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    Hi all, I was recently made aware of some changes and thought that now would be a great time to introduce a new cash shop item!

    This brand new item would be a "Premium roar".

    Features include :

    No cool down time.

    Can't be blocked.

    Different color.
    Appears in any chat.

    Text-to-speech ability, enabled by default.

    Please let me know what you think!


    I'm glad someone else is as enthusiastic about Fiesta VR as I am. These teasers the GMs have been hinting at for a while have kept me on the edge of my seat in anticipation! I can't wait to meet my fellow Isyans in Fiesta VR, as well as on the go with Fiesta Mobile. :)

    1. Ramy is sold in the cash shop. Sammy/Blamy/Amy/etc are normally through lucky boxes or a bonus item for recharging slime coins.

    2. There are several online resources for the game. I'm sure people can link others.


    Wiki(Kinda outdated):

    I suggest joining one of the player run Discords, many people have made guides and generally people are happy to help.

    3. They generally don't post information about server resets/technical work until after it has been completed. When they do it's posted on forums and Discord. Communication here could be a lot better.

    4. Not sure what you're trying to ask here?

    5. They have many sales for holidays/seasonal stuff.

    6. You had to buy items from an NPC in the KQ and throw them at the mobs that spawned.

    7. As far as I know the crit rate on costumes is correct. Crit rate caps out at 80% though so if you're trying to min max you should plan for that.

    8. A lot of text is outdated or just doesn't make sense due to translation errors.

    9. It depends on your class but generally farming for gear is how people make money. There are other ways like gifting, plvling, production skills, etc.

    10. lel. Probably shouldn't go into that on the official forums.

    11. -Edited-

    12. GMs come online for events and stuff. Generally the best way to contact them for minor stuff is through the official Discord.

    13. Not sure what you're trying to ask here?

    14. Won't go too much into bracelets but there is Tier 1 to Tier 4. They drop from different raids and KQs in the level range. They are enhanced with Fragments of Bijou (drops in game) and Splendid/Radiant fragments of Bijou (cash shop).

    15. The actual scroll comes from red capsules, friend points, and production skills. The learning scroll come from blue capsules, random mob drops (normally in abyss), dragon tomb chests, and other places I'm forgetting.

    16. Depends what you want to do. Tricksters do decent damage in PvE and are good in PvP. Someone who mains the class can probably go more into them.

    17. What kind of resources do you mean?

    18. Again, join one of the community run Discords. You can PM me for a link because I don't think we're allowed to post it here.

    19. Not to my knowledge.

    20. For selecting a party member you can use the F1-5 keys depending on their position in the party. There isn't a way to go directly from party member to monster but you can tap tab until it select it for you.

    21. The newer ones yes. Many (8+) years ago they sold some permanent costumes with low stats (3-5% crit rate). All the newer ones are statless though.

    22. Yeah, +12 or bust (+10 for gear).