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    I like the skin transfers option being in game, i'd say its a step in the right direction. As someone who had to contact support to get their skin moved back from a different server, the convenience for returning players is nice.

    Also, the boost to muds is much appreciated!

    Now if only they'd let us do this with other sc items ;(


    At least for the perm outfits/accessories. The cost would reduce people abusing it all willy-nilly.

    But as an option, it would be useful in making space in our inventory for things that we took out but over time stopped using and we don't want to discard it. Not to mention widening the gold sink since people have way more perm suits/accessories than weapon skins. ;)

    On another note, a specific bag for perm things that has been suggested in other posts would also help solve the space issue.

    I'm kind of on the other side of the fence of this. As someone who kills on one character to level my other character, it can get tedious to turn in pull and kill. Then while I'm doing all the work, people ask for a party. I'm like "great, can you pull?" meanwhile, they respond, "I can't, I die" or "I suck at it" and proceed to house leech... not even pretend to hit or talk for entertainment at all. Even an white geared 100+ player can pull taking a couple hits, and if you don't know how to pull, well now is a great time to learn. Don't have a mount? I've seen people pull with donkeys. Maybe it's not efficient, but at least it shows effort. I know, that's a simple answer, kick leechers from party, which I do. But I'm all for helping the party kill on the character I'm leveling and if I need to leave on my higher level to make space for someone else who needs, so as long as they put in some kind of work, I don't mind at all. And if I'm the one joining a party with a killer, I always offer to do something, like pull or try hitting (even if they 1 hit kill), something. Housing in a strangers party is pretty disrespectful in my opinion, unless they literally tell you "you don't have to do anything".

    I know, mages at high levels aren't that useful, but it's the class I enjoy playing.

    That being said, when I used to play years ago, there were no such thing as bracelets or talismans. Now that there are, I was hoping for some advice on stats for Wizard gears?

    I think before people would say to go for HP/Aim/Eva, is that still what is suggested? Or have things changed, assuming the Talisman can compensate for some stats.

    Also, which talisman is best for a Wizard?

    I'm mainly a PvE player too.

    Thanks for the advice in advance. :)

    Permanent Valentines Day Costumes, blue and red, please? Several of us have been asking for months now and still nothing ;( yet other perm suits have cycled through the store two or more times that no one in this thread asked for.

    The Twist Dance (Sold alone 30 days OR Permanent)

    Statted Stargazer Skins (20% dmg, 10% crit, 6% aim) in class specific lucky box :3

    Discounted Premium Beauty Shop

    30 Day Visual Kei Costume

    Seeing everyone's talk about the shiny's, I might as well go ahead too.

    Since the patch a few days ago I haven't seen even one shiny, and I play for multiple hours a day. They don't have to be invisible, or even as OP as they were before, but I'd hope it could be even 2-5% chance of spawning. I want to say before the invisible shiny spawn rate was about 15% (Guess-timating). Now it's really practically nothing... even before I'd see real shiny's several times in a day. I'm curious of what the actual % spawn rate is right now. And I suggest it get boosted, because it feels like now they've just been completely eliminated from the game.

    Good few changes. But more problems regarding server stability.

    Ever since maintenance, I have binned over 25 times in the span of 6 hours.

    Many other players have experienced the same issues. Please fix.

    Same. Too many game crashes. People would complain before, but this is some NEXT LEVEL crashing. Maybe undo the maint until it can be done without all the crashes?


    I have done LB before and have been "generally" lucky compared to some peoples horror stories of it. That being said, I've only really tried for my main character. If this was a thing, I would definitely be more willing to try and get a skin for all my 7+ characters. i.e. more $ for gamigo. xD

    The gold sink idea is also a good one. This might be a lot, but i'd even go as far as paying 4-5 Gems for the conversion.

    The Twist Dance sold OUTSIDE of Dance pack 1. I don't understand why all other dances are sold on their own (30 days) but this one you have to purchase for 4k in a pack with a bunch of other dances you don't want... every 30 days if you like it... :( if this is a mistake that it was never listed on it's own, please fix it. Thank you.

    They appear normal when i visit the page.

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