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    This may have been reported already, but still not fixed after days.. So I may aswell leave it here again.

    Subject: Sorah KQ (level 95+)

    Current situation: Sorah KQ can't be completede (always failed) due to chest at the end keeps feeling up the HP bar, so it's impossible to kill it.

    Expected situation: Chest doesn't fill, meaning it can be destroyed and the KQ is completed (as usual).

    Client Version: 1.02.277

    This didn't happen before the last patch.

    hi all, since last patch me there's an issue with lvl95+ Sorah KQ. It's impossible to complete. The chest at the end keeps filling up.

    This didn't use to happen, I've been trying it everyday and still the same issue. Other people noticed it too.. Can this be fixed please? As it's 3 kqs that we lose...


    That was already done, and people complained...especially Gamigo.

    They dont want their property "of milk and honey" being put on blast like that.

    I honestly wouldn't worry anymore...just keep playing the game for what its worth til the day it finally dies and Gamigo is literally forced to merge all the servers into one...and then we turn around and complain later that the lag is too intense...:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    The thing with the public document is to make it easier for us to edit and work on it. Once things are looking better / organised and we have a good amount of information, we can always create a thread for this and just coy/paste it into here. :)

    Not on the forums, but a public Google doc may be a good alternative. Though someone would have to manage it, removing duplicate entries and compiling everything, keeping it up to date with bugs that were fixed and newly introduced bugs, else it wouldn't work much.

    That's a good idea. I think we could do that and update it accordingly to new patches / players update. I will see what I can find on this :)

    Ah sorry then. True I read that somewhere else, where US doesn't have the same buggs as DE / ES / FR. But for us to cover those languages we would need someone that could translate / explain the bugg in english (google translate isn't the best option sometimes xD)

    We will start with the US version and then if we are able to find someone that can help us with other versions great, if not we will have to try to translate (with mistakes most likely).

    And exactly because of that, the situation where issues are being pushed behind other threads / subjects that's why me and coldstoni are trying to start a thread just focused on bugg / issues / whatever you want to call it, so customer services or whoever takes care of this, is able to find them easily :) And we can always keep it updated with if it was fixed or if there's any updates on that specific bugg.

    Not very sure about what you tried to say with the first paragraph:

    I also browse the other languages versions of the game, it's possible to select which languages to display on the forum settings.

    since I know english and understand it quite well and as I said before I do appreciate you words /comment and wasn't trying to say anything else or with double meaning. Was just replying back to your comment.

    I agree with what you said and thank you for correcting some of the facts and adding more information. I'm not trying to sound like an expert on Fiesta, I'm just trying to get some actions from Gamigo. If you go through the forum there's multiple threads about issues, multiple comments and you only hear people complaining about nothing getting done.

    Buggs were just an example, as I agree 100% this game should be way less pay to win, is quite annoying because the game wasn't like that at the beginning and it was quite fun to play.

    What I'm trying to achieve with this is some proactive actions. Obviously if they only care about profit and not actually improving the game, I'm not gonna get anywhere with this. But if they went all the way as you said on your comments to get Fiesta from losing the US version and all of that, you would think they actually care.

    So doing something like this to try to capture their attention while also working on improvement ideas / buggs that need fixing with coldstoni help, will probably help more than just sit down and play the game as usual or unistall it and go for something else, without bothering about all of what is going behind the scenes. (not talking aboutyou but generally speaking :) )

    But hey, everyone has their point of view. So for everyone else that think this is a waste of time all I sayis:

    Do you, I will do me :D<3

    well forum thread just for bugs doesn't lead us to it. but okay if you think that we shouldn't care. that is fine by most of us to think that way. we shouldn't care to finding the cure of glitches because leaving those in bug threads just sits there for hours/days/months/years forward. as they did before. that is why I am saying let us gather together and do the job(s) we can do. I organize and write quite a lot. so if it is a massive thread than so be it. what do you know/do a lot? lets get on to it I say. Sarokas16

    I will help with whatever I can. If you want I can start going through some threads and gather some of the issues. so we have something to start with. If you know more pratical in game issues that's also good, because I don't have any high lvl characters so I don't know of glitchs / buggs on that lvl range.

    Is their a way of creating a thread and share the edit permissions with someone else? Just wondering.

    well, time to gather our resources and begin to create some threads to meld our old threads to weave a new cloth of current/active issues. I SAY.

    From what the CM or GM said on another thread, you are supposed to use the Bugg user guide / form. So you would have to do that for every single issue.

    Which on this situation I don't think it will be the best thing to do... Otherwise thethread will become massively huge. We need to think of a way of doing it that makes it easier for them to fix it but also easier to read / understand

    Hi guys, I've sent an email to Gamigo about Fiesta and how we feel when it comes to playing this game. I don't know if they will read it, just ignore it (as them seem to do with everything) or do something about it.
    Just in order for me to have more people seeing it and so I can try to reach more relevant people, I will paste my email here.

    I can't talk about every single issue we have, since there's plenty of threads for that already going on, but I tried to make them understand what we need. Or at least what they should do. My english may not be perfect, but I'm sure it's easy to understand what I wrote.

    If they still choose to ignore us, then I will past this on Facebook, on Linkedin, everywhere I can, until they decide to help this game.<3

    Good morning,

    I'm emailing you, not just on my behalf but on behalf of every Fiesta Online player that doesn't have their voice heard. As most of us, we play / played Fiesta for years. Literally years... Some of us still play it, other left for awhile and are now returning. Some of us spent years putting effort, helping people, BUYING and SPENDING MONEY on this game just to not get aything back.

    Gamigo has bought Fiesta Online a few years ago from Outspark. While Outspark wasn't amazing, it wasn't really bad either. You would think when something gets bought by another company, that company will put effort and make the games evolve, become better, more interesting, fix the issues, listen to the players / community. What is a game without a community?? Tell me one game that got anywhere without players supporting it. None. Zero.

    Meawhile we see so many games out there getting better, better system, better IT / Customer services teams, better Forum support, better playstyle, could go on and on.. Every game has buggs, like seriously it's technology it's impossible to have something 100% perfect. But Fiesta??? This game is now old, being a game from 2003/2006 (whatever date you want to take in account) you would think by now this game would run smoothly, there would be an amazing community full of new players / veteran players.

    What do you see instead? A game that keeps crashing or logging you off out of no where every single day (even with a desktop that runs way heavier games than fiesta). A game that has 4 servers, but only 1 is alive. Only ONE server is keeping this game going. A game where you have skills / map / characters / mount buggs that could be fixed in a day / 3 days max, but still go on, even though community keeps complaining about them.

    We all get events are nice and fun, we all get that a special holiday means bringing new content to make the game different from day-to-day. But is this really what Gamigo should be focusing on?? Are you sure you have your priorities on the right place?

    The amount of players that I see on the Forum / Game that have IT qualifications, IT capacity to fix these issues in a quick easy way, but can't do anything because Gamigo doesn't listen or just frustrating.

    We have an amazing community, not massive, not GREAT, but good enough, that cares about this game that points you to the right direction, to what requires fixing. You have a specific thread for Buggs and still after people complaining for years, the same buggs still go on. What's the point of having a forum if the Game masters, IT team, Customer Services team, Development team, whoever it is that has enough power to make changes, doesn't even bother looking at what we write down?

    I'm just giving my honest opinion based on what I see, feel and know and based on everyone's else comments. You could make this game Great, but instead you are satisfied with it being just normal, sufficient. Why spend money buying games, companies, if you don't spend time, effort on those games?? So you can be considered the company with most assets / games in the world? HURRAY CONGRATS, NO ONE CARES. We players don't care about how many games you have on your library. We care about if we are able to enjoy playing this games, if we have fun playing them and if our time spend on that game is worth it.

    Look at your teams, at your employees, see who is actually interested in making this game work and put effort on it, hire new people, get rid of the ones that are not doing anything (or train them to be better). You can't keep going on like this...

    PLEASE, don't just ignore this email, I'm sure you get hundreds or thousand tickets / emails because of the games, but once in your life listen to your community. If you just go and delete this without even considering what I'm saying, well I will just move on to put this on other platforms. If that's what it takes to be listened.

    Thank you for your work, but this isn't enough. And YOU know that. Because this game is DYING.

    Best regards,

    An honest & concerned player

    That useless! I followed the steps hundreds of times over the years of playing, even after it’s revisions and between the flip flops of company’s owning the rights to this game.

    NOW!...if I may be bold...

    The simplest of bugs are thrown out there, the simplest of issues are thrown out there, and then of course...the fact that the ticket system is highly ignored. You’d think we’d see a HUGE PATCH last maintenance. NOPE!!!!

    So, let’s just say that this game’s customer service satisfaction ratio is 1:5...

    Totally agree.... It was a 3h maintenance just to remove easter stuff....After all the complaints you would expect some improvement..

    When it comes to ticket system I'm not going to complain because mine got resolved quite fast. But I think someone that hs the kind of power inside gamigo to talk to higher ranks should bring up that the customer services and IT team need some refreshment...need new people. We are getting nowhere...and it's a shame when so many of us look at this game with nostalgy and we keep coming back years after years just to play again.

    But what is the point of doing this if the game doesn't improve at all during all of those years...? Just increasing the CAP levl isn't going to do any good... Sometimes I just wished gamigo actually looked at the forum and the threads.

    What's even the point on GMs / CMs or those players with higher power on the forum / game if they don't do anything with that power or if gamigo doesn't even listen to them? What's the point of them even existing?

    Fiesta may aswell get bought again by another company, because if we can't see any changes (or any GOOD changes) then gamigo is definitely useless.

    alternative to gifting and getting scammed. Buy tradable items when they are on sale. 1 day war rants can go for like 3-4G each on pagel, depends on the demand at the time. HP extenders, charms also good, and you wont get scammed as its in game vendor.

    if you farm hardcore versions of dungeons, you get enhanced armor, which can be dismantled to Karis, which also sell for like 2 gold each. In Sirens castle for example, you can farm for 2 hours, and have about 30-40 karis at the end of it from greens that drop.

    Thank you for the ideas! That sounds a nice & safe way of getting money. Stupid question, how do you dismantle something to get karis from it?

    Hi, I've been trying to log in but it isn't working when I select the server. And I was logged in 30min / 1h ago...

    Anyone else with same issue?


    P.s: my boyfriend was trying to log in too and nothing. We put our log in details press Isya and click enter and nothing happens...

    Agree with the part of joining pts, which is what I've been trying to do for lvling ahaha
    How does that friend points think work? I thought it only gave karis or something like that?

    This already implies having very good gear, especially for DT and LN. Also, you have to be godly to plvl in DT at 90. The issue is that is what you are trying to achieve i.e. have a good 105 +12 wep at least.

    Pretty much.... How are you supposed to sell amazing stuff or plvl people if yourself don't have proper gear? I'm 100% I've never seen anyone plvl or farm dungeons with a +0/+3 weapon. We are talking about being able to make money so we can have money to by our gear and then be able to do harder content.

    I'm almost lvl75 and I have 1g on my acocunt. And until now all my gear was always +0.

    I hope you understand how hard it is to get money this way....And I do have another account that I use to sell stuff (but it's basic stuff) and it does have to be sold in order for me to even get any money. If I do get money it will be something like 10g or less....Hard to get anything good on this game without being rich....

    I'm sure most or all of that is true but for a cleric to make money like that is kind of impossible. So you either gift or you have to stop playing your cleric and create a mage / archer so you can plvl people...

    Which ruins the game because you want to play the class you like..