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    Just a words for gamigo , did you all gamigo thinks before you put item on hot offers. Gamigo just ask yourself nicely will you just buy those hot offer as like iRobin,iRemi, iRaina head design I am like -edit-. You wanted player to buy sc and spend sc, then please sell something is useful not idiot things . What a gamigo developer OMG OMG 😌😌😓😓

    don't say that shut down a game is so hard gamigo just wanted to scam all our money in pocket that's the reason, gamigo wish that this game won't close down, but they dint even care about players. You know that top up 100k and able to gift out 50k is a kinda 💩💩💩💩. Gamigo just take control of ours players rights, please commit it gamigo you wanted to earn from us but you fail asfk to manage this game and loss playerbase.

    First I have to say is, I know that everygame has their rules and regulations and I respect the rules as well too as a player, but let's see gamigo has set up a gift limit rules by top up 100ksc and just able to gift 50ksc, no problem with this still good. Main reason is gamigo set up gift limit you gift out 50ksc and another 50ksc you need to spend it on urself but just check on on fiesta store there are just a few things to buy with and no update at all. Let gamigo tell us how should we use our left over sc to buy good item. Some of the player just simply spend out the left over sc with the item that he/she does not needed . Gamigo please care about your player, we have rights too👎👎👎?(

    gamigo should give back to outspark, gamigo management are like 💩💩💩💩, stay awake for the whole night and item in mystery sales are fking trash to say 😔😔👎👎👎👎

    waiting for the whole day and mystery sales comes out with rubbish things, please update more aura don't put all permanent costume as like we have many body 💩💩💩, Damn it gamigo useless

    but at first I top up for $99 I can gift many times without spending, then till ytd I just know that's a limit for gifting. It is totally different from the previous outspark....

    Guys in Isya just wanted to know that erm that I already reached the gifting limit and does the gifting limit reset on the next day. I am confused 😢😢