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    The only person working at gamigo is the one changing store sales :p

    The game will end before its fixed

    also whoever voted no didn't do much kqing :))

    Mannn, I have played so many games in my life and I have never seen a game that ignores bugs but constantly finds ways to make sales. Bugs should be top priority for a company, but that doesn't seem like the case here. We have to "save" quests for harder levels and use KQ to level up, but can't even connect to 8 outta 10 KQs.

    Make it make sense.

    No one said anything about it being simple, but it is a problem that needs to be addressed regardless. If 10 out of 10 players are dealing with this problem at some point in time, then obviously it needs to be fixed immediately.

    Hello all,

    If you're reading this, I am almost certain that you've dced while warping into Arena/KQ at some point in time. I will add a poll to verify this.

    The first couple of times I dced, it seemed like a completely random thing, but I've come to learn that this is VERY common. This issue has been reported countless times and there has never been any response from GM's(to my knowledge). We need answers please. Is this being looked at? What should we expect and how soon should we expect it??

    My friends and I only get into about 20-30% of Arenas/KQs. 20 people could register and only 5(YES 5) would actually make it into the Arena. I have now reached the point where I miss at least 8/10 Arenas/KQ. That is a ridiculous number and I'd think this issue would have been resolved by now, seeing as KQs and Arena are a HUGE part of this game.

    I know of bugs that have been in this game for over 7 years. This shouldn't be one of those things players should "just get used to". It completely ruins the gaming experience for most people.

    I hope to hear from a GM and hope this can be addressed and fixed asap. There's also the issue of party matching, but that can be addressed another time :)

    Thank you all!

    This is a great idea. I basically log in most days just for arena and I do agree, charms and sc pots take the fun away. I've seen people use over 3m in sc pots for 1 win.

    The fact that the issue hasn't been resolved, makes me think it's a monetary thing for Gamigo(as with so many other things). Why should they remove charms and sc pots for PVP KQs if they're making so much money from it? If you want to have an idea of how many people use charms and SC pots, Join 6x Arena and 10X arena.

    For as long as they keep making money from it, this will never be fixed, so we'll have to deal with it. That is my opinion.

    People like you are the problem with this game and why it never reached it's full potential. "That problem is been always and most of the players already got use it." is such a flawed statement to make. I never had to "get used to" anything bad with any games I've ever played. Game creators patch and release fixes immediately, but that's not the case here.

    People shouldn't have to "get used to" programming errors if they're spending time and money on the product. No, you don't have to spend money on the game, but how will a company run if we don't spend money. It's all part of the game. You think the game would still exist if no one spends money on it? LOL

    I read through this thread and laughed at most of the posts. Some of these posts are comedic.

    In my case, I took a break from Fiesta because I entered a new stage in my life. Came back to find out servers were merged and my account had been locked. Mind you, I check my email daily. At no point did I receive an email about servers being merged. You wan't to know what I WAS receiving in my email though? Sales. I knew about every sale going on, because it seems that's all Gamigo care about. Money.

    The only thing that is consistent about this game is ways Gamigo have used to get players to spend money. Listen to your customers for once. My main account was locked for whatever reason. I sent another ticket and never got a response. Thousands of dollars and hours of gameplay gone, with no clear reason. If I could just get that account back, I'd be happy, knowing all my hours of grinding isn't wasted.

    I had 8 players on one account. 6 of the 8 were moved to Jenira. SIX. That seems to me like I was being forced to play on that server. I walked around Jenira today for 30 minutes and only saw ONE player.

    Gamigo made the game SO easy. You wonder why the population on servers are so low. NOTHING about this game is challenging anymore. Nobody wants to play some easy MMORPG. Players LOVED the hours of grinding. You took that away. Increased prices on SC items. Moved their chars across different servers. I get bin errors every 30 minutes. I'm still seeing errors from 2010 (still yet to be patched). Start with the basic things first before worrying about the major things.

    As someone who had so much hope for this game and had faith in Gamigo, my hope has almost faded completely. This game is so P2win now, it is ridiculous.

    If Gamigo would start with very small changes, population of the game would grow. Word gets around pretty fast. Everyone is stuck at home right now, and yall haven't done anything or taken advantage to try to increase the population of the game. But there are new items being brought to the cash store daily. Shame.