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    Hey its me JIE THE REAPER. im not good in essay writing but this is what i truly feels.

    I start playing fiesta actively on 2015 , at that time i joined Samurai Guild when i reach level 70 if not mistaken. when i joined them i learn a lot about other guild and that is when i know about BOTH and Yaseeda existence as veteran. I joined BoTH in around 2020 because that's the only guild that i knew which stable and and don't have any bad record. That's where i feel intrigued to join and Yaseeda accept me with open arm. Honestly from what i see, Yaseeda sure have the leadership, dedication, knowledge, networking and all the criteria needed to be a good leader. When i see him, it surely inspired me to be a better man because he influence me to be a good leader. when i joined BoTH i feel so excited, everyone treat me well and i feel so happy and it makes me wanna cry. im not a good gamer for fiesta, and grinding also feels hard for me. what makes me for who am i today is the guildies that help me through my ups and down. i still remember in raid where i only deals 3M damage. Because of you guys support now i deal 10M and my personal record is 20M . im so happy that i did a good job because of you guys advice and guide. for player that i fond of there's just too many of them, it feels so hard for me to choose because i love everyone in the guild. all of the guldies always there for me and help me a lot. but still if i have to choose one. the player that i fond of is Ayamaria, because she's one of the earliest person i met in fiesta and we also know each other in real life. Overall i love BoTH because of the friendliness, supporting each other, happy environment and it feels like family when im in here. i think what makes the guild that way is because of Yaseeda that taught and influence us with he's positive attitude and good vibes.

    Thank you for your time reading my essay ^^