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    The gaming commision in Belgium has taken note of the "lootboxes" , which are considerd illegal (gambling) unless they get an age restriction and show the odds of getting each item.

    Another options is to remove the lucky boxes for Belgium players only (3 other countries are considering a law as well and/or are investigating it incl. England since last month).

    They've been illegal here for 2years now, last year EA with FIFA cracked and last December Mario kart tour became unavailable to Belgium players.

    These fines can go up to 1.6million and jail time of up to 10 years when minors are involved fyi...

    Personally im just fine with an age restriction but im not expecting anything :)

    idk why someone trying compare a diamond to a virtual card. Lmao. They aren't even in the same league. As for title from cards. They are pretty much useless. Unless they make it 10% def or damaged than it ain't worth it. Cause right now the shiny slayer is the best title and everyone used that. So basically ppl trying rip off players with their overpriced card that does nothing but give a lame title. Lol.

    Well i can tell you dont understand it :)

    I had the same thing happen lol logged in and internet crashed.. It came back 2min later and i just watched youtube for like an hour, no problems.. I login again and it crashes again hahah what a joke :p


    Im having some trouble making some money. I have 7gold right now. Drops dont sell in my overnight shop. Should i try LH?

    Are there other options to sell stuff as well?

    Also how do I tag my items in chat?

    My regards!

    Ps: sorry if this is the wrong place to ask...