks for the info Minty.

    Just to clarify, the perm outfits on the SC store, how are they sold? Mystery sale? Lucky Box? Is it probability based or can you buy it outright?

    Thanks Kuroneko for clarifying.

    While I still don't understand the logic behind minimal-tradeable SC items, seems like it's a system set in place from way back and here to stay.

    Seems like it's an attempt for people to spend more individually (as there is hardly any other way to buy with in-game currency), from a newcomer's perspective like me, I would need to be very hesitant to put down $50, $100 when I'm just starting out.

    Just my 2 cents

    Well in general, democracy still stands as innocent until proven guilty so it does make sense to require concrete proof in the forms the GM listed in order to take action.

    I think roaring that so and so is a scammer is still considered harassment. If you want to have the odds in your favour, best just see the gifter's/seller's vouchers.

    Some games do have a marketplace system where basically everything in the "cash" shop could be tradable via the marketplace but idk

    Yeah exactly, why don't they just make everything in the cash shop tradeable instead of this 'gifting' system that make people prone to scams? If everyone can buy SC items wouldn't that encourage purchases and trading in game?

    I can't see the tradeable version of these items in the item shop though, they're all 'bind on character' - where do you see these?

    If selling tradeable items is slightly less profitable than gifting, I wouldn't mind taking the hit, however if it's too much of a difference then i wouldn't wanna blow SC on it.

    I've done it with a couple different mounts now since accidentally finding out to begin with, so definitely not a bug. slimegrin

    If this works it'd be great, can stack up some fodder mounts and feed to a tradeable ramy to end up with a +4 or +5 tradeable mount.

    The tradeable ramy was out yesterday during the mystery sale so probably not for a little while. The next one might be a bonus as an SC purchase, but usually requires a minimum $50 US.

    $50...hmm a bit steep, but could definitely offer some quality of life improvements in game (increased inventory/storage etc.) on top of a +5 mount, I'll have to think about this one

    Is there something in the SC shop that I can buy to sell directly for in-game currency without having to resort to gifting? Since gifting is high risk as so many have pointed out here...

    it's always a guaranteed level up. just keep in mind for future references; if you have a +2 mount, you cannot use that to upgrade a +0 mount to +2. each mount just adds +1 no matter its enhancement. that's why i always only upgrade dual mounts or mounts i really like.

    for example, you upgrade a +2 mount with a +4 mount. that +2 mount will only become +3. only after +5, there is a CHANCE that your mount will transform into the celestial unicorn mount when you continue to fuse it.

    also none of the cash shop mounts are tradable. only the ramy's, blamy's, malmy's etc are tradable but they only show up in lucky boxes or as bonuses for purchasing slime coin packs once in a while.

    So let me get this straight - there is no way to convert a non-tradeable mount (eg. cash shop mount) to become tradeable by fusing with a tradeable one like ramy/tamy/almy? I really like the design of the non-tradeable ones, even the perm ones from the attendance event

    How often do these bonus tradeable mounts from purchasing SC come? Maybe I should hold out for one?

    That's crazy that you need to spend $100+ to gift, I definitely am not prepared to throw that kind of money in this game as it is. Maybe I'll merge my own mounts then.. Which brings me to this question, if I merge 2 mounts, is it guaranteed to level up (ie. +1) or is it chance? Also is the cash shop perm mounts all tradeable?

    Thanks guys for all the suggestions.

    It seems incredibly hard to earn money or level without spending loads of time on this game, seriously considering dropping like $10-20 selling SC items just to get some G to buy that +4 mount (although everyone's selling +5 these days and prices are pretty much the same). Riding on that donkey will take me forever to level up, between getting buffed in town and riding to the area i want to grind will take off 3-4 minutes off the buff already, not to mention all the moving around to find different monsters for quests. I do 2 repeatables and my buff's gone already. Work is so busy so don't really have much time to play this game, like 1-2 hrs a day.

    Also, once you start using these +5 mounts, does it bind to your character? Can I trade it to one of my alts later on?

    What's the best SC item to gift to get quick in-game money fast? Do I have to vend it or find a purchase store or shout for a buyer?

    PS: Charizard thanks for the insight on ss btw, I think u may have convinced me.

    Wow, thanks for the guide, very useful, especially the levels where I need to start saving quests - no newbie will ever know about this.

    A few questions though:

    - You mentioned that you can solo run instances for gears, is that possible with greens and +3 gears? (without taking like 2 hrs per run)

    - At what levels do I start investing heavily into more than just +3 weapons?

    - I was thinking of making my first big spend on a +5 mount for 280 speed, is that a good idea or should i spend money on gears first instead? I feel that a 280 speed mount would be the best value for money given the amount of time it saves.

    - I'm leaning towards going ss but my concern is power shot will have a knockback effect for ss, can you turn that off somehow? I imagine it would be very annoying in a party....can you even get parties at high levels as a ss? Or are you doomed to solo for life?

    Academy farming for money works best when you have a much higher level character to take them to better plvl spots. You can also plvl by using your 64 character to fast track the lower lvl chars quests, which i've found to be much faster than grinding monsters for plvl if you don't have a 100+ char to do the job.

    Thanks for the advice, seems like academy farming is not as easy as I thought.

    Guess I'll have to level up to 100+ before I can start doing this - I can't see questing being as fast as plvl spots considering you have to run around and kill different things with low level characters without mounts