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    Since the game patched this morning, i haven't been able to launch the game. i get to the launcher and click the button and the launcher window goes away but nothing happens. I check the running tasks and there is nothing running. I have restarted the launcher, i have run it as administrator and not, i have restarted my computer... and it still doesn't work. Ideas?

    This is not accurate. I cannot choose Fiesta as a choice... only Gamigo. When asked for what kind of support help... I have a problem with a glitch in my game and the only choices relate to account changes, like passwords, hacked accounts, purchase issues, appeals and such, or deletion, which is NOT what i want to do... How do i file a ticket to get a glitch fixed. My specific problem is in my 60 job change quest. The game will let me pick up "Time and Space 3" which gives me a Space Time Lithograph and SHOULD take me into the quest to complete but I remain in Rouman and it does not take me into the next step.

    What do i do now???