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    Go to Game Settings and turn off :
    - My Character Name

    - Other Character Names

    - NPC Names
    - Monster Names

    - Drop Item Name

    - My HP/LP

    And stuff like Play Guide - Tool Tips - Name Tag Change(big fps sucker) and if you want Hide Attendance Icon.

    Another tip is to reduce the size of your chat .

    This games engine is pretty p00p but turning those off helped me a ton

    The Global Gem Problem is why I really wanna start over at Enid but the server is so dead its not fun to play. I really hope the gms can give enid players some benefit like increased Quest EXP gains/EXP Gains until their population gets a bit better. Seeing only 20-30 people at yesterdays Enid Event was kinda dissapointing

    LP Passive needs to go immediatly its SO useless.

    I rather they change it with something like lower LP equals more DMG/Healing Power. Remove LP bonus from Extenders. And decrease LP regen in general. Bar fills up way too quickly. The LP Passive is the most useless passive ever

    bro just quit the game man its unhealthy. saw a german post talking about how adjusting the shiny system isnt in their focus right now so u should not expect any shiny changes any time soon(never)

    gamigo will never change and they never did trust me i had the same frustrations as you back in 2010 and little do they care. they never do. all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    yep its enough for people to realize how bad the droprates in this game are and now that the only farmable way to get charms is also off the table people will realize that at a certain point u absolutely need charms to even compete in this game. awesome to see gamigos greed hasnt changed in those 10years i took off :)

    it took them 6 months instead of hotfixing the issue. "better now than never" well no thats not how it works people came back to the game just because they saw they fixed droprates/exp/f2p aspects of the game and finally gave this game another chance just to be taken out.

    also the market already seems kinda f***** with how expensive everything became and lets not talk about big guilds that already are capped in gems in their inventories/guild storages b4 they introduced the shine system. but lets just blame the shine mobs for that shall we? :D

    cya guys maybe in 2030 when they introduce yet another great gameplay changer to the game just for them to patch it out in 6months ^^:thumbup:

    Honestly I still dont understand why they did this. If it was never intended why did it take them like 6+months to fix this? The shiny mobs before the patch were more helpful than harmful imo and it gave a lot of people reasons to farm


    I do not and will not ever understand the logic @ gamigo where they think ruining drop rate with a high population is a smart decision. Shinies got more people engaged in pve/farming which must mean more charms, war rants, exp boosts ,extenders, tevas, hammers, enhancement bundles being bought. But if you take it away? and nerf it? Like yea LN plvling always existed but it's going to decrease. Less people are going to want to farm if they spend an hour and the boss drops like nothing? Like do they just hate making money? Honest question.

    It is also, from what I have gathered from others, going to ruin the economy. Like whatever gems are rotating around that aren't being hoarded is limited but please make it harder to get them. Like. I don't get it lol. I thought they were actually improving as a company but guess not.

    as an old player that returned just recently i thought that gamigos shiny idea was INSANE and the best decision theyve ever made in so so many years but now that its gone i start to question wether i should continue playing or not.

    Shinies helped the overcome the horrendous droprates this game has , helped leveling faster , improved the experience for new players (not alt accounts- NEW players that have no idea from the game) and gave u a reason to farm mobs.


    Thats a Meme or?

    It was a glitch, the shine system was not working properly
    why should they keep this? it did break enough already with this high dropchance

    the extra EXP and droprates were very helpful for people that cant buy rants all the time. Sure the t6 Droprates were too high but instead of reducing the spawnrates they couldve kept them the same and adjust the droprates

    why do the devs never dish balance patches out? i feel like this game could be so much better if other classes were given some love and not just mages and fighters. :sleeping:

    and even when they give balance updates its usually just a few of them and like 1 or 2 every year. And dont even get me started with the classes... its been 6years since the last class and crusaders are just knights in terms of dmg