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    Inexplicable terribad lags/delays/screen freezes while in DDF.

    Tried using regular client and modified client (for SK raid) with graphics settings almost set to lowest setting . . .but no difference.

    Wasn't like this since last Saturday (August 1, 2020), but started to experience these inconveniences just this Monday, August 3, 2020 . . . and worsened by the day until now that I am doing DDF starting Wednesday 20:00 game time.


    I was a former guildie of Eradicate since 2013...the very same year when I started having interest in playing Fiesta despite knowing the game back in late 2008-2009. After that, I am going on and off of Fiesta to play other games. I was also a so-so below average avid raider of HGHC/MLHC/ML N/DDF/Chimera/SQ when I was still in Eradicate. But after 2015, I kinda lost in touch with my Fiesta fam and friends and continued to be on "hiatus" mode until late 2016 to early 2017. At that time, I was hoping and super eager to see my Eradicate fam and other friends in and out of Eradicate...but to my surprise, they are all gone--including the ones from the alt guilds of Eradicate. Now that's just about enough as a backstory as to HOW I ENCOUNTERED the guild we all know as BandofTheHawk/Falcon (BOTH/BOTF).

    I still remember running around Elderine to check the state of the game with regards to the amount of newbs/lowbies that could be running around too and thriving to level up through questing. I was also checking shops to see if the economy improved or not...and then I stopped for a rest and went on AFK mode. When I returned on my PC and looked at my screen, I got this guild invite to BOTH initiated by Yaseeda himself, and automatically accepted the guild invite anyway. And I started my Fiesta life anew with my new family in BOTH/BOTF guild.

    BOTH/BOTF as a guild for me is way better than when I was in Eradicate. I am not saying that Eradicate peeps (with Dalibor as an exception due to some grave news I learned about him) are bad, but BOTH/BOTF guild is a cooler and more awesome environment/family to be in--at least for me. I felt like, "I am one with the guild and I am being treated equally as that". I also learned that in BOTH/BOTF guild, there are so much more good souls too (ofc I won't deny that I am still comparing my experience with Eradicate peeps to BOTH/BOTF ones) and they have helped me in ways I didn't imagine CONSIDERING THAT I WAS JUST A NEOPHYTE FOR THEM back in 2017. I didn't or don't know much about the guild's history or its roots besides the fact that Yaseeda always say that the guild is the oldest in NA since 2008, but I am speaking of the time I have spent with them since 2017 up to present time - - - and I will definitely say it is so great. Just a side note, I also tried being a part of OneWingedAngels (OWA) on my other chars and see if I will be able to fit in with them. But I didn't know what hit me and I found BOTH/BOTF more convenient for me to fit in with the existing peeps and loyal guildies in the guild. Right now that I am already a part of the guild for over 3 years, I am proud to say that I am a part of BOTH/BOTF and that I can make myself as an EXAMPLE AND PROOF of what Yaseeda tells to anyone whom he welcomes after joining the guild:

    "Investing time and effort with us will prove to be very beneficial for you in the future."


    I don't know if my vocabulary would be enough to define or describe Yaseeda. At first to be honest, he sounded like he's always "full of himself", arrogant, very proud, and super bossy. But those negative thoughts I had about him began to make me realize that he is just speaking factual thoughts, giving great advice, good things/ideas to ponder about, and pushes us guildies to always become the better version(s) of ourselves. One great thing I will never ever forget about Yaseeda is when he challenged me to make a capped Lv 135 char. Frankly speaking, I didn't have any intentions whatsoever to level cap any of my controlled characters, but Yaseeda fervently pushed me into doing it. And despite my naive thoughts about capping and my fear of that thought, I eventually began leveling my HK that has been dormant at Lv 115 for at most 7 years. Yaseeda is very "logical" which for me is quite a "brainiac" and I will admit that I am not that smart enough to even understand what he says most of the time in guild chats or in guild Discord chat . . . but I realized something in-between his sudden bursts of thoughts (with regards mostly to Fiesta ofc), he's being too practical and gives non-stop ideas on how to improve our Fiesta lives --- be it for the guild's cause or for our personal endeavors. All-in-all so far (again ehem, comparing Eradicate GM and Yaseeda), Yaseeda really steps up and maintains his authority, first and foremost, as BOTH/BOTF guildmaster and as a friend/family in game.

    I can't really think of anyone from BOTH/BOTF (besides Yaseeda and Rawrmageddon/Mephista ofc) that I am super fond of . . . but I can think of one gladiator in the guild whom I really look up and commend his kindness for that one thing I didn't think I could obtain from one of our guild DDF raids. His name is Moro...and even though Moro has been kind of "inactive" at the moment, I still look up to him and his overflowing kindness. There was this guild DDF raid where we had a DDF glad pants that dropped from one of the bosses. I was using my Lv 120 perm WL to take part in that said guild DDF raid. After the 2hr-session was over, and items distribution is going on, I called dibs on that DDF glad pants and I was given the go-signal to have full claims on the said pricy item. Yaseeda ofc asked Moro if he's willing to waive his rights to claim the DDF glad pants because he is downright a glad himself and I am just using a WL. Moro said OKAY and Yaseeda affirmed to me that I can claim the highly valuable piece...not that I wanted it to be sold for personal sales, but for gearing up my wifey's Lv 120 gladiator. And after the brief and very straightforward deliberation about it, I was officially deemed worthy of getting that DDF glad pants. One more special mention for a guild member I am fond and grateful for is Renzokuken. Renzokuken is also a Filipino like me. His generosity is something I could be proud of...I hope he is too. When I was leveling my Lv 115 HK back then, I asked Renzokuken if he has any spare Lv 95M set lying around his storage spaces. Ofc he said yes, checked it out, and showed me the set. Back then, we're just plain randos that got into the same PT while being in the same guild. There's no harm in asking so I asked him if I could borrow his 95M set and he said yes. I planned to use that set for my perm 105WL for DT purposes. His generosity and his trust that he gave right then and there after meeting up for the very first up close and personal, is something I am truly proud and grateful for. He did that for me DESPITE being hacked or scammed just weeks or months ago. And with no further ado, I will never ever forget the kindness and generosity of those 2 peeps (Moro and Renzokuken) for the entirety of my FOUS gaming life.