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    Permanent Valentines Day Costumes, blue and red, please? Several of us have been asking for months now and still nothing ;( yet other perm suits have cycled through the store two or more times that no one in this thread asked for.

    The Twist Dance (Sold alone 30 days OR Permanent)

    Statted Stargazer Skins (20% dmg, 10% crit, 6% aim) in class specific lucky box :3

    Discounted Premium Beauty Shop

    30 Day Visual Kei Costume

    Seeing everyone's talk about the shiny's, I might as well go ahead too.

    Since the patch a few days ago I haven't seen even one shiny, and I play for multiple hours a day. They don't have to be invisible, or even as OP as they were before, but I'd hope it could be even 2-5% chance of spawning. I want to say before the invisible shiny spawn rate was about 15% (Guess-timating). Now it's really practically nothing... even before I'd see real shiny's several times in a day. I'm curious of what the actual % spawn rate is right now. And I suggest it get boosted, because it feels like now they've just been completely eliminated from the game.

    Good few changes. But more problems regarding server stability.

    Ever since maintenance, I have binned over 25 times in the span of 6 hours.

    Many other players have experienced the same issues. Please fix.

    Same. Too many game crashes. People would complain before, but this is some NEXT LEVEL crashing. Maybe undo the maint until it can be done without all the crashes?


    I have done LB before and have been "generally" lucky compared to some peoples horror stories of it. That being said, I've only really tried for my main character. If this was a thing, I would definitely be more willing to try and get a skin for all my 7+ characters. i.e. more $ for gamigo. xD

    The gold sink idea is also a good one. This might be a lot, but i'd even go as far as paying 4-5 Gems for the conversion.

    The Twist Dance sold OUTSIDE of Dance pack 1. I don't understand why all other dances are sold on their own (30 days) but this one you have to purchase for 4k in a pack with a bunch of other dances you don't want... every 30 days if you like it... :( if this is a mistake that it was never listed on it's own, please fix it. Thank you.

    They appear normal when i visit the page.

    Monday - 06/08/2020

    Weekly Sale -Aloha Week!

    The weekly sale will be updated every Monday at 10:00am (PDT).

    Flash Sale - Musketeer of Isya!

    The flash sale will be available on 06/08/2020 until 06/12/2020 at 05:00pm (PDT).

    Best Selling

    Available from today at 10:00 am PDT until 06/22/2020 till 01:00 am!

    Wednesday - 06/10/2020

    Hot Offers - Damage & Charms

    Available from today at 10:00am until 06/11/2020 at 11:59pm (PDT).

    Thursday - 06/11/2020

    Hot Offers - BOGO Sale!

    Available from today at 10:00am until 06/12/2020 at 11:59pm (PDT).

    Friday - 06/12/2020

    Hot Offers - Explorers

    Available from today at 10:00am until 11:59pm (PDT).

    Saturday - 06/13/2020

    Hot Offers -Mini Pet Sale

    Available from today at 10:00am until 06/14/2020 at 11:59pm (PDT).

    Sunday - 06/14/2020

    Hot Offers - Raid Packs

    Available from today at 10:00am until 11:59pm (PDT).

    +1 to change the drop rate. I remember back in the day, this repeat was the reason i took my first break from game, back when CC didn't exist. Even 1/5 chances would be better. The level 77 repeat for lizards is wayyy easier, even with only yourself as a dropper. Sure CC is the better option, i just run myself through it nowdays, but i know not everyone has that option.

    Some might be against this but instead of limiting the number of items sold they could limit the amount sold to each account (or if the limit stays in, base it on the number of available items, e.g. if they sell 100 items they limit it to 5 items per account).

    I think the biggest issue is people stockpiling the items and buying them as soon as they go on sale right up to the point they're completely sold out.

    I actually really love this idea, though like you said, some people probably wont. But it would give everyone opportunity to buy ones for themselves and gift a couple if need be.

    Honestly the no limit purchase on perms seems right, doesn't really disturb games economy at all. But completely removing purchase limit on other items? They kind of might as well just remove mystery sales at that point and put them all in store all day. Maybe keep the way its every hour or so with high discounts and after all mystery sales revealed leave all the items there 24 hours but with less discount and no limits on all.

    I don't think it's as dramatic as leaving them in store all day, but I do see what you're trying to get at. I could get on board with the thought that the discount isn't as good as the first "limited stock" sales. Example, an item in mystery sales is 50% off with 100 quantity limit, once the first 100 sell, it remains on sale for the remainder of 2 hours but for 25% off. Mainly because even though my intention is to help people who aren't available in that moment, i know the limitless could be abused. Thank you Luscious. ^^

    Change Quantity Limitation on Mystery Sales

    I love a good mystery sale as much as the next person, and would appreciate not having anxiety attached to it.

    The two hour limit is already enough to make sure the player base is attentive to watching them, but not everyone can sit there refreshing the page to get an item they want before it sells out.

    Perhaps some of us intended to but something important popped up in real life a minute before and we just missed the one moment we could have had to snatch it. Alas, we're taunted with staring at what could have been for the next two hours.

    Pro's: More people have a chance to buy without having to be glued to the refresh. They can happily tend to their real life situations without the intense stress. More people have a chance to purchase, be happy and Fiesta gets more money.

    Con's: I get it, some of the sales are really amazingly discounted, I understand that these might disturb the games economy, but at least remove the quantity limit for permanent items that don't disturb the game's economy, I feel you there is no con for removing the limitation for cosmetic things like Permanent suits/accessories.

    -Another suggestion that might reduce this con for all items, would be to reduce the time limit they're up to being one hour with no quantity limitation.

    -After seeing Luscious input, maybe we don't make it limit less but rather make them still on sale after the original limit is reached but with a lower discount.Example, an item in mystery sales is 50% off with 100 quantity limit, once the first 100 sell, it remains on sale for the remainder of 2 hours but for 25% off. Mainly because even though my intention is to help people who aren't available in that moment, i know the limitless could be abused.

    -TheJumpingLord suggestion to make the purchase limit account based is also a great idea. So everyone has a chance to get it, the quantity limit per account can be from 3-5 since many have multiple character in an account. This would probably be limited for gifting too in the sense that if someone receives the account limit, it will fail to gift them more or purchase themselves another.

    I'm speaking mainly for people with children, grand parents, jobs, or animals with special needs that can't always be predicted at the spur of a moment and may require attention. I don't feel it's kind that we may miss out because we prioritized our real life situation and couldn't sit on top of the refresh.

    I realize I may be exaggerating, I just love fiesta so much and don't like to miss sales. I know not everyone is this way, but I also know there's many others like me.

    I'm definitely curious of more input. ^^

    Part of me really wants to design some hairs and faces to submit but then another part of me thinks it will be time wasted considering how much this thread has been overlooked.

    That being said, I would love new hairs and faces! More colors is a plus!

    Perhaps add 3-5 new faces/hairs/colors to each of the premium/deluxe categories. Maybe limit to one new of each to the basic.

    One of the peeves i have with the faces is that we can't pick eye colors so we're stuck with how it comes. I suppose we have to deal with that, so maybe add more eye colors to the more popular faces? I wouldn't be mad at a face with completely black eyes.

    If you guys ever do an event asking people to design hairs/faces, i'd likely put my effort towards that.

    One big request. Make beauty shop looks "Unlockable". With each coupon we use we can unlock 1 face, 1 hair, and 1 hair color that we can alternate through with how we feel instead of being stuck to one look all the time. I think people would buy coupons more often if they were able to unlock looks and change back through them for "free" after the initial cost.


    And smaller request, give the premium/deluxe looks names please? It's insane how many times i have to click every single one on the list just looking for one.