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    Defensive stats - Strip away party buffs, scrolls, additional boosts - Total Defense is multiplied by 20/40/50/70/100% of your charmed up character...then add to base.

    Offensive stats - Strip away Skin, party buffs, damage pots and scrolls, - Total Damage with weapon equipped multiplied by 20/40/50/70/100% of your charmed up character...then add to base.

    As far as "stat points" go...the above has been stated and is actual fact.

    Do extenders also work like that? Is it safe to assume that charms only to apply to extra stats and base?

    And do the sc items only add after the charms? (Therefore not affected by charms)

    On fighter/archer you can go 25spr/33dex rest str or 25spr/50 dex rest str although bonus aim gets reduced from 3 to 2 from 34 to 50dex but the evasion bonus is still the same. On mage i would recommend 25spr 33dex rest int. I can't say much for the other classes since I don't have any of them 100+ lvl.

    I mostly do 25 spr and the rest on the main damage stat, can't really complain but I think the most important part is the 25 spr since I can really see the value of dex in love since till 115 the only mob I had problems with was the emperor slime

    another way of looking at it is that while the basic bonus in gear applies, it isn't the same with secondary bonuses like evasion or critical hit rate.

    build is far more effective.

    I guess but the good thing with gears is that if you farm enough you will eventually get stats that are good, still can't really understand the builds and the post with yaseeda and Rei arguing over the pure dmg vs crit and dex is hard since I can't really try and am new to the game

    The questing should really be balanced, I know many people like to take the optimal/fastest way to reach 135 but since I never capped I would like to experience the game questing but my only option for the most part is grinding repeats, the game would be better if people had many ways of lvling

    Just remember that str/int in gears=/=str/int in build.

    Build is much more effective and adds real dmg, while str/int in gears adds "number", where u get only like 10% bonus.
    So +100 str usualy means just +10 real dmg, if you charm, it starts working better though.

    So would you say end/dex > spr > str/int

    Since those give stats that matter

    Thank you very much, that's exactly what I wanted to know!

    I saw some post talking how stats points from leveling work, my question is about the stats from gear ( how much does 1 end , 1 dex or 1 spr give when it comes from the gear you use) and also if there is any logic to the stat increase on jewels

    Hello people,

    I would like to know how stats from gear are calculated, does it have tiers like the stat points from leveling? How is damage and crit chance calculated (also with SC items and charms)?

    Also I found this wiki in the forum ( and it has the max stat points most things can have, but i saw jewels with higher stats than the ones there since they can increase when upgrading, how does that work? Does that increase have a limit?

    that happens sometimes, you can always drop the quest and accept other and then accept the quest again

    i did the same with the cc quest from mage master wishis

    i tried once and got it and thought of trying again, guess i will stop lol

    when the it spins there are 2 blamys in a row right?

    I spent around 150 elrues to get 1 weapon to +3, that doesnt seem very fair and spent 20 premium stones with the super gold nines for the 5% extra over the regular ones to only get 5 out of 20 always using lucky xir/lix, that is really unfair

    Never try to enhance when when enhancement stones are on sale !!!!!!!!

    Why do u say that?