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    Thinking i'll work on that backpack today. It really needs some better designing from the initial sketch. xD Plus I need to get more practice in on digital drawing. This set is only the first things I've ever drawn digitally, and I wanna make so much more.

    Nope. It works just fine for me. It may be an issue specific to your character, and not the mount itself. If relogging didn't help, then I second Snack's suggestion of trying a reinstal.

    The only problem with pulling in guilds that did not originally make it won't be ready to do GT if they don't know they will be having a match. So I would say just let that ghost guild get its month ban and it should start sorting itself out, because then you might end up banning guilds that WOULD have showed up if they KNEW they would have a match :X but did not because the schedule was changed last second,

    If people start logging just one character to teleport in possibly raise it to 5 people need to teleport or at least be online. This "should" prevent most solo people from logging 5 characters to go into a GT.

    wait so it tells the guild when they're going in and isn't just the same time for everyone? I never get told beforehand when it'll happen. I just get a notification when it starts asking if I want to join. It's always been at 11pm for me yet the rest of my guild still can't be bothered to get online for it even though it's always at the same time and day. Heck some of them will be online throughout the day and then log off leaving me alone to choose whether or not I want to go in, including the guild master.

    LOL I will have to take a look. I believe it came free with my win 10 as well. XD I never played around in it.

    I do suggest that when you try it, make sure to take the picture of the character against a contrasting background from the brightness of the character, as it better helps the system to recognize subject vs. background!

    I can't see the tradeable version of these items in the item shop though, they're all 'bind on character' - where do you see these?

    If selling tradeable items is slightly less profitable than gifting, I wouldn't mind taking the hit, however if it's too much of a difference then i wouldn't wanna blow SC on it.

    Tradeable items are only sometimes in the shop, so you need to catch them when they come around instead of being able to buy them just whenever.

    The problem with that, is on Pagel Guilds seem to most commonly join in groups of 5 which works just fine. doing that would basically erase the GT on Pagel, because no guild would be able to do it.

    The academy rank won't solve it, you can plvl the academy before entering the tournament.

    Here is a simple solution that could have been applied a long time ago.

    - For each GT tournament, all guilds that do not show up in a tournament with a minimum of 10-15 players will be penalized and blocked for a period of time, such as 3 months or half a year. It quickly sorts out fake GT guilds. Do it for every GT tournament and the problem is solved. ^


    there could also be a thing where if not enough players are online to participate then the the guild spot in the tourny is forfeited and the guild they were set to play against gets auto assigned to play agianst another paticipating guild. I say this not to replace the ban idea, but more in conjunction with it.

    I had a couple that had to change theirs and I just logged in and backspaced the dashes and numbers and hit enter xD Meanwhile on characters I was hoping it would mean a free name change for did not get such a luxury.

    I han't even noticed the balcony thing! :o

    Also, the only reason I mention guns as a potential weapon for a class is because NPCs have them which gives little sense to why they can't be used by players, but I do agree ignoring the fact that NPCs have them, it does feel like they don't fit the world of Isya all that well. xD