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    For those that said EU was awesome because it was able to open several clients without sandbox... It was because they HADN'T security system at all, lol.

    And about mobs I hope they change it, its kinda stupid and for sure a copy paste from EU, I don't know why they do such things If both versions are kinda different.

    Gamigo said that they wasn't going to be used to give compensations when there was server issues, and with compensations they means "excuse us prizes". However an extension for those who were running sc and wasn't able to play DUE TO A FAIL PATCH would be fair for us and they know it, Akher said he was going to "ask" about.

    Also said he doubt so.

    Well, when Gamigo tested XignCode, it hadn't several issues at the end, but the test was with a whole new client with Xtrap removed and XignCode implemented, but, as always, for retail server it had to be a patch and seems like those aren't their strong side LOL.

    However lets see what happens after today's maintenance.