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    Dear GM,

    Right now levling towards 71 from 68 is right now focused souli on lvling with CC. For Soloing this is basicly impossible.

    The only other Repeat qeust there is to do is the Hair remover repeat you get from Storage keeper Curly.

    It requires 30 Lizardman kills and 15 Mud of Purity drops in Ancient Elven Woods.

    But here lies the problem aswell, the drop rate of those Muds is so low that even if your in a Full booster pt, the drop of the Mud of Purity it hardly drops.

    Thats why my suggetions is to increase the Drop rate so it makes it this rep a nice 2nd option of lvling towards to 70 instead of only using CC.

    Beside the drop rate, in my eyes the qeust doenst really needs to change. Cause the exp is around the same as for CC bosses.

    Please consider this suggetions because its only a small change that would make lvling from 68-71 a bit more enjoyable because it gives 2 option to lvl with.

    Kinda Regards