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    i don't think i did. there is a "how to redeem this item" guide when i click on the purchase order, it takes me to i logged in and click on the north america fiesta then redeem voucher but every time i enter the voucher code it tells me its not valid. plus i check the reviews for the item and the latest was in January this year, the person commented the code worked fine and it was a huge amount 70000 slime coin voucher.

    Im currently having issues too , I've tried to redeem two voucher codes I bought from Amazon, when i tried to redeem both it says the codes are not valid.

    I know this is not a popular method of recharging SC but I've recently purchased two slime coin vouchers codes off of Amazon and tired too redeem both codes sadly both were not valid. Has Anyone had this problem before maybe I'm doing the redeem process wrong? Any help will be nice.:)