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    • Increased experience reward through completion of Tower of Izyel quests.
    • A potential buff on all Tower of Izyel mobs by 20% (In terms of HP/DEF/DMG all-around)
    • Changes to level restrictions to prevent ridiculously easy clears. (Level 1-60 again, and remove level 61-70)
    • Completion of the instance results in Chests just like every instance does, same 45 sets as a reward. (This could benefit the level 40-50 & 51-60 Devildom instances also)

    - Won't change a thing since back then, it was basically a plvl (1 level per turn in) and quest xp been boosted

    - 20% is not enough with those 2k hp buff + 3d new account necklace + enhanced +10 weapon + tower boost

    - Need 20-40 to prevent easy clear, and still, an archer with a +10 wep would roll over it

    - Chests or not it doesn't matter since everyone solo it. The problem lies in the low droprate (1/2 100% ranted isn't good enough with fiesta stat system, used to be higher droprate but it got broken). Also DDM/DDB are dumb af and promote alting because the only worth drop is unique and can only be found at the end (gabriel worth nothing, and 55 blue rate is like 25% 100% ranted so you only get one every 10 min if you are spamming first citra and 40-50 min if you are doing a full run, compared to 4 in 10 min of GGK)

    Perming isn't that good either compared to leveling tbh :

    - PVP KQ are mostly one-sided and give you crap reward, unbalanced pvp too so not much fun most of the time

    - Abyss kinda dead but it was mostly the same as PVP KQ with ton of SC and unbalance

    - Farming KQ for rewards but most are too common and have 10 hobs which make them useless even for the sake of getting your godly drop

    - Too much xp on going which force you using a xp hold (no need before but now, like 90% of the perms use them so you feel left out and salty if you don't use one)

    - Have to use a rant to farm, and then going to instance to get half of the bosses killstolen by some mad 100% charmed kid, but even if its empty you would have gotten at best a +20 INT slash top wow ! nice stat system !

    Low lvl content would be "good" ONLY if they increased drop rate and enhancement (because lower tiers are bad, even worse than higher ones)

    I would rather kill black bear for some days, then move on to another mob grinding while chatting and having fun then being mad not getting any good drop, killstolen at GGK and doing honeying/mdhc for the billion time with i don't know how many gearless alt to get fail trash that doesn't sell

    Seeking advice as well since I too have began to play again (played on and off since lvl 60 cap BIJOU FTW!).

    is it worth it to make a perm 36 fighter? for farming purposes.

    And is there anyone else around from Rye, WarCry and Mythic_Bliss days?

    Nah, upon last months 35 fighter blues value decreased to the point people sell them for 15g ! even godlies 15 dex/end blues are worth max 1G if you are lucky (most likely 50g)

    Market for low lvl godlies is mostly about selling at a high (very very) high price for weeks untill someone overpay for them, state of the game

    What changed :

    Class rebalance : Archer are stronger and have access to a new stun at lvl 60, CD on few skills have been nerfed

    New class : Crusader a mix between a fighter, cleric and mage that start at lvl 60

    Animation change : Animation for skills have been changed

    XP Boost : Most lvl 1 to 60 quests now give x2 the amount they used to give before, and almost all repetable ones got their kill number divided by 3-5 (200 blacks bears to 30)

    Remote turn-in : Can turn in most quests untill 60 then its only repetable ones (not all of them)

    Legendaries weapon : OP weapon that are usually x2 stronger than their counterpart (like 70 leg almost x2 70 blue) but bind to account. Ideal for perms but also made a lot of raids weapon useless

    Skins : now they don't break anymore if all their durability get used

    Character making : now we have 10 face/haircut/hair color for free (basically the standard beauty coupon)

    KQs : Sorah kq is a new kq that isn't much interesting but give fast xp and gears, MDHC, Honeying and Phino got their 60 jewel, 50 and 70 blue weapon respecte droprate upped (something like 5% from the reward chest) also braces in HRW/ES/Bijou Sanctuary/Sorah 125)

    Attendance : now 30 min instead of 1h and its about collecting enough quest item to get enough stamps to buy stuff (beside the deluxe coupon, 7d war rant 50%, 7d bag and perm mount its not worth it)

    Thanks for the info and if i do buy the 35 set until which level do I need to replace them?

    If you are a fighter you should get both of them as you will need them later, but you don't need 35 blues to lvl up or you can buy ones and replace them with 55, then 65/75 then 95 then 105 ...

    Fails if you don't have much money is usually the way to go, beside some specific like 35 fighter blues its always 1-2g, i think right now people over price too much gears with END so if you are short on money don't bother with

    for weapon you don't need +'d one untill 105, or maybe 114.

    Is the drop rate on lets say king zombie too low?

    bosses have a weird low drop rate since years to force you using their new 100% rants (or tradable 50% which is 100, just spelling mistake on eu its 100)

    if you go at lets say lvl 35-37, you might get one drop every 6-8 kills unranted, 5 kills 50% ranted and probably like 2 kill if 100% ranted even at 40

    you won't make much money from it because godlies don't go for that much anymore and slash/mighty go for like 15g each and you will onlyfind 1-3 piece hour with a 100% rant

    giant goblin king have the "best drop rate" around yet i kill 14-15 with a 50% rant on a lvl 50 and get 0 blue, but if i slap a 100% its 50% blue rate each kill so

    Gabriel set is Drain Mind CD

    You are gonna waste your time looking for frags or dust to make elrues from them because they won't sell for much and you will need to sell at a very low price if you are planning on making a lot

    ES and FOS kqs can give some pocket money through lix/xir but its not decent enough unless you are okay with gaining 30g a day by doing like 1x kq non stop

    Sell DT runs/drop or sell those 100 + green weapon from OLT/Abyss that sell for 0.2g

    I don't think I said anything about KQ's being ruined, I mentioned that they have become vacant due to the fact people triple log characters to farm such rewards put minimal effort such as get their 5 kills and then go afk while the remaining players go onto complete the KQ for them which is why they would be a great implementation to reward those for those who put in the effort to complete these suggested instances at any given time they choose to do so.

    Adding bosses to abyss would basically make them the dungeons that are modeled after them and adding triple exp to abyss would only further those getting power leveled quick to 100, which would be a contradiction to what you said. The solution to this is provide better exp for certain already available quest at various levels.

    I do agree adding interesting rewards to KQs would be nice possibly 1 hr 100% war rants to replace those useless 50% 1 hr war rants and possibly some purple potions and mini pets would be great start.

    it doesn't matter because mods dont ban ANYMORE leecher : there is one guy that have been leeching with multiple accounts MDHC and now honeying, reported multiple time yet not getting banned ? i heard multiple stories of people who monopolize whole KQs with their characters yet that is allowed ? even 3 is already too much in something like honeying with a maximum for 10 people

    you can't stop power leveling anyway, so make it like you power level by your own "way" by grinding ? and make it like you lose 2-3% when you die by another player so it makes things a bit more interesting. XP from quests is already too HIGH i wonder why you d want it to be even more higher ? we lvl up within 15-20 min. People skip content, only want to be runned through non item shop dungeon/instances for the sake for getting at higher level and doing .... item shop only content ? what ? its like raids, if you aren't in a farming group dedicated to it with item shop you are never gonna get anything from there

    rewards would be great but you know its gamigo, they added battle royale for the aura but with the system that is on it (now and before) it was like impossible to get auras, people had to abuse glitch. And now guess who does it ? no one thanks to the low chance of getting a random aura. I'd rather pay 5 bucks for a perm aura then going through all of this

    this killed MDHC for good, i don't even bother to join it anymore because i know there are like 10x less OJ that drop in the server yet people buy it for the same price as before and with the amount of godlies/good stated around, i don't think their price will rise any soon

    if people started buying fail ones for 10G then people would start farming again even on one account, but perming is dead nowadays ... boredom and enchantment rate : why would i spend 10 bucks to get a 45 blue to +10 ? its high and it will resell for less than half, something like 7G while its very easy to get ingame and even from other people/gifting rate its like 3 bucks

    Mara farming isn't worth it anymore, require rant + xp hold and there is one guy that will ruin your f2p days by bringing their high lvl characters camping mara untill you go away because they use 30d rant 30d xp hold always thus having the upper hand

    assuming you get one S card per lets say 10, you are lvl 19/20/21 and have a +10 weapon, it will require 2h to get a S card and thats ONLY if nobody is THERE whichis almost impossible because everyone recommends to people mara yet its not good at all

    try to gear up to sell runs, glad/wiz high level gears or farming academies. Rest isn't rewarding enough, it was in 2018 like when something like a slash/mighty set was worth of 40-50g, now it barely sell at 20g and everything almost doubled in price ...

    my suggestions don't require using sign of tycoon/mini house because oh boy if you sell without those its gonna take you years

    they aren't "ruined" its just that many factors made farming those blues/jewel worthless :

    1 - people that triple acc in a maximum 10-15 kq

    2 - leecher that don't get banned anymore (we all know one/two guys that always leech, been reported since many years and always got away it)

    3 - people don't pay well enough for them : assuming you spam mdhc/honeying with 2 character all the day (like 5 kq), you get a OJ/blue weapon ... that will only sell 1-2G ! you get the problem ? high level guys make this amount in 1h or less, even good stated/godlies don't sell for a lot because of hammer as whales stated it

    people only want to get plvled nowadays quickly to cap so they can spend more cash shop to not gain drop from SK, seriously seeing gearless people at lvl 100 hello ?

    only way to make kqs alive is to double/triple xp because that would scale with quest leveling, also makes millenium robo/spider shorter

    add interesting rewards in pvp kq like 1h rant, make new bosses for abyss or triple xp there so people might come back, but yeah gamigo only care about people who want to cap asap because they are the ones that will spend cash shop a ton (simply calculate how much they get from charms/extender 30d alone since both of those are mandatory at high level for any kind of instance/dungeon)