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    Run as administrator first.

    Also...if you just used Windows Uninstaller to remove the game...chances are some residual mess got left behind.

    I suggest grabbing iObit Uninstaller and force uninstall everything and all registry keys and files that follow.

    Also...using iObit's Advanced System Care to perk up your machine (if its not a custom build, or has a solid state) can prove...wonderful.

    I've been using these products since they first came out and still do continuously.

    Free and Paid versions of ASC, well worth the $ for the ultimate package also I might add.


    Use the uninstaller I mentioned to obliterate Fiesta Online from your machine.

    Try re-installing it on a removable media (I have a guide up here on the forums for a proper step-by-step means) and run it as an administrator.

    Good Luck

    One account, Uruga, Isya, Reaper (no sc, no auras equipped), time...doesn't matter, happens at random. I try to vend in a quiet area, close to the town chief.

    --I have followed Snack's suggestions, and I still disconnect...

    ---irrelevant, but I even switched out my Modem...still happens.

    Quick Specs

    Windows 10 64-bit

    2.7ghz dual core intel

    Intel UHD gpu - (specs irrelevant, but settings are "nominal" for other high-end games I play)

    16GB ddr4 Ram 2300

    Gigabit Ethernet connection (hardwired, wireless is available)

    Since the inception and removal of the Water Balloon KQ, I've noticed that I keep Disconnecting from server, and frequently.

    Prior to that, I would regularly disconnect while vending after roughly 2 hours before moving the game to a removable media...and afterwards, I could vend upwards of 48 hours before disconnecting.

    Now, my argument to this issue is that I can literally leave my character in "rest mode" while afking pretty much for 2 days straight, and come out and be able to chat and move about the world freely.

    As soon as I hit vendor mode, that stretch becomes severely limited.

    Is there anything that anyone can suggest?

    Anything the staff recommends?

    I've done plenty of setting tweaks, changed how my PC handles active connections, changed smart-keep-alive settings, made some tweaks from factory settings on my modem to better enable lengthy connections, and even went as far as contacted my ISP to find out if they "suspected me of using torrents/seeding/downloading illegally/streaming unauthorized material" and that was a No.

    I've taken all the steps I could possibly think of that are legal and don't violate laws, nor break the Terms of Service agreement for this game and a few others that I play.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    How to fix runtime library error? ;(;(;(;(;(;(

    off topic...but, update or roll-back/delete your current runtime updates.

    Then consider playing the game off a SD card.

    A simple how-to in my signature.


    Wayyy ahead of you. This thread is old. But since I have the attention of a few GM’s...I pointed them this way.

    I’m not sad about not having the “best gear”. I hybrid my characters builds, buy hybrid stat gears (sacrifice dps for def) and move forward with my gameplay.

    that is all.

    Fair enough.

    Last time I took part in the monster invasion, it was in cyclone hill and went off without a hitch.

    Players should also be advised to turn off their effects (auras, skill animations, and reduce character shadowing, etc) before partaking in these events again to minimize the disconnects.

    Upon turning off skill animations prior to me moving Fiesta to an SD CARD to play the game, that helped me out tremendously!

    To date, it still helps! Even top end machines can bog out with hundreds of nova, inferno, and meteors dropping ;(:D;(:D

    As for splitting it up into groups as others have suggested...could be the better solution.

    1-50, 51-70, 71-90, 91-105, 105-115, and 115-135.

    Keeps it fair, keeps it clean, and keeps the strain on the players and servers minimal-moderate.

    Just my two cents and backing of a few fellow players 8)

    Kuroneko   Nennien

    This is why you utilize the Cyclone Hill map. Only time its in use is during Emperor Slime KQ...

    Plus, you are able to separate a lot of Lag and GPU strain thus causing D/C's.

    Look, I'm not going to be a stick in the mud here about this...but these kind of events are actually not worth the effort unless you can manage the player output.

    it IS possible to run MULTIPLE instances of cyclone hill with a maximum of 30 players per instance. You just need more man/woman-power behind the team leads to be able to pull people into the event.

    This is where having actual player moderators comes into play and use here. Take a few people that actually have knowledge of the game, have proven to be useful and leadership material, and enable commands for them to spawn mobs.

    "We can't run that kind of risk as if that player has friends in the grouping...this could result in an economy crash...blah blah blah" Ok, I get that...but what other choice do you have with the limited amount of GMs you do have?

    There are A LOT of fair-game players that remain, but you guys just need to weed them out and find them properly and not by GM recruitment...because we all seen how that goes. should just permanently boost the server Drop Rates by 200% on weekends, and a Quest and EXP boost of 20% on weekends for events like this.

    OH!...and maybe NO-BREAK NO-DOWNGRADE 30 minute enhancement spree once a month at random? Sure, why not.

    Little steps to improve player morale...LITTLE STEPS to coax more cash shop sales...LITTLE! STEPS! to make this game great again...and please...seriously...consider my Gold Sink idea. It LITERALLY benefits the company as well as the players!

    Wont happen.

    As the staff members have stated, play on your server(s) or start on Isya

    When enhancing a hard-to-find item, recording should always take place.

    Anything from 114 and up...given, most people would say just buy the stuff instead -_-

    But if you show a full on unedited video during your enhancement, with the item being destroyed using premium items, they will refund you your item(s) lost.

    Might take awhile don't go raging lol

    I remember them saying in a few patch notes ago, that Auto Move has been...touchy feely. Check out the June and July patch notes to find it. Don't exactly remember.

    I do know they said they were attempting to improve it and if it doesn't report it to them via the ticket system.

    Frankly, 1337-5p34k has been arouns since the old ICQ days...(yea im that old people).

    If you bypassed the filter, more power to you. However, if your name is extremely distasteful and offensive in any way shape or form, pretty sure the Karens and Richards will turn around and report you.

    If you don't want to take the risk losing access of your account, I would suggest deleting the character with the questionable name.

    In all honesty...I had a few questionable character names myself on Bijou and Teva...disposable...but when the merge dropped, they poofed. I wasn't complaining but yea...if you're unsure, don't risk it. Be kosher and cool about it 8-)

    See...i can counter that statement about needing +9/10 gears from 91-110...

    As a mage or archer its relatively easy to level, just takes time and a smidge of patience. Fighters, trix, clerics and saders are reliant on mages and archers at this point...

    Whereas clerics are reliant on all classes after 61

    back to the topic

    If a merge IS to take place, all precautions need to be put on top of the to do list.

    Namely the safeguard of everyone’s unique account data table. That can be done by simply force-changing names to make it easier on the “process” a start


    I still play runescape on the rare occasion, and them switching clients and coding structure has made the game all that much more interesting.

    Of course, you have the clowns that hated the Major Game Changing update, and wanted the older version instead...but frankly, that portion of the game became its own unique play-type.

    Keep in mind, that I have to maintain some of my "known methods" to avoid confusing the community...last thing I want are particular people coming at me trying to make themselves sound knowledgeable of the situation whereas they just turn around and literally make a fool of themselves. --We're all guilty of this at one point in time.

    I quit buying SC a looong time ago. I very RARELY purchase any, and if I do, its just an outfit or when mounts go on sale for BOGO or B2G1, a house here or there, and maybe a SoT. Nothing else. Why? The Cost versus the Actual Utilization.

    Bundles are too expensive with how horribly rigged the rates are, regardless of the Fail to Success system. I've tested that system countless times of the same tier just to discover that once you hit 2 success back to back, its back to fail fail fail fail fail fail and fail some more.

    If Gamigo really wants to make a huge and noticeable change to the game, the enhancement rates should be the first thing that they change...especially in T3 and T5. ---This is ALWAYS talked about, and people are literally posting their horror stories with screen shots too mind you, regarding these sections. I have a mega bundle sitting in my premium inventory waiting to be used to enhance my next +4x all TBK or godly HG that comes across my path. I know for a fact I may only get it to +7 with just that one bundle...if I'm lucky.


    You took the words out of my mouth AkiraNasuki .

    Sums up everything ive been simplifying for the past year.

    But as I’ve said before - “What do i know...I’m just some guy that plays the game like a mindless zombie, has no education, or knowledge of technology, lives in mommy’s basement...spends her money on virtual goods that are literally rigged...”

    I better stop there. Dont wanna get banned or have my post edited.

    All in all, this game needs a fresh rebuild of its core engine, and also needs to be overhauled in terms of mid-end and end game mechanics.

    gamigo all about making that all mighty $/€ right?

    Perhaps its time to adopt the American marketing strategy in order to create a massive flux of income versus the current remaining player base.

    with adequate fixes, changes, and tweaks to favor their player base and FUTURE/RETURNING players alike, we can see fiesta rivaling other games that are picking up stride in the MMORPG community

    A repeat for bosskills will not work ... there are 20 people in KQ that means 4 pts or more

    imagine youll have this repeat on level 87/88 or later cuz it takes so long to complete the previous quests and 12 mil. EXP is nothing for this level
    youre going into KQ with 87 have the repeat and dont get the kill cuz 15 other people try to get him...waste of time for nothing and even if you got him ... the normal reps are much faster

    same thing for any other listed kills/exp


    True...however, there was another reason behind this thread.

    Kinda shocked you didnt catch it...or did you?

    Some are making this server transfer/merge thing out to be more than what it really is.

    Have any of you ever transferred a large data base from one server to another? Similar files, similar applications, unique data that could become corrupt if precautionary measures aren't taken...etc.

    That is all that this is.

    Names - Wiped. Everyone starts over with naming, again. We all end up with a -<name> and go from there.

    --Premium Inventory and Items - REMOVED FROM CHARACTERS and PUT BACK IN premium inventory (will take time to create a segment of code for this, but its possible)

    Friends List - Wiped.

    Block List - Wiped.

    Inventory and Account Storage - CLEAN IT OUT! PUT ALL YOUR G's in your storage and SCREEN SHOT IT!

    Rewards Inventory - CLEAN IN OUT! or it gets wiped.

    Premium Inventory - Unique, tied to our Account Name. Should be 99.8% safe.

    Guilds - WIPED! Take what you want, store it on your character.

    Marriage Buffs and Monarch - WIPED! Wedding Apps to every ACTIVE character.

    Lets face it. Pretty much everything I just stated here, would be unique data. Some which shouldn't transfer over at all.

    Everything above is very possible to do without any major hiccups that we experienced with the first merge. Problem is, the game code and engine is ancient and frankly...coding around the Korean gaming structure is more difficult that we all realize it to actually be.

    If I had any inclination to the games code and engine, I could probably put together a simple looping executable that could be ran on a server to combine, cluster, and handle everything above.

    The only thing that should really be done to negate the issues that plague a transfer in our case here, would be to literally...LITERALLY...force the name changes. Similar names should get two - or a * to prevent any real issues, then the merge should take place. Do you know how many files on a server are SOO closely named and labeled that data corruption occurs every 3 seconds, but is automatically corrected by a fail safe? :/ pretty sure anyone that uses a PC knows this to be true.

    I make it sound easier than what it really is - isn't that what y'all are about to say? Fair enough. Now...if you have knowledge of scripting (java/html) or creating programs that can handle "things" as I mentioned above...create one, run it on a network with PC's similar in setup, programs, and a few other aspects...and move them all to an external device. Pretty sure some of you have a 1.5TB or larger hard drive and a few pc's lying around with 500GB storage.

    Merge them all into one, and if you did your coding right, your "main" drive will have every single individual program, file, and unique data sitting on a "standby" section of your drive...whereas the files that were similar in name, size, nature, and path/type, are left behind for you to look at...which could have been rectified by what I stated above...not perfectly, but with very high efficiency and success.

    I'm done rambling, but I don't know how much more simplified I have to explain it to everyone. :sleeping:

    If someone has a good idea or a means to get this transfer done efficiently, lets hear it.

    YES! I know we're not getting one...but this is all for educational and "hypothetical" purposes and "Read-Only" information for the general discussion among players and whatever staff members that actually take the time out to read the forums.