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    I have checked the exp from shiny shella/beak and normal shella/beak. Even when not showing as a shiny the mob still have the exp as one. So per say... it is a shiny. Normal shella have 19.267 exp, shiny shella have 192.677 exp. Normal beak have 23.592, shiny beak have 235.921 exp.

    The shiny do dropp charms, I have been doing for 3 days now the beak/shella rep at lvl 121. I have been 100 % ranted (without the rant the drops of scrolls/pots has been the same) and i have over those days gotten 4 charms, 2 the first day (1 from shella and 1 from beaks), 1 the second day from shella and 1 today from shella.

    yes 10x xp of norm mobs. nice 4charms ^^ bit jelly XD

    shinys may not always be 'shiny' per se.

    you can follow/almost track shiny kills by the xp bar. or

    when you see t6 scroll,purp pots. which is mostly what i have gotten lately. non rant.

    with rant,ive noticed more cobs,bright cobs, dropping. when we had the xp/drop boost awhile back+having rant.

    noticed more bright cobs, and 1/50-60 shinys got a charm drop. and yes i did actually keep track (as best i could)

    was using a 4hr charm+100rant..dual screen with the xp bar on 2nd screen maximized to see the xp boost from shiny kill.

    pain staking? very. but, wanted to test the shiny dr.(as best i could) i have noticed on pagel, that more shiny's do appear as more ppl on server are mob grinding. and from what i've seen has nothing to do with, 'after a maintainance'. at least for pagel. '

    another note-since no server xp/drop boost, even with rant on (50 or 100) i havent seen a charm drop since then. and i have been grinding on multiple char @ 9x,1xx,7x. diff map mobs. shinys are still appearing,but mostly have only been getting cobs(qty5-10) bright cobs(qty6-10) t6 scrolls(qty varies) t6 purple pots(qty 5-10), t5 green pots(illness,curse,poison, immunity, qty 4-10) again, no charm since server xp/drop boost has been off.

    just my insight on this topic. :)

    yes it is..your best bet is grab a rant

    and farm the mini bossess gears,jewels,weapons drop from them

    much easier than collecting the hearts.

    heres a tip: 1st mini boss,right when u warp in. kill him, reset, kill again, reset...repeat..after a few kills, youll have full set of jewels and gear.

    obv this method for gear is rng...but over time youll have your char's full set. and the others can sell,give to guildees, equip your alts. much easier than accumulating xxx amount of hearts...

    your welcome and good luck

    aye gamigo,

    fellow gamer here

    .wanted to say this was awesome! suggested this on discord and boom we got it....

    how about doing it again? lol..but seriously though?

    good sale oppty. rants/charms/stones/extenders, etc...

    it really boosted the server economy too, especially on less active servers (mine pagel)) and revitalized farmers again.

    im sure you saw an increase in sales too. so how about another go round? asking for a friend :D^^

    im that friend 8o:D;). and please, if you do, make it a week...alot of us are still home...playing fiesta...js

    We'd like to make the weekend a bit more joyful for you all!

    The world could be a little brighter if we all continue to be safe and have fun together!

    So here it is, a awesome community weekend boost!

    From today, 04/30/2020 at 10:00am until 05/05/2020 at 01:00am (PDT)

    there will be a +30% Boost on Experience and Item Drops in-game.

    Invite your friends and have fun!

    Stay healthy, drink a lot of water and wash your hands regularly!

    check this forum page out, might help. try the repair tool, it should be in your fiesta file

    pc:-program files (x86)-gamigo-fiesta na- repair tool

    if not download it from that forum page. and put it into your fiesta file..go back 5 patches and re-patch. maybe 10, if dont work 1st time.

    or as i had to do,one time, repair tooled it to beginning. worst case, full uninstall/reinstall....hope this helps...good luck

    sorry to hear this story..but, its like the guy who gamble and keeps losing then blames the house, its the casino houses job to make money, its your job to

    try and take it. sometimes, its better to walk away....js

    but heres a tip:

    1. should of stopped after noticing bad rate after 2 bundles.

    2. you can farm bright frags ig from shiny mobs now.(low chance i know) but you still get quite a bit when they drop. in 2hrs ive collected 48 and that was on

    a low char.

    3. regular frags are free in dungeons/abysses. drop better with a rant,can farm those too in LH, or pvp kq.(use an alt if need be to win easily.

    4. ultimately, you put in $$ and got low returns..if felt was a bad investment, should of pulled out, and cut your losses. imho.

    id rather spend the time to farm free frags than drop, as you say $50 for an extremely horrible rate. again my 2 cents. wish the best for ya tho.

    #lesson learned hopefully.


    sorry if already answered,talked about...but could'nt find a thread.

    anyone know what the egg drops from monsters in maps are?

    got quite a few from ominous valley. hidden quest? event?

    here are the drops i picked up from mobs.

    fire spirit egg

    wind spirit egg

    water spirit egg

    light spirit egg?

    animations skill synopsis: test 1

    pulls mob, clicks 1st skill, animation begins..

    makes a sandwich, goes outside, flies a kite, changes tire on car, calls a friend, creates cure for cancer...

    animation ends, clicks 2nd skill.....

    final analysis:

    *rollbackfilter* -cuz it cray cray

    addendum: noone needs to see cinematic cutscene of attack animation-this is not final fantasy

    2nd addendum: players just want to mash mash keys, noted. turn in final report to head office

    end test