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    Yep, that is correct.

    forum raised a legit concern that 95 sorah KQ was too hard, we waited, mods replied that devs tested tried with god knows what characters and gear and succeeded and next thing we know sorah was in patch notes! But not for a 95 fix instead to break the 125.

    it was the last time we I’ll now I’ve bothered posting and taught me to keep my mouth shut anytime I think there a worthwhile fix or improvement to the game.

    Good luck but be careful suggesting improvements lest the the screw turns tighter.

    As I have played on the Pagel server I see not many people and obviously most players moved to Isya. The reason is unclear to me and it got me wondering why people left. Also if Isya is to full why don't people come back to Pagel? If some of the people from Isya were to come to Pagel we could do raids again and KQ's to kick start the economy again and make gear cheaper if that is the issue. Please explain to me why people left and why people refuse to come back if Isya is to full. Thank you.

    Very glad to see the patch notes! Some good changes like guardian skill and guild storage.

    question though on sorah box change. Patch says it’s for 125 KQ, but earlier threads were talking about the 95 KQ. Could this be a typo and the change was actually to the 95 sorah KQ?

    Thank you for responding. I understand the afk, leeching, and following (walker) problems.

    my one suggestion from this experience is that one of the dialogue boxes please include an explanation of the offense as the jailing was most unexpected and we still don’t know why it occurred.

    thank you. She’s out now but it will be hard to find a decent job in Uruga now with her criminal wrap sheet :/

    My wife’s had her character send to fiesta prison at 1750 yesterday. No reason was given. I and a friend ran around Pagel shouting for a GM or other help to no avail. She quit in frustration and then logged back on today to find that she is still in jail with another hour and a half left.

    How does she get out? How does she know what happened? And why is this even a thing? Even rl has to explain charges to detain.

    looking for GM or mod to explain and help please

    Hey OP. I’m 115 perm knight. Yes knights are supposed to keep Aggro but darned if trip and mages refuse to yield it. So personally I did not cd mock and shout. Devastated obvious skill point max. I prefer aoe and have whirlwind and earth strike maxed.

    I also like fatal slash on cd to break defense. Other than that I just wanted skills back sooner and put cd on most attacks.

    I don’t have a lot on my buffs as my gear is maxed and can cover damage. But toughness has come in handy for blocking.

    hope that helps.

    Thanks all for adding your input, you make good points and are keeping this thread up top.

    “dead level” and “right quests” are true but sad phrases you’ve used. ;(

    And the comment on shellas being boring, also true. I figured programmatically increasing to 109 may be quick fix of increasing an integer. But yes I would prefer some other quest options.

    Thanks again.

    Not sure where to post this request so hope it fits here.

    Description- extend Playing with Fire one additional level to include 109. Currently players tend to “hold” 107 or 108 quests and farm the repeats before 109. But that defeats purpose of getting quests at said levels.

    why- 109 is lacking any substantial repeatable. FOS KQ rarely runs on most servers and offers little for a 109, Mal repeat not possible in expo mode, shadows and ping pigs repeats offer very little for 109.
    pros- players will feel they can choose quests to complete without worrying of getting stuck
    Con- none that I can think of

    How- Hopefully just a small dev fix

    Maps/npcs/items- just the ones for the quest

    No. Of players- N/A

    Images- none needed

    thanks for your consideration.

    Agree it’s 95 sorah. Ran on Pagel with 15 including one of the best KQ runners at Max level for KQ and charmed ( looking at you B_M_). Keep in mind 15 in a Pagel KQ is very rare.

    Never enough damage if that’s the issue. Months ago box respawned we hit down disappear, hit boss, box respawns, repeat and we eventually kill box and then the kill boss. Now box respawns full health each time, we cannot kill boss with box always disappearing and respawns full health.

    hope that helps, thanks for continued discussion and looking into this, it really shows you care. Feel free to hop on ig and we can show first hand.

    Thank you Seryn. I wish there was a way to communicate this in game or temporarily disable the KQ. It ran in Pagel and no one in the KQ knew about the bug so there were a lot of frustration and confusion for returning players. I don’t want to see them leave especially on low servers. Those of us that check forum and bug reports will do our part shouting warnings but there’s times we won’t be on to alert players.

    Hey all, now that quarantine has players returning to Pagel, I was wondering if there was enough interest in running Devildom :evil:Fortress (105-120) this coming weekend. There are tons of high XP quests for 105 forward.

    My guild currently can contribute a Glad 113, Knight 111, and Knight 105. Which means we fail unless you can help! Please respond if you're interest and provide your following preferred playtime. If there's enough I can coordinate.

    For those who haven't done devildom: You are expected to have Teva cause you will die;(; you will be placed in expedition groups by us based on class makeup and level/ drops will be distributed after by me, Kohaku River as loot master in a fair and equitable manner. Tear of Legel helps. Charms help. Extenders help. etc.

    Post in reply your class and level along with 1st and 2nd choice of starting time using server clock (PDT):


    Morning 10am PDT (1pm EST)

    Afternoon 3pm PDT (6pm EST)

    Night 6pm PDT (9pm EST)


    Morning 10am PDT (1pm EST)

    Afternoon 3pm PDT (6pm EST)

    Night 6pm PDT (9pm EST)

    Look forward to seeing you in Swamp of Dawn this weekend.;)