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    Some people have lower quality computers that can't multi-box vend while questing or stay on for long periods without overheating, etc. and they shouldn't be punished for that.

    Is it really gamigo problem that your pc cannot run game which was made in .....2007?

    I do think the search function could be built upon, overall it's pretty good but small additions like showing if items are +ed without hovering over them and being able to filter (not sort) by certain level ranges and/or cost...things like that.


    If there are 5 same weapons on sale in uru and one them costs 10 times more then others, which one you think is sshhhiny one ?

    Guys most of these comments are so dead.

    You complain so much about how you have spent time and money on your chars, i ask you, did anyone force you to do it? Where in Fiesta rules it says you have to use money? You guys forget its old free to play game. Everybody knows if you use money you can have advantage in game but again, nobody is forcing you to spend money on it. If you dont like how it works maybe this game isnt for you then.

    You used money you played your hours and when there was time to change chars to another server you missed it. Is it gamigos fault if you guys missed to read social media posts or check email? You missed it , too bad its L for you then.

    Ive played this game on and off for like 5-7 years and never had anything to complain. If you dont like game then nobody is forcing you to play it im having fun everytime i play fiesta.

    Also, plz stop crying about how u get dc from loggin into kq, that problem is been always and most of the players already got use it.