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    *Please bear with my english*

    Didn't need to take me long enough to know about Yaseeda or my guildies in BandOfTheHawk. I have just returned to the game 2 months ago after a long 7-8 hiatus from the game. Things have changed a lot within the game and the gaming community and here I am trying to adapt and learn all the new items/mechanics that I wasn't exposed to during OS days. My boss Yaseeda just made my life so much easier, he knows too much about the game which is a good thing. Also being a free to play player it's very respectable to where he have gotten to today. I still remember my first raid with BandOfTheHawk 2 weeks ago, what makes me look up to him and what makes him different from GMs is that he took the time to teach you how to raid efficiently and the mechanics behind the raids. Actually come to think about it, he is not a boss but rather a leader. I can say that he is a role model to every individual within the guild except for the pervy part. The patience and commitment towards the game and the guild is what most of us is lacking. Kudos to you boss!

    I still remember how I got into BandOfTheHawk and it is one of the best decision I've ever made in fiesta. I really like the good mix of people in the guild. They comes from different part of the globe Russia/Malaysia/Philipines/US/India/Singapore. BandOfTheHawk is really like a mature family, there isn't any bullying/abusing of power/gossiping or dramas within the guild and they don't act like kids:). Also I like how we can have real conversations other than conversations about the game.

    My favorite people in the guild......none. Everyone is my favorite and they all plays a part in enhancing my gameplay experience. They have been very helpful, forthcoming and entertaining all at the same time. Would like to end this essay with a thank to everyone and let's make more memories together!