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    The last licenses to obtain in the game are vale beaks and vale shellas

    Can more licenses to be add for the rest of the monsters? I like to have licenses on my weapons for repeats and what not and it would just be nice to have so at level 135 we can have the 5% crit bonus on our weapons aka Jungle Apes

    Please implement this!


    I recommend to use armor for at least 15-20 Levels

    For levels 35, 55, 75, 95 you have two choices in sets, the ones I have listed are my recommendations due to their effects

    Assuming you can have +10 it'll be good and you'll be able to survive mobs

    Now level 20 armor it doesn't matter if you have it enhanced or not



    Bone Set>Slash Set+Mighty boots>Diminish Set>Defect Set>Wind Set


    Conquest Set>Might Set +Mental Boots>Restore Set>Life Set>Smite Set


    Power Set>Eon Set>Plague Set>Korin Set>Nature Set>Flamming Beast Set>Elan Set


    Ice Set>Gleam set>Sun Set>Intellect Set >Shackle Set>Flamming Beast>



    This is my guide for my recommended gear throughout the game. Preferably have these +10/12 but not mandatory

    The licenses are what I recommend to use as they will help you with your repeatable quests and level a bit faster.

    For most level tiers there are easier licenses to complete just for the Critical Bonus

    Level 1 npc weapon

    Ratman Dominator 35%

    Level 15 Mutant wolf/King Boogy weapon

    Ratman Dominator 35%

    Boogy Dominator 35%

    Speedy Boogy Dominator 35%

    Level 20 King Marlone Axe

    I only suggest this for fighters since the level 15 mutant wolf 1 handed sword is pretty weak compared

    Level 30 Zombie King Weapon

    Hob Slayer 50%

    Werebear Terminator 60%

    Goblin Captain Terminator 60%

    Level 50 Blue weapon

    King Mushroom Conqueror 80%

    Greenky Conqueror 80%

    Lizardman Conqueror 80%

    Level 70 Blue Weapon

    Lizard Knight Conqueror 80%

    Miner Mole Conqueror 80%

    Red Nix Conqueror 80%

    Level 91 Hellgait Weapon

    Slug Conqueror 80%

    Black Bear Conqueror 80%

    Level 105 Mal

    Fire Shella Conqueror 80%

    Dark Nepilin Conqueror 80%

    Shella Conqueror 80%

    114 Succubus Queen Weapon

    Shella Conqueror 80%

    Workshop Technician Conqueror 80%

    Astan Mechanic Conqueror 80%

    Level 120 Chaos Weapon or Legendary Weapon (not needed but if you can afford to its a nice bump to get you to level 125)

    Astan Mechanic Conqueror 80%

    Vale Beak Conqueror 80%

    Vale Shella Conqueror 80%

    Now after this there are no more licenses to obtain

    Level 125 Depraved Dwarf King Weapon

    Vale Beak or Vale Shella just for the critical bonus

    Level 135 Dark Ritual Weapon

    Last I recall, the reason they didn't want to implement an auction house was because towns would appear more empty. There's like one solution I've always thought would work but never really saw anyone ever mention it. I'd like to call it 'Rent a Plot' honeyrofl, it's super simple and it keeps both parties more or less happy. Instead of making the player set up shop and idle their life away and bin a couple million times, the concept is that you'll make a shop that's separate from your character. So you can just plop down a mushroom vendor to sell your goods and then leave it. You can go quest, kill monsters,pretty much play the game like you should and you'll still have your vendor setup attracting potential buyers. I personally think this is a great idea because towns will still have vendor congestion to keep towns visually alive, players can actually play the game, and they can make it into a gold sink. Charge players a small amount of money to keep the vendor running, they could even charge you to keep the vendor running even after you've logged off from the game. You'll still be advertising your goods and they'll still get active looking towns.



    Tbh if you have enough money to spend gambling on skins you shouldn't have a problem getting skins you don't need.

    Yes and no., with the amount spent on the trying to get one, the likelyhood should be higher or just be able to exchange for the one you want.

    Yes you do not need a skin for pve (general gameplay) but because of how pvp is, its essential. It also helps in raids and whatnot.

    Graves, seriously its not going to work whatsoever, NO ONE it going to be willing to hand over gems to someone to "hold on to".

    And you wanting to take this role? Don't be serious. I wouldn't let you hold on to my coppers.

    One person in charge of the WHOLE servers currency it ridiculous and not a solution. Anyhow that's what guilds are for, back in the day guilds required you to make a weekly donation to the guild bank. this paid for the guild buff and if you needed a gear piece the guild master would help you out by buying it or giving you the money. I don't know if some guilds currently run this way but so far none of the ones I have been in have.

    An auction house would help in many ways, but the only issue with that from gamigo point of view is that it would cut the population. This is true in a sense, Uruga and Elderine wouldn't have a bunch of vendors, so to a new player the server may look dead.

    I want an auction house, they could easily do it, since you can already open up a window in-game and see everything that is being sold and located the specific vendor where the item is being sold.

    Enhancement rates should be fixed, although i have really good luck with T5 weapons. only takes me 1.5 bundles from +3-+12 but T3 is really terrible. These wont be fixed though because they are making money from people buying all these bundles to get to +10/+12 gear. And due to the current rate just enhance what you actually need and that could sell decently. A +10 35 set in my mind shouldn't cost 50G but that is just my humble opinion. +10 armor below 45 just doesn't sell that well because there is no point to have it, since you level so fast. 45 +10 gear will sell because of the perms for Honeying. Then from that point on it's fairly easy to sell +10 armor.

    In general, I don't see why +0-+3 gear should be so expensive. Although we can complain and beg for a change, but it'll never happen because everyone whats as much gems as they can get for what they are selling. Those who are thriving in this gross overpriced economy look at this thread in disgust, while those who just want to play the game and have decent (not godly gear) will suffer.

    Another problem mainly once you start looking at lvl 100+ gear is people try and sell FAIL gear expensively because and I quote from many sells who told me this reason "it has hammers!", because sure I want to pay you ridiculous high price, then go spend real world money on hammers for a chance i might get good stats. Come on lol

    any and all knight gears are rough to sell and I've seen this, people making fun of those buying or selling cause they have a knight. I personally prefer knights so glads. Sure knights dont have the dmg glads do and glads can have enough def to tank. But I like the elegance of the sword and shield. I think axes are bulky and ugly lol.