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    i tried once and got it and thought of trying again, guess i will stop lol

    when the it spins there are 2 blamys in a row right?

    No, its not that. Rather its the slots always showing rammy in the same spot. (thats why i thought it was rigged)

    me and my friend got axes in one roll and he got his in 2 his third roll was a staff. Yaseda got it in one.

    I got 8 skins with 100 usd it’s down to luck 🤷‍♂️

    People who are happy are a lot less likely to come onto a forum and be like its amazing. People who are upset are more likely to complain.


    I dont speak from experience, i've only tried the lootboxes for a mount. As it seems, the skins give massive bonuses to crit, damage, and even aim. Theres no way dropping 50$ doesnt get you a rammy.

    All lucky boxes are rigged man, dont try those LOL, even if you see 10 items there, the most useless ones have higher rate than the ones you actually want. So yeah never play those again, its not a fair gamble.

    I saw 10 items and a rammy, im guessing 10/10 right? Wrong! Yeah i learned that the hard way. Honestly this is gambling and outta be illegal. At the very least there outta be a disclaimer/fine print somewhere on the page warning players what their odds are. total lack of transparency if you ask me.

    lmao. newbie i see. Dont worry. We all fall for gamigos trick. Its the same with the lucky box. Lucky you only spend $50. Ive spend over $100 with those lucky box trying get a skin, and its show to the left like yours. There is a rate to those lucky box. Like 1% or lower. So your chance of getting your mount/skin is very low.

    needless to say i wont be pulling a stunt like this ever again lol

    You can open 1 box and get Blamy and you can open 100 boxes and dont get it cuz its luck

    they say that fortunate doesnt favor fools and i was a fool to even charge 50$

    jokes aside, how are you guys so calm about this?

    yes, i am aware of the risk i took. My expectation was that its 1/10 chance given the 10 items in the store. Correct me if i'm wrong, I've definitely opened more than 10 loot boxes.

    hello, im kinda new to the game and saw the lucky box for blamy and decided to try it out! purchased about 57k worth of sc and didnt get a single blamy. My chances are 1/10 no? ive even redeemed the free credit for free plays. im starting to think its rigged because every time the blamy would be on the left and some random item in the middle. its never random item on the left, random in the middle, and random on the right, etc.

    what are y'all thoughts on this? i cant be the only one


    edit: if knew it was this atrocious, i would of waited for the guaranteed mount when you spend 50$+ (like what they did for the rainbow ramy)