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    All true...but if they rebuilt the fiesta engine to match a few other games on the market, i an sure we wouldn’t have much issues...i mean, look at a few new games that dropped less than a month ago, a particular game that dropped literally 13 days ago, and some of the other anime based games out there.

    not as heavily intensive on gpu and ram, but vibrant and smoooth.

    If Gamigo were to adapt this engine, pretty sure we’d see fiesta EXPLODE back to life

    Actually i do have an undergraduate research from a russell group university. For my final essay i actually used fiesta as the topic.

    Thought i'd share that with the group.

    niiiice! Care to share some of your research into the game with us non-educated...ignorant...wannabe know it alls? so elaborately stated by some of the fiesta try-hards...


    I see bunch of ppl coming up with their own skills and talking about balancing classes like they are a pro and know what they talking about. Lmao. I'm 99% sure none of you guys actually have a degree in gaming of anything related in that field. If you folks so smart in balancing a game. Why not apply for the job. Oh wait, cause you dont got a degree duh. Lol

    Put your money where your mouth is and give us some balancing insight...let us hear your glorious years of experience of playing various MMO, JRPG, and Solo RPG's...

    Tanks can deal damage, yes. But not to the degree we see in Fiesta.

    DPS focused classes shouldn't be able to tank like we see in Fiesta.

    Mages shouldn't be able to pull aggression off of an aggression generating class like we see in fiesta.

    PVP specialized classes shouldn't have to struggle in PVM where their skill kit is utterly we see here in fiesta.

    I could go on and on, but obviously you know it all, so please...feel free to enlighten us on all the topics and rebalance changes and how they're absolutely perfect in terms of how the game is currently. We will wait.

    thanks for the copy pasta mr kingofamerica. you dont fail to make urself look like a real american thats for sure

    The Anti-Troll is strong with this one.

    Lets not turn this thread into a flame war people -_-

    GMs, MD (hardcore) is a little too easy, I thought MD is supposed to spam his AOE but now he doesn't? Why did someone in the past complain about how MD (hardcore) is too hard to do? Well its Hardcore for a reason. The loot you get from MD now is OJs so why not make the KQ harder instead of easier. There is an

    influx of OJs, so get people to die more to cause more fails/deaths in the KQ.

    -Increase the AOE rate of MD

    No. The spam-jump was a was never intended. 3 Jumps is all it took to drop a full party of 60s in +9s and fully scrolled with a max tier buff at the time, before the changes. Not to mention the animation was glitched which caused it to be used many times over, as was the dragon breath...MDHC may be easier now, and that's fine. OJ's literally go out the window when you hit 95s there are a lot of 95 blue +9's that are God-Tier on the market as it is since people are now getting 100 and 110 jewels from HC raids with ease.

    So relax buddy

    well, as a nerf to gladiators, that is a sensible idea. as for "two" handers you can easily just make 1 small change. Knights are not allowed to use a 2 handed item. and that'll fix it, then it's just appearance a cute 2 hander with a lil faster hit rate. or a axe with less aim but critical chances higher or something like that but nothing super high. that will reign in the gladiators in general and we can begin to "buff" the other high damage classes as well.

    Always liked the way you think.

    In regards to 2-Handed Sword use versus Axes...

    Where 2H has a higher Aim and Faster Swing in place of lower crit and damage, it could be a game changer in CERTAIN non-pvp, non-raid situations.

    There is however, the factoid that some 2H have huge stacks of Dex/Aim to them that could literally drive the nail in the proverbial coffin against glads in a PvP situation. That being said, there really isnt much detail to go into as the majority of us play glads and know the ins and outs as it were.

    Changes to the 2H to be something that should be touched very carefully. SittingPretty's idea about passive and skill set being unique to 2H could actually hold some value. A good example would be to give Axes overwhelming debuffing power (oh wait...) and 2H massive overwhelming AoE power, to include "sticky debuffs" that can't exactly be purged or erased by scrolls or potions...only by death or countdown completion.

    This would give the 2H some very Viable uses in PVE and Raid instances where a certain OOMPH could be utilized to make things much smoother on the healers and the already face smashing glad party on the front lines.

    Giving the glads more utility could justify 2H, but there would have to be some costs paid to the prestige if things like this were to go down. To make knights shine in their roles again, glads should literally lose the abundance of Defense that they already have while maintaining their damage. Gladiators are supposed to be the highest DPS in the game, but weaker in terms of MDEF and DEF, not to mention EVA. This should be corrected, but yet leave their DPS capacity alone...I don't wanna lose my damage on my 120...just sayin'

    Knights on the other hand, are literally fine the way they are, but their skill set needs to be literally aggression enticing. Similar to Gladiators, they should have an aura that automatically pulls any all all aggression from surrounding mobs, and stacks with existing aggro gaining skills. There shouldn't be any reason what so ever for knights to be losing aggression to a Glad or a Trix...or worse, a mage or cleric. Archers can shed their aggression gain rather quickly, so there's no need to really list them...but you all see where I am getting with this?

    Similar to the aura that wizards get, knights should get. Could just call it Raging Aggression or something corny like what wizards have...Deep Fear. :D

    Any mob within range of the knights aura should INSTANTLY target them no matter what, and stay stuck to the knight until they either die or disconnect unfortunately. Might seem a bit outlandish to put such a HIGH degree of pressure on the knight, but its fairly obvious that the player should have to ENGAGE the mob(s) to gain full aggression...we could even put a time limit on it...30 seconds. In Raids and PVE situations, 30 seconds came seem like an eternity...but 30 seconds should be all it takes for the knight to gain 100% control of the mob(s) in question as long as they dont end up taking a dirt nap.:/

    Gladiator defense and m.defense need to be reduced by 15%, damage increased by 5%.
    Gladiator skills and buffs need to be tweaked in the direction of leas effective, and remove the passive of less hp = more damage, change it to less hp = more dex (up to 20%).

    Gladiator gear defense needs to be dropped by 15%, and mdef needs to be dropped by 5%.

    Axe damage across the board needs to mirror 2h, and axe aim needs to mirror 2h.

    THAT would be a nerf and a half.

    Glads would be the highest evasion aim class in the game instead of the highest dmg def.

    What? End game requires high evasion and be quiet Bala :D;(:D

    (ends troll...and semi serious suggestion as a fellow glad player)