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    I think the problem is the power scaling for the KQ hasn't been taken into proper account. It suppose to get increasingly difficult, but not in the sense where it is an exclusive KQ for the Pay to Win Players.

    It needs to be scaled so that the game is playable for FREE TO PLAY players who is your average joe.

    You do know after lvl 90, it become pay to win right? its been like that for years now. It wont change as long as players keep buying sc.

    Just did soarh kq on 125-135. We had 6 glads lvl 135 and got health of chest to 1/2. Then it disapear. Try again, got it to 1/4 cause of stupid ice and blind. Keep repeating, all hearts gone. Had to use tears. On the 8th tried we manage to kill the chest. Damn, i dont remember it being this hard. I feel bad for those sorah kq without DD. They freaking raise the health of the chest like 500% or something. I remember 1-2 Gald would be able to kill chest before it disapear. Now 6 capped glad even having a hard time killing it. what the fudge. Either raise the max players to join or low the chest health. Cause some time we dont have that many DD. Mostly cleric and archers. which are useless and weak at DD.

    You have to be fast, some items are gone after 1 or 2 minutes

    1-2 min? you mean on lame items, yes they will last that long. But on items people want, such as 4hr charms will last 10 seconds. Gotta be fast. I dont know why gamigo doesnt limit it to an account. So ppl cant spam buy it fast and out of stock. Come on, these are fake virtual item, how can they be out of stock when they arent even real items to be in stock. lmao.

    so you are saying 165 str makes a different in dealing more dmg to mobs/players? I dont see how 165 on str will make a difference when the weapon by itself gives over 80,000 dmg. Explain how 165 str will do more damage vs putting that 165 on end or something else beside str. Cause the way I see it. 80,000 without the str point vs 80,165 with full str. Doesn't make much a different imo. It's like trying put on scrolls def that gives only 3xx more def when your gears alone gives over 28000 with +10. That 3xx won't make you survive a boss hit with a def scroll vs not using a def scroll.

    say you are capped and place all stats points on str Not sure how many points there is. I'm guessing 200 at cap . Just a example. So say I place all 200 points on str. It would be 200 plus every 1 point for 5 str. So guessing again. Total would be about 210. Again just an example. So my question is stats point even worth it or useful at all. Cause at cap, say a glad with +12 axe is gonna give him over 85,000 dmg. Is the 210 added for full str even make a different? I say they need to change str point to add percentage so it would make a different. Say 5% of 85,000 would be 5000 more dmg added instead of that useless 210. Again an example. I know 5% of 85000 isn't 5000. But u guys get the idea. Too lazy to do the math. Same should be for end. To give percentage on defence. 1/2 point on defence is 1 end is useless. Say u put all 200 points on end. That is only 100 defence. When at cap a glad has 28000. That 100 is shyt. Lmao

    akira you are the only person on this forum that thinks the enhancement is fine as it is. But then complain about people who sell their enhance item overprice? lmao. If it is fine, why dont you go and enhance your own and stop crying about the prices people sell at. No one here is asking for easy enhance. We all just want fair game. I dont see anyone here agreeing with your logic but gamigo. The people here are not spoiled children or want anything easy. We only ask gamigo to make the enhancement especially on brace to be fair and not rigged in their favor. There are countless ppl asking for this, and i only see you opposing to it saying we only want success, success, success....if you dont like it, maybe you should get out of this thread. lol

    They should try enhancing a T3 item like a 70 blue weap, pure torture the amount of fails you'll get

    I never enhance t3 items, so i cant say about t3 items. but i enhance all my t5 gears on my 135 glad, and also my coc axe to +12. And each item take 2-3 bundles to max out. I havent had a t5 item that requires 4 bundles to max out. But with t4 brace, it is a whole new ball game. I used 5 bundles and NOT a single upgrade....yes you hear right. A t4 brace that fail with 5 bundles in a row. Other have issue with 7-8 bundles before they even get 1 upgrade. Just wow.

    Dude, do you work for gamigo or what? lol. No one is asking for 100% or 90% success rate. We all know as teir item goes up, it gets harder. But Why make them fail 50-80 times in a row when we paying real money for sc frags. At least 1 success with in each bundle is something. Why do we need 8 bundles for 1 single success? Dude you sound like u jelly due to players selling their enhance gears high and you cant afford them. lol. also sound like u mad no one invite you to raid and dungeons. lmao. In high level, enhance gears are need for raid and dungeons. Not just for PVP. Even with fully enhance gears, we still need extenders and charms just to stay alive.

    its always been like that. Gear enhancement is what brings them the most money, they wont change it. This game is free to play, pay to enjoy. lol. You cant enjoy this game when mob at the same level as you does 1/4 -1/2 of your HP when you using +0 gears. lol. And if you have +0 weapon, take long time to kill, while players with +12 weapon will kill in 2 sec. lol. Invest in real money and enjoy the game with your enhance your gear and weapon. Each item takes about $15 if you wait for sales. $30 if you dont. Thats for each item. lol. There are top, armor, pants, boots, 2 rings, earrings, neckless, brace, tailsman, shield, weapon. Do the math. LMAO. in the end, gamigo wins.

    The way I see it, people are just really greedy.

    They just want Success, Success, Success... not to mention that you people don't even resell items for cheap. Even if you get to +20, you're going to be so much stronger than those who don't have the luxury to join raids or the ability to purchase unenhanced items and the items that are enhanced are ridiculously over priced it is stupid to even buy off it off you.

    you are either dumb or just dumb. lol. No one is greedy here. who is being greedy? This thread is to show gamigo that there is a problem with t4 bracelet enhancing. People and myself are getting 50-80 fails in a row before we get 1 single upgrade. That is the problem here. With gears and weapons, we can max out with 2-3 bundles. So why is t4 brace taking up to 8 bundles for 1 single upgrade? To max out a brace, it would take 15-20 bundles. That is crazy. We are just asking gamigo to take a look into t4 brace enhancement and ask them to go try it themselves. No one here is asking them to make the success rate 100%. I dont see anyone here asking it to be success, success, success.

    lmao bro dont worry, i heard ya. I quit on bracelet enhance until they finally listen to us and fix this crap. I am not putting $100 to enhance 1 single item. I also agree gamgio doesnt care about us and only for the money. As long as ppl still buy them even if they are overprice and crap rates, nothing will change. Why would a company change it if they still making money lol. If we are to force them to change this policy, we must boycott and stop buying sc and enhancement. When they see their income in falling, they will try to fix it.

    thats your pic


    haha thank man. how do you post pic? anyway how do you be so calm spending so much on the splendid when they are trash? I gave up after maybe 80 tries and stuck with +16 brace, started from +12 with ig bright frags. Are you rich? please donate to this poor fellow. Im broke as heck after losing my income on skins and sc frags. lol

    I dont know how to post pic, so click on the link. gamigo clearly stated on sc splendid frags it have -100% downgrade/breakage. Which is true. But it also stated, it have 30% success rate. which in the hell is false advertisement. They can be sue lying to the customers like that, but no one have to money to hire a lawyer to fight a case and put them on check. As a company you cant lie to the customers saying this item does this when it doesnt and just take their money. Thats a crime. Someone tell me how to post image, cause when i click on add image and put in the link, it doesnt show up. Gamigo will not admit to it, they are thief. And when we asked them nicely to just go and try out enhancing bracelet t4 and test it out, they wont and make excused why we even need to enhance it. Then why the hell even have the enhancement in the first place. dang they dont make any sense.

    click on link to see image, cause it doesnt show. But sc splendid clearly says -100% downgrade/breakage and 30% success rate for 4900sc at full price. (t5 perfect bundles says 15%, but it have higher chance of success, clearly gamigo do not know math. smh)



    If you are referring to the Enhancement System, then I am technically not incorrect. As I am not talking about the Bundles or Frags or any enhancement item.

    The higher the Enhancement, the lower the chance of success. Certain items can boost the success rate, but I'm pretty certain some people have the wrong idea in mind when it comes to the success rate.

    It does used the same enhancement system as for gears/weapons. But it use sc fragments instead of the gold nine bundles. You stated over the years you worked on enhancement, you guys only worked on the bundles enhancement for gears and weapon. That is were you are confusing bracelet enhance with gears/weapon enhancement. And yes it is much easier to enhance gears and weapons now. We thank you for that. But what we are asking in this thread is, please take a look at sc fragments. Over the years, you guys havent even touch it, it is still bad as ever. It takes 5-8 bundles just to get 1 single upgrade. That is saying a lot. If thats doesnt ring a bell, idk what does. To max out a bracelet, it would take over 150-200 sc frags, maybe ever more. We do not want spend $50-100 just to enhance 1 single item.

    Your excuse why we are complaining. Do we really need to extra enhancement? not for normal mobs, But for raid dungeon and world boss, yes it is need. My question to you is, do we really need mounts? do we really need charms? do we really need extender? do we really neeed bind gears? do we really need sc suits? why not throw all them sc items out and make this game free to play then, if you are asking us, do we really need that extra enhancement. This is very bad customer service. When the player/customers is complaining about something, something is wrong and you need to look at it. Stop making excuses. That is why most ppl talk trash about gamigo. smh. All we asking is, just go and try out enhancing a t4 bracelet to +20 with sc fragments and see how much it takes. And try to fix the rate so it doesnt take 200 of them. Is that so much to ask for? smh, i gave up on gamgio. Seem like they only into the money like most players have stated in other threads. smh

    ppl say its a game of luck. When the majority of ppl spend over $100 and not getting the skin/mount, it is not luck anymore. It is rig. lmao. There is a difference between luck and rig the game in favor of the company. Like many have stated already, the lucky box is rig in favor of gamigo. So do not bet your luck on it. You will lose.

    it isn’t my video and was working yesterday try loading in YouTube his YouTube name is moveslikeswogger

    just checked video is fine on YouTube and still up :)

    video didnt work on here. But it did work on youtube. They said they used about 88 from +8 to +16. I did 50 sc splendid from +12 to +12. lmao. They keep confusing it to bundle enhance. lmao. Is ppl working in gamgio noobs? There is a different from bundle enhance vs sc frags. sc frags is trash. Please try it out if you guys at gamgio dont believe us and think we just complaining. With bundles enhance for gears/weapons, usually get 2 or 3 upgrades with 1 bundle. With sc frags, it takes 5-8 bundles of sc frags to get just 1 upgrade. That is the trash we trying to make gamigo see, but they wont open their eyes. lmao

    10 Years? xD That bug was there for only 3 Months xD

    Btw. its already known that the lvl 95 sorah chest has too many HP

    Dude you do know i used 10 years as an example right? lmao. I dont know when mobs stop regen health, i also dont even know when they started putting bind on gears and weapon. 10 years was just a example, jesus chill lol. well i hope gamigo fix this soon. Cause sorah 95+ is impossible to do right now. I did sorah 95+ a month ago and it was fine. Gamigo messed it up when they made all mobs regen full health, this means the chest also fully recover.

    Then can you please comment on if Gamigo has implemented/plans to impliment/has talked about the addition of a system that increases the chance of a success after each failure? Short of increasing the rates, bracelets seem to be the perfect items to test a system like this...and this tread plus MrRadian's video will probably discourage a lot of players from trying.

    GM kobot or however you spell it, back when he still working for outspark, he said that when item fails a bunch of time in a row, it will increase the rate if you dont close to enhance window. But i dont see this happening even after all this years. Maybe he lied, who knows. But yeah they need to improve on enhance especially bracelets. After 10 fails for something, increase the rate 5% or something.

    this isnt a glitch. Its gamigo's fault. They fixed mob so they will full heal when lose aggro. So when chest disappear, it full heal when it spawns again. Making this kq impossible to do. Most we got chest to half hp. then it full heal again. damn. Impossible to do soarh kq for 95-105 levels. Thats why no one wants to join it. In their patch note, they claim long time ago, mob is suppose to recover hp back to full health when lose aggro. That is their reason to change it. Yes it is true mobs used to recover hp back to full health, but so what. Just leave it if it aint broken. Why they fudge soarh kq up. Cant even do soarh kq anymore. Gamgio needs to look into soarh kq for lower lvl such as 95+ soarh. Please fix, all A, B, C fails each time. People starting to notice this and no one wants to join. They rather join HW kq. smh. If its not making money, its not a priories.