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    Cuz only Pets have an auto pick up Feature and youre talking about that? xD

    I'm talking about the Pick-up ability. Why would you even assume I'm talking about the pet if you know it doesn't pick up cards and I said it's annoying having my inventory get filled with cards?

    Theres the Problem. The Quests get abused if they give too many XP for things like that. Lets say the quest would give 3mil. they would get a killer and absue the Quest cuz its too fast and ppl like you complained about too low XP rates for this Quest

    I took that quest as an example. It's just one of many. Take the dungeon quests for example. The dungeon mobs you have to kill hit twice as hard and have 4 times as much hp (roughly) but the quests gives the same amount of xp as your regular repeat quests, essentially rendering them useless.

    I just want more variety in my questing and leveling experience. I dislike how the most reliable way of leveling is to spam the repeat quests over and over and just ignore 90% of the other quests because they're literally not worth the extra time it takes. But who knows, maybe that's exactly how Gamigo wants it to be. If not, I think they should look over the quests again and fine tune either the difficulty of the quests or the amount of XP you get from them.

    "Just ignore the quest" is the dumbest take on an issue. I brought it up because it's clearly broken. How is a very difficult quest that takes multiple well geared and buffed up people to complete and only gives 1/5th of the xp of other quests at that level good?

    I'm so tired of my inventory filling up with all these trading cards. Not only that but they take forever to drop with the double confirmation window.

    So, being able to put certain items on an ignore list for auto pickup would be a HUGE quality of life change.

    Hello all, yes these are being looked at. :)

    A clear example of an unbalanced quest is the 'Prior Block 2' It's a level 84 quest to kill the Fire Golem in Cave of Fever. He hit me for over 6k which resulted in a oneshot. He has tons of health. And the quest to kill him only give 300k xp? That's the amount of xp I got for an average quest at level 40.

    There is tons more quests like this with xp rates that don't make any sense in comparison to the quest difficulty.

    I really think you should take the time to go through all the quests.

    How -edit- greedy are these devs? I literally can't get anything to go above +4. On the extremely rare occasion that it hits +5, it instantly breaks. Don't they have any shame? Making enhancing, which is a huge part of the game, this difficult only to get people to buy the bullshit protection stones.

    Really starting to question if this game is even worth it with all this pay to win shit everywhere

    Several years ago they decided 1-60 took too long, which wasn't really true, but alas they decided to boost all existing quests and added new quests. This made 1-60 a joke, just to hit the ridiculous wall that is 60-69. 6x was already rough, but making pre-60 so much easier than it already was simply makes it discouraging to trudge through. At 70 it gets better, but man does 6x suck unless you have friends to power you through terrible repeats or CC.

    Ah that explains it.

    I'm all for a bit of grinding, I just wish there was more consistency between the quests.

    Not: "Hey, can u go get this 1 sword for me? The drop chance is 20%" for 600k xp

    Then once u complete the quest he gives u another,

    "Hey, can you go get 60 more of those swords?" for 600k xp once again.

    Real tiresome. Makes literally 0 sense. I feel like they were blindly entering the XP rates for these quests while high on something

    Its gamigo. What did u expect? Lots of high lvl quest such as in the 100+ that take long time to do. Give same or lower exp than quest in the 80 and 90. Lmao. Nothing makes sense. As you get higher in the level, it requires more exp. But quest for higher lvl give lower exp. Lmao

    Questing from 1 - 40 felt really good, from there it was all downhill in terms of balancing. I swear level 50-60 was way faster than 20 - 30.

    And 60 - 70 slower than 1 - 60. For me at least.

    The quests feels super unbalanced. I'm currently level 67. Some of my quests takes 5 minutes to complete and gives me 500k - 900k XP. Then there's quests to kill 100 - 300 mobs which can take over an hour to complete and they only give you ~500k XP

    Then around level 50 there were easy and fast 10 kill quests that gave you the same amount of XP.

    Everything just feels so unbalanced. Has the developers came out and talked about these balancing decisions somewhere? I'd love to hear their reasoning behind this.

    For some reason I am not able to talk to Enchanter Master Wishis. I can't take any of her quests OR buy the skills I need so I can continue upgrading them in Uruga. So I'm stuck with lower level spells.

    When trying to talk to her, the only dialogue I get is this:

    Hitting Continue only closes the window. I can't 'Give Up' the quest either. It gives me the error "Failed to give up <Destruction of Giant Crystal> quest.

    Relogging doesn't do anything either.

    What am I supposed to do? I want to upgrade my spells.

    Character: LastSorcerer

    Server: Isya

    I'm getting extreme fps drops while I'm close to other players.

    While I'm out questing in the world I'm getting butter smooth 60+ fps constantly, but as soon as a player runs past me the fps will drop down to 5 or less.

    Being in any city is literally impossible, running around in Elderine I'm getting 1 fps.

    I was killing Marlone with another guy. While he was 10 meters around my characters I was getting 5 fps but literally as soon as he ran a little further away than 10 meters my fps shot back to 60+

    I have tried disabling all graphic options.

    Tried both windowed and fullscreen

    Server: Isya

    Resolution: 1920x1080

    CPU: i7 4790k

    GPU: gtx 980ti

    RAM: 16GB

    Any fixes?