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    yes, like menian/japanese kimono, both of which were permanent tradeable items in game, from the very beginning, but permanent menian/kimono are also sold in store now as well

    I heard about tradeable kimonos think I saw one once, maybe...I did not know there are tradeable menians too. I just remember they used to sell perm menians then stopped selling them for so many years ;o;

    However the Teal suit had an issue, which prevented it from being released in 2016. Since then, we've released both versions of the suit.

    Originally the Red permanent version of the suit was an event exclusive reward for participating players, but has since been sold in special offer sales.

    Nifty, thanks <3

    Even way back when I must not have had the money as a kid when it was available or I never happened to catch it in the shop. I'm eager for an opportunity to rock it though.

    And to Charizard's point, I know they tend to bundle highly desirable items with less desirable ones, but it'd still be nice to have some different options for once. Of course if we can get it perm that's going to be the cream of the crop.

    Yea to that I'm not too sure about. I remember IF pink/blue vdays were sold it was always around valentine's day and they were always 30 day as the perm vdays of those colours are tradeable and pretty rare. I think they may have sold non tradeable perm blue/pink but unsure about that. But whatever version that person is wearing is probably because they bought a couple/stocked up on them when they were sold around valentine's day which would explain you running into someone wearing one now.

    Purple dreams (permanent)

    Summer Boop (permanent)

    The 4 other swimsuits please (30 day) (Palm Hawaiian , Mango Hawaiian, Summer Love, Tropical Hawaiian)

    Blossom/Phoenix class specific LB highest chance possible

    Traditional Japanese Pack B/Kimono III (30 day & permanent)

    The "Tron bike" Is the Stylebreaker mount and was limited edition from a Christmas event.

    AHHH ty <3

    So I guess red valentine pack will be on sale twice in a row? :D:D:D…love-valentine-pack/21807

    I think it should be taken off the list since it's on sale currently... Let something else have a chance to take the 1-5 spots.

    Or maybe they could switch it with the teal? Not everyone likes red -_- and there's so much red already

    I mean really...all most of these items they have put on sale for either 30d or perm like 3x within the past two months. It would be really nice if we could have legit variation instead of the same small pool of items repeated.

    Purple Dreams (permanent)

    Summer Boop (permanent)

    The 4 other swimsuits please (30 day) (Palm Hawaiian , Mango Hawaiian, Summer Love, Tropical Hawaiian)
    ALL of the OTHER National Soccer Uniforms (permanent)

    aka: Argentina/Brazil/Denmark/England/France/Germany/Greece/Holland/Italy/Mexico/Portugal/Spain/Switzerland/USA

    Traditional Japanese Pack B/Kimono III (30 day & permanent)

    Riding Hat (30 day)

    Blossom/Phoenix class specific LB

    the 2 person vintage classic cars (permanent)

    Unless this was limited edition; Tron bike please (permanent)

    But why?

    LH Coins are easily obtainable and stackable up to millions and millions... The whole purpose of a G sink is to get RID of G. Not give people that might have large stocks of coins the opportunity to get even more gems.

    Well you have to put gold into getting the coins right? And at least it would introduce more gems maybe? Like we have two issues, a money sink and a way to actually obtain gems?

    Plus I don't think it's just the rich that do LH a lot.

    Idk maybe it's a bad idea >: but we need something that rotates in new money and also kinda gives people with alot of G a reason to get rid of some of theirs.

    Talk to people who wish they could actually complete dungeons or quests on their own or in a party of same level people. You will find if a rep spot only has people of the level for a quest range in the party, people just tend to "give up". This then makes people not want to play unless they can buy/find a killer. Which is counter-intuitive.

    oh yes I know, idk why people have gotten so lazy but I guess it's what was bred in the economy/people willing to do it so much it took over?. But I mean, if people were repping and there's shiny's and they get hit hard and they are like oh no I can't do this in +0 gear then they would maybe think about enhancing?or buying blues?or both!! Which is good for gamigo o: And it's good for the economy bc then, maybe, people would care about 95 blues enough again.

    Removing the shinies is a step in the good direction. But they seriously need a money sink.

    Can anyone explain why we dont have an item exchange center? Put a % fee per trade on it and youll solve the damn housing and lag in uru.

    Plus money dissapears from game, which is needed.

    Okay you know what they COULD do? Is they good add a green capsule to the LH and the basic items you receive is a mix of what you can get in red/blue capsules but their like "rare" or "superior" item reward thing would be a bag of GEMS. Like a money bag you npc for X amount of G.

    I hope they do boost the shinies like it's just....I bet it seems like not many people care about it being nerfed/put back to what it was "meant" to be but ig SO MANY people are unhappy with it. Like so many, and it would be a shame for it to be ruined now because covid is still in effect people are still going to be staying inside but if they don't fix the rate people will just move on to other games. Again.

    DEX on gear + an aim scroll = everything is fine

    Dex in gears are more than enough for HKs to be able to bash things as well as aim scrolls

    Yes but let's say they didn't have dex in gear then maybe, if for some reason they didn't wanna be pure end, that would help right?

    Full END is the best way to skill cleric

    Yes. Always.

    ALL of the OTHER National Soccer Uniforms (permanent)

    aka: Argentina/Brazil/Denmark/England/France/Germany/Greece/Holland/Italy/Mexico/Portugal/Spain/Switzerland/USA (all of them please not just a couple countries u.u)

    Palm Hawaiian Swimsuit (30 day)

    Mango Hawaiian Swimsuit (30 day)

    Summer Love Swimsuit (30 day)

    Tropical Hawaiian Swimsuit (30 day)

    Traditional Japanese Pack B/Kimono III (30 day & permanent)

    Black Kitty ears (permanent)

    The Twist (permanent)

    Summer Boop (permanent)

    Riding Hat (permanent)

    To clarify:

    I do think they should increase the spawn rate of the shinnies, maybe not to what it was before this patch, but definitely something more than it is now. (I have seen some shinnies)

    But they should 100% keep the shinnies to having the auras, rather than having invisible shinnies. This is to help those who are under geared and/or non sc to know what they face, rather than pulling mobs and face rolling on the ground because they thought they had taken only what they could handle, and instead ended up with 1 or 2 shinnies in the pull.

    I saw your other points about ppl not being able to tell them apart and dying bc the shiny hurts so much more etc etc and I get that, but isn't that kind of beneficial for everyone? People were buying/lf killers or needing to get enhanced gear which is good for gamigo....and also the economy.
    But I think the increased rate of them is all everyone wants as well ;o;

    For farming shiny bosses would drop more than normal bosses so it kinda sucks now to have the old drop rate back because there are now like next to none shinies

    Make a HolyKnight to farm gear for your Guardian. :'D
    Or TBH make a Gladiator. probably the best option.

    Guardian gear is SO CHEAP that it really doesn't require you to farm much AT ALL.

    Well no sh- lol. But I'm pretty sure guardians actually wanna participate in content ON their guardian.

    a capped hk or guard isn't really going to need dex


    Wouldn't this be deeply incorrect? As HK's now need to be able to have enough aim to hit their bash on bosses, and in PVP you need aim to land things like silence or extinguish (also need to be able to hit extinguish in pve, ddf for sure unsure for higher dungeons tho). I think you can also miss the purge skills, assuming there's any HKs out there that actually know what all of their skills can do lol.

    Like assuming you hated the idea of pure END, throwing some DEX in there wouldn't be the worst thing.


    I do not and will not ever understand the logic @ gamigo where they think ruining drop rate with a high population is a smart decision. Shinies got more people engaged in pve/farming which must mean more charms, war rants, exp boosts ,extenders, tevas, hammers, enhancement bundles being bought. But if you take it away? and nerf it? Like yea LN plvling always existed but it's going to decrease. Less people are going to want to farm if they spend an hour and the boss drops like nothing? Like do they just hate making money? Honest question.

    It is also, from what I have gathered from others, going to ruin the economy. Like whatever gems are rotating around that aren't being hoarded is limited but please make it harder to get them. Like. I don't get it lol. I thought they were actually improving as a company but guess not.


    Sure NOW they are. do you expect guardians to get gear if they aren't wanted to farm? As a guard (as with most classes) to be good in pvp you need to have gear that will enable you to it won't matter how much you can heal if you die in a couple shots lol. Plus what is the point in hammering and enhancing gear if you most likely won't make the profit back?Guard gear, if it moves, moves very slowly.