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    Even since I've decided to left all my perm items and hard earn gears in Pagel once and I don;t wanna did the same thing again after I have experienced how much time, effort and Gems to gear up a capped character with horrible drop rate. (my highest lvl in Pagel only Lv131)
    That's the reason I'll stay in Isya until the game closed or mostly likely I left before it happens, as the game have not much to offer now.

    Is an old post but i have a question to ask.

    I have a weird idea of changing my Spectre build as 25SPR and Rest Dex recently. The idea trigger me due to most player around me always looking for HP/Aim/Eva on gears/jewels (i mean why not Str/Int Def on Fighter and Mage?). We have a drop of Reaper top at 3xxxHP, 3xxxAim and 2xxxEva (no other stats) and it sold for over 40G+, actually price i dont know cuz i just got the share after weeks.

    I wonder our advantage is high Aim and Evasion, why not make full use of the ability instead of going Str and buy gears with decent Aim/Eva. CoC weapon already have decent damage, I assume 140 points less in Str won't kick me out from the DPS group, my excellent aim landed all hits without fail probably keep my DPS look better. (I don't PvP.)

    Please pull my idea down so i won't purchase re-set scroll if you think this isn't right.... haha

    Does anyone know how many % bonus for Aim/Eva at 140 points spent in Dex?

    Seryn Beside the quests and reward, please also look into the repeatable quests monster spot, like Lv112 and Lv121 Shella repeat quest that only have One location and is always taken, other player have no where to run the quest, not to mentioned those lvl range have no other repeatable quest. Rework repeatable drop quests to kill quest, I felt so lonely to gather woods/mushrooms with all afkers that don't talk, don't move, in a MMORPG game. Or I actually mistaken this game is multiple player game.

    Quests below Lv105 still look okey imo, the levels that killed my patient is all the Shella and drop quest repeats! The quest designer really hate Shella alot.

    side : My no-life mode, Lv1 to Lv121 in 8 days. :sleeping: