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    Pretty much I feel like the only people responding to this thread are the wealthy in-game.

    Personally I believe everything is overpriced, such as i saw a lvl 50 blue axe +10 with trash stats being sold for 80G.

    Blue 50 claws +10 for 50G and refusing offers. I do agree you don't need Blue 50 weps to level but it helps. People REFUSE to budge on prices and they try to bully people into paying it (I've seen that happen and its been tried on me).

    But at the same time, there are people trying to get your gear for as cheap as possible.

    I've been that guy who has sold gear for cheaper than what it was worth and it was a slap in the face because literally 5 minutes later they have it in their vendor trying to make a huge profit. I had a godly 6x Archer set +10 sold it for 50G, 5 minutes later the person it trying to sell it for 100G....... the sad thing is they actually sold it for that much.

    You cant trust people in fiesta when it comes to selling and buying gear, everyone is looking out for themselves and are willing to scam or rip everyone else off.

    Any farmer is going to tell you the economy is fine and perfect cause it's working for them while others who can't afford to make a fighter/mage suffer. i do feel bad for people who start out as one of those classes, cause then you are screwed, you'll never be able to afford decent gear. you have to keep stop lvling perm farm for a while like every 10 levels.

    i feel like perm items are only sold in happy hour and mystery boxes. kinda not fair, i don't have time to stare at the store every hour to see if there is something in there and the mystery boxes aren't exactly a way to please anyone who had been begging for perm items. personally i think once a week there should be a new perm item sold in the store

    If you wanna be at least decent you gotta find a way to afford the overpriced gear from other players. especially level 100+ stuff

    +0 gear/weapons wont cut it. If you want to level through 60-70 and 80-90 the only way now these days is to pay a runner for CC or DT, as no one forms parties the tackle these dungeons. Generally once you hit 100 you can always find a party for your repeatable quests, if not, someone will likely try to sell their killing services to you. Repeats in this level range give less exp than you would expect. the higher level the worse the repeat. such as the vale shella/beak rep, taking 3 turn ins for 1%

    Literally this game is just about making in-game currency. Everyone wants your gear for as little as they can pay, but want as much as they can get for their own. Lots of scamming happening with gifting, people trying to scam items. (never sell trade anything near storage, some people will glitch it right before it goes through, therefore instead of getting 15gems for your item, you'll end up with 15gold)

    Then yes Gamigo has their issues with content and keeping a stable sever. The cash shop can be overpriced but just wait for deals.

    I love this game, I've been playing for years and have taken break here and there. I had to completely restart because i couldn't get into my old account which I wasn't heartbroken over since i came back after the merge and my characters would have been scattered through all the servers.

    I mainly play due to the memories and hope that the game will return to the way it use to.

    They should make a market trading board like in other MMOs

    you just put up the item you are selling with a price and then wait for someone to buy it so you can freely play the game without setting up a vender

    but Gamico makes money off people buying mulit houses and the Sign of tycoon expansion.