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    We've added a Skin Trade Up system where you can trade in items for those of a higher tier. You can trade up multiple same-tier items and BP into one next-tier skin item. ... You will not be able to initiate the trade without all required items.

    Dude wtf u talking about. Skin does not have any teir. Op made this thread about people having bunch of un used skin that they would love to trade for a skin they want for their class. Example trading 3 or 4 un used skin for 1 skin of any class they want. So tell me what does tier have to do with skin trading? O.o???

    I can see gamigo benefit from a trade system because more people will be willing to give it a try know even if they didn't get the skin they want. They can still trade it in when they have enough unused skins. The more players doing lucky box. The more gamigo makes.

    I really don't get why we can't use use 2 50% charms no matter what type it is. I wanna use 2 50% 4hr charms to get 100% 4 hrs. Is that so much to ask for. I know its possible. But gamigo won't let us.

    you can only go 100% you need to use both 50% but they need to be different charms.

    Example there are few 50% charms.

    50% charm for cookie pack

    50% 4hr charm

    50% 2hr tradeable

    50% weekly charms.

    Doesn't matter which ones you use but you can only stack two of them together. And you can not use two of the same charms.

    Where are you getting that the 25k is about 15k sc?

    3k = 595 slime coin

    10k = 1045 slime coin

    25k = 1495 slime coin

    So 3k repair is 600sc. To get 25k repair worth by buying only 3k repair kit. You have to buy 8 of them. 3k times 8 is 24k repair kit. Now for price. 600 sc times by 8 is 48k sc. You are spending 48k sc to get about the same amount of repair kit for the 25k. Which the 25k repair kit alone is only 15k sc. Again you round 1495 to get 15k. Don't skip math again please. Thanks

    That's why there are 3k, 10k and 25k skin repairs in the shop...

    Price buddy...price. The 3k repair kit is about 600sc. The 25k is about 15k sc. So you buy 3 3k repair kit for 1800sc and only get total of 9k repair kit total. Vs getting the 25k repair kit for only 15k sc. Do the math bro. To get close to 25k repair kit with the 3k repair. You will need about 8 of them, which will only give u 24k repair kit and you are paying 4800sc.

    I do hope the company can make it multiple use instead of 1 time use so it will only use whats needed to fully restore the skin leaving left overs to be use again. Similar to the hp potions. So I dont see why it can't be done on repair kit so we only use whats need to restore the skin. I have some 3k duro skin and it would save me some sc to get 25k repair kit and be able to use it multiple times to repair the 3k duro skin. Just a suggestion. But I doubt it will happen.

    so if I used a 25k repair kit on a 3k duro skin. It will use all 25k? -Edit- It should only take 3000 from the 25,000. So have 22,000 left over. Can't believe they trying scam even when we spend so much on skin. I am not going to use a 25k repair kit on a 3k skin. Smh

    I have a skin that is only 3000 duro. If I use 25k kit will it only use 3000 will it use all 25k from the kit? Will the duro go up to 25k or is it only stuck at 3000? How can I make the duro to 25k? 3000 is so low.

    dude u do notice everytime they do an update there is always new bugs in the game rights? I'm saying if it ain't broken just leave it. Now they cause more problems than there was before. Also they need to fix kq asap. Its so bug now ppl are getting stuck even after they killed the final boss. Why are we force for relog 5 mins after finish a kq. And if not everyone logs off. We go right back into the kq. Smh.

    doesn't make sense. What if they mean u can destroy them after the collection event. Should make it clear and say u can destroy them after picking them up but not necessary have to wait for collection event to end.

    Everytime they do an update they always introduce more bugs. Maybe stop doing updates for the game and just let it be? If it ain't broken don't fix it. Smh. Now they messed up kq. Always get stuck in kq, especially bijou kq. Can't believe this isn't fix yet. Should be an emergency maintenance to fix this issue.

    I see bunch of ppl coming up with their own skills and talking about balancing classes like they are a pro and know what they talking about. Lmao. I'm 99% sure none of you guys actually have a degree in gaming of anything related in that field. If you folks so smart in balancing a game. Why not apply for the job. Oh wait, cause you dont got a degree duh. Lol

    Can someone tell me what the cool down and duration of warlock sleep? Is it perm or what. Cause I'm on my capped glad doing colliois kq and this warlock tried to attack me. But I was fully +10 on gears and all rings, tails, neck, etc are +9 and also +20 def brace. So the lock couldn't kill me. I tried to kill him and he use sleep. I watch the countdown and it was over 20 seconds long. Once the duro expired I started dashing toward to lock and he use sleep again. Waited for duro to expired and tried move toward to lock. Again sleep. What the fudge. Is sleep perm. Why does it have such a long duro and such a short cool down it can be use again and again. I can't even move for the whole kq. Isnt this too OP or what. No matter how much dmg or def I have, if I can't even move to attack whats the point. So lock and perm sleep players and troll them? Sleep needs to have duro shorten to 5-8 seconds only and at least 1 min cool down. Please fix this gamigo. How can anyone do anything when a lock can just perm sleep you?????

    Man I hate these repeat that you turn in and have to re accept. Example you at shella doing rep. You turn it in and forget to accept it. You wait few pulls and try to turn in and you don't even have it lmao. Once is ok, but it happen again and again and again. Wasting times and pulls for nothing. I know some quest you turn it and it auto accept the new one. So why not make all repeat auto accept so ppl dont forget to get it.