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    I'll add a little to this, though I'm actually from the German Version, our issues over there are mostly the same.

    First of all Pay to Win has been an issue since I started that game, back when OnsOn still owned Fiesta, they claimed, that they would actually do something about it. And then the 135 cap came ... Terrible thing, I guess they know for themselves how much they messed up, since a few hotfixes here and there were out rather quickly. But still, this content is absolutely unplayable for me. I think it's ok if we can buy stuff to get certain advantages, but the content should be playable without, when there is a proper group.

    The account sharing issue could be fixed rather easily, just rework the exp system - it's been a rumour going around since I started playing, which was 6 or 7 years ago, that there will be a rework soon. Well, didn't really happen, I guess. But not punishing players for grouping up, but instead maybe even rewarding them, just by a 1% exp gain, would be something for a start. Just giving 1% additional exp, per member of a group is just enough to make a player feel positive about taking someone in, and not enough, to make it worth to intentionally log in multiple accounts for the boost. Cap it at 5% so the system doesn't get abused with expedition groups. Currently the only reward you get for taking additional members in your group, is that they won't steal your mobs for it, but might steal your drops, which is another point. Just make questdrops not available for the whole group. It would be a rather easy fix, to check which quests tend to be kept, in order to enhance the droprate, I don't know the english names for the common quests so I won't name any here. But changing most of the drop quests to kill quests was a good step, but it wasn't enough. Raise the exp for the affected quests, so players don't feel punished at this point. And take away the possibility to drop for others. Of course the drops shouldn't fall only for the person who killed the mob, but randomly for a member of the group with the quest, same goes for herbs, mushrooms etc. it already works with a certain type of group bug, so it should be possible to make it a feature instead of a bug. That way you would cut down a ton of account sharing and therefore reduce the number of "hacks". Pair it with two factor authentication as already suggested and suddenly your support has a lot less to worry about.

    I won't get started on the cash shop fails that continue to amaze me, but I've got an overall suggestion: Adapt to a changing world. Update your info on marketing, to rework the cash shop, and update your knowledge on gamedesign and related psychology, maybe even anthropology. This game is cut for an asian audience ten years ago. But your players are europeans and americans today in the age of about 20 to 55 - yes there are a bunch of younger and older players, but I'm talking about the majority here, which is based on my observation over the years, on the german servers, not really representative for all four versions, but I since I saw your survey I guess your office has never seen a social scientist, so my guess might be the most professional you'll get. And there are quite obvious reasons, why this game applies to this particular set of people, but I won't go into that any further at this point. Just realize that your target group is not static, they are human beings in a changing world. Just start doing your homework.

    Well tbh there were a few things that changed in the last 4 years. I think 4 years ago we didn't even have the 135 cap. But all the others are correct as well, that none of the points that are repeatedly criticized are dealt with. The massive p2w factor for example, that's an aspect that just got worse. Honestly I do like the rework of the attendance system, or at least the thought process behind it. But honestly? 5 months for a perm mount ... you can get one out of the blue capsules every week (depending on how lucky you are), at least on DE, don't know about this on NA though. Which is another interesting thing. the difference between EU and NA is huge. Old servers are getting more and more empty and the instances for the higher levels get constructed for 20 people, so no way to do them on an old server without massive amount of CS, when there isn't even someone who wants to buy the stuff that drops only rarely anyways. The new battle royale KQ is just another example of how you can actually see the efforts of gamigo to come up with something really great, just to mess it up in the end.

    On the other hand, we mustn't forget that we, as community are to blame as well. How often are people in the forum complaining that everything is waaay to easy and that they are looking for a challenge? So gamigo adapts the content to please these few people, who spend lots of money on the game, with devastating effects to everyone else. Instead of making a hardcore instance for people who like to use tons of CS with rewards that would actually fit this extra effort and make an easier version for those who just want to hang around, have fun and don't care about having the best equipment, the game has simply become unplayable above 120/125 for casuals.

    So yeah a lot changed in the past few years, but actually nothing at all ....


    this problem sounds like the installation didn't work properly. There are 3 ways you could possibly fix that.

    1. The repair tool: you can find it >here<

    the problem about this is, since your installation is new, it might not fix your problem

    2. find a person who could send you the missing files

    again since you're new you probably won't know anyone yet who could help you out, and finding out which files are wrong takes an eternity if you have no idea what to look for (I'm sorry I can't help you either, since I'm from the german servers and those are different versions of the game, so I don't have the files you'd need)

    3. probably the easiest, deinstall and reinstall the whole thing

    just try to delete everything clean. So deinstall it and either take a cleaner program to help you with that or just find the folder after deinstalling the game and delete all the rest of the data you can find. And then reinstall it. Just take it from the official homepage, other versions might be outdated and can cause trouble

    The dropchances are only at 100% at the same level or below as far as I noticed. But you can kill a level 100 ball with a level 70 char and still get coins out of it but as soon as your level is higher than that of the ball the chance drops.

    I play without SC most of the times and go full STR and it works out pretty well just know your skills, use them correctly and you're fine. Of course 25 SPR is nice as well, but just get all the crit stuff you can get from events and you won't need to spend much SC on you char anyway. The crit rate is pretty good even without 25 SPR and up until 125 full weapon licences help as well. And a HK in the group is also pretty nice slimewink

    I can actually only speak for the EU SS, but I guess at this point there shouldn't be much of a difference.

    hey Cupcake have you already tried to open the Fiesta folder and delete the file

    and Nekkame did you play since the Xigncode patch? If you didn't you have to first patch untill that specific patch, then open Fiesta in the Fiesta folder through clicking on LaunchFiestaOnline and then the patch should work. If thats not the problem you have I got no idea either slimegrin

    (btw sry for my english I'm not a native speaker ^^)

    How do you even raid Karen on NA without stifle? slimespeech

    I tried playing on NA but the fact that I couldn't open more than one client at a time killed it for me instantly so I got up to level 30 or something like that.