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    im got jailed 4 time this week in collisio kq cuz was afk or was doing MD on alt

    and that was all jail i had ever

    oh wait my kkp char got jailed once too fall asleep befor its starts think moved mouse when kq started cuz mouse was near my hand hehe

    when you open KQ list timer poof so if you relog its back

    well i cannot reach gamigo without VPN its filtred asked few time to remove it from filtring but got no answer so i got no other way to reach

    well if its not gona work atleast found one of old friends in discord

    and its updating 1.02.139 now hope till morning its reach 1.02.277 and dont have an issue

    hello im in game now but MY ID are blocked made ticket waiting for answer

    atm trying game with another email

    and steam client dident worked i DL it from fiesta it was around 4GB only

    thank you

    my god from how many year ago is steam client?

    i left pc on last night to update it and what i got lost 5 GB of net which add only 1GB to game folder from 4.4GB size to 5.38GB size and its still need 143 more patch to download its on version 1.02.134 now ....

    is its that hard to update steam client?

    no block is from my side not from game and im was playing this on outspark

    i lost connection to this when cap was around 105 i think and trickster add to game

    just missed old time fun which guess not gona have it anymore from reading around

    and i found steam DL and its only 2GB and dont need VPN hope its update dont cost alot net

    and i had 2 acc 1 for gamigo fiesta and one for NA or outspark one my main acc is NA and in epith server am i gona have my epith character? or they are lost i had around 100$ worth of cash item in my backpacks

    hello i need another way to download game only way to download this for me is to use VPN but its got limit per month and i got only 7 GB left from it but game is 9 GB is there another way to download game please?like another mirror or difrent setup

    thank you

    and forum acc is defrent from game acc?

    cuz i had to make acc for forum my game info dident worked for forum login

    hello i found a steam version here

    if i download it its gona works?dont need need VPN for this download