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    Thanks Snack , i am not a big fan of installing extra stuff :), but for the people who is, in fact is faster.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

    Yo people, if you have more ways please post them, there are never enough methods to try, well except for the limitations that WoltLab provides :D

    First time attaching images to the forum? Been there :D

    Here are the easy steps to follow:

    1) Upload your image to an online image processor such as, create and account if you dont have one and upload your picture

    2) Once your image is uploaded select one of the options to get a link to the image, for example the HTML one


    3) On the tool bar switch to HTML


    4) Insert the copied html test into the new console format between <p>your_text</p>


    5) Switch back to the blog mode and continoue editing :)

    Feel free to add anything to this post please, this is just intended for new people to the forum or people who doesn't know how to upload an image

    This is the fastest method I found :)


    It has happened to me, instead of closing and reopening I do "Game settings" > "Enable window mode" > "Disable window mode", don't even click on "Apply" and the problems solves, although dev team should really fix this, is annoying

    I mean, we do have the green fonts, but there is no way of tracking them, as far as I know, if they provide a way of tracking those fonts, we can even implement a basic web to consume it and show it to the world, it would be great if it was on the game of course, but if its not, we can do it out the game.

    As Draedor says, it would increase the premium item selling because now everybody would know when to participate and what to buy.

    In general I think is a win/win situation, for Gamigo and the players. Except for the ones that live at Fiesta and monopolize the raids, of course.

    I mean, my real name is Jesus, and I can't name a character like that. I vote for a yes, they should be allowed. Either way, doing regular expression for searching during character name creation shouldn't be too difficult to implement. That's on fiesta team to implement.

    Can we add a ride timer somewhere? I feel like many of people would like to join world raids, but it is hard to follow when was the last time it was killed.

    I enjoy raiding, regardless of the reward, and I feel like they have a lot of fun potential, but its limited to very little people.