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    More questions need to be addressed here also so it be complete guide for others

    Can tradable mounts be upgraded using perm bound mounts?

    Can perm bound mounts be upgraded using tradable mounts?

    Can mounts that takes 2 people be upgraded using mounts that takes 1 person?

    Can mounts that takes 1 person be upgraded using mounts that takes 2 people?

    If i got +4 cupcake cat mount and want to change it to +5 dragon , should i buy perm dragon +0 and add it as the main mount and put the +4 cupacke cat as the sub mount, will this give results of +5 dragon or +2?

    You do know they sell it in the sc store right? It's not in the store all the time. But check regularly and you will see them on sell bogo. They come as a pack of 10. So during bogo you get 20. I remember they were like 3000k sc for the pink and 4500k sc for rainbow frags. I've seen them drop from Abbssy but it can take hours and not even get one. I rather wait for the sale them try farming it taking days to get a few. When you need like 80-100 of them to max your bracelet. The rainbow flag claim it's 35% success but it fail more times then the gold nine 15%.

    Thanks for the info, i didn't know that there is another kind of fragments that doesn't downgrade , i thought every1 who got +20 bracelets used thousands of tries and i was going to do that , thank god that i know now and i'll +12 using normal frags then stop till they be on sale

    Well as everyone knows T4 bracelet enhancement cant be a pain. The most I got with regular frags is up to +11, but that took tons of them that I cant even remember how many I used. I used radiant frags(which I managed to collect doing mission with 10 char) up to 18 cos I ran out it other wise I would have used it all the way to +20. This you can farm via hero dungeon(if you manage to get a drop) or mission pouch reward that you get in eldy. So finally I used splendid frag I think it was about 30 of them.

    Can you please give more explanation? which dungeon drops the fragments that doesnt degarde? also which quest?

    After wasting a thousand fragment of bijou on the T4 def bracelet i have and its still at +7

    Can any1 who managed to +20 this thing please share with us how many tries it took?

    cause according to this rate i think it's impossible to do it without any SC items

    Mansion of Abyss (lvl 100 -126), Arkroute of the Abyss (lvl 110 - 136)

    Is there really any need for an extra one when either of those abysses will do as they are still within the level range?

    Arkroute of the Abyss (lvl 110 - 136) says its Lv120 while it supposed to be Lv110 with a level limit of 110~126

    Anyway I dont care about level limits , but lets says you've level 122 character and want to farm some frags, Arkroute of the Abyss' mobs wont drop anything for you since your level is too high for them, so your only option now is to keep buying it form people who sell or create other char that can farm it

    Whats the point of making you able to enter abyss still at this high level since mobs won't drop anything for ya ?

    So as you all know the game follows a pattern that every 10 levels have their own abyss map which is similar to another map with it's mobs and they usually drops alot of mats and greens

    But if you went to the (Forest Perimeter) map from Bera or Adelia you will find abyss Lv100, abyss Lv120 and Abyss Lv130

    There is no abyss Lv110

    Also abyss mobs' level should be more than the abyss level , for example mobs in 60 abyss is Lv65~67 and so on

    The only abyss that doesn't follow this pattern is abyss Lv120 , mobs there are Lv116~117

    So i think Abyss Lv120 should be renamed to Abyss Lv110 and you guys should add new abyss for Lv120

    Abyss maps are important to farm Fragment of Bijous

    I'm the same...I just came back to the game after years of not I did miss all the communications on this.

    Just a question, if this option was given (to move characters before merging or whatever) why can't it be given again? So players who want to come back after a long time get the opportunity to do it?

    I'm just saying this because if it was done once, it could very well be done again no?

    They made some new servers and it's all empty and complete failure so they think they can force us into playing into it to help fill it

    I have 2 characters in Pagel and 2 in Isya also , please give me the option to reorganize it so they be on same server

    I logged in the forums today to create a post describing my issue about when I got back to game a week ago I found that my ranger and warlock in Isya while gladiator and holy knight in Pagel

    then I found this post which says it all

    my gladiator have full +10 gear with a lot of premium items and all bags unlocked , hundreds of dollars and hours spent on him and they simply said we can't move characters between servers

    so they expect me to play in 2 servers at same time? or ignore all the hundreds of dollars and time spent on characters in Pagel and start all over? or Play in an empty server where completely no one online, max you can see is 5 people in Uruga map ?

    we will avoid any games in the future related to Gamigo company, they litterally scammed us after paying all that money