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    That's a really great point. I didn't even think about these issues. I really was naive to think people wouldn't exploit this possibility and I was just asking peacefully. You could have answered politily and not acted like an angry 5yo child. I'm not actually impressed by this attitute since that are many people like that in this community.

    Thank you for your answer. Have a good day. God bless.

    Hi Kuroneko,
    I do have some doubts that I couldn't find an answer to and they were mentioned by Charizard77. It's about our items and gems. I do understand that people transfering their characters to Isya could cause many technical issues, but what about our items? As mentioned by Charizard77 many people have items that they worked hard to farm or buy and would like to use them. I've been informed that a skin can be sent to a character in other server and what would be the possibility of other items tobe transfered as well? Or even the possibility of a shared storage for your characters on different servers? Wouldn't that encourage people to keep playing?

    Thank you.

    The Problem is not to transfer the Character alone, thats really easy. The Problem IS to transfer the Character WITH their Data, that includes Items.

    Oh I see. I asked this because I've been away from the game for some time now and I heard that it was possible to open a ticket to transfer something and I don't know what it was.

    Hey guys. I know that for now it is not possible to transfer characters through servers but is it possible to transfer items so we can start leveling and playing in other server with our items? I haven't found any information about this.