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    As a Capped Reaper I'd take 30.0 Casting Distance over Shorter Casting time. If you played Reaper you'd know that we won't waste time using that skill even if it had a shorter casting time plus the 135 Set gives Razor Claw more damage so that would obviously be the better skill to use. PLEASE don't waste time changing the cast time! Or if you'd like to change the cast time AND the casting Distance I'd be okay with that too. I've played a lot in fbz3 and I know that Casting Distance>Cast time for this skill. It must however be 30.0 Casting Distance to make it truly useful I would say. Also the animation for the skill is very pretty and if you reduce the cast time then there wont be enough time for the full animation or maybe the animation would be rushed. So again I'm asking, and I'm begging, just change the Casting Distance to 30.0m. I know that we've had suggestions in the past about this skill and no one thought about changing the Casting Distance. I'd say all those who play Reaper would love the Casting Distance change over the Cast time change, and we can even test it so they can choose which one they prefer.

    I was playing on my capped Reaper in fbz3 today and started to play around with the 110 skill just for fun. We all know that no one ever uses it seriously because of the long cast time at close distance (1.5m) for *meh* damage. So I had a lvl115 Wiz Stifle me and I told him to use Chain Cast and use Blink to teleport far away as soon as I started to cast my 110 Reaper Skill (Killer's Order). When the skill was finished casting, it jumped me straight to him and killed him even though he was so far away that his face icon had disappeared from my screen. This made me think, I would use this skill if it could get me to my enemy despite the cast time (especially if they're running away), except the problem was that I'd have to be 1.5m away to cast the skill. And that's when it hit me! JUST CHANGE THE CASTING DISTANCE. Make it a casting distance of 30.m so that it's cast time wouldn't be a problem. We Reapers can surely make use of a skill that gets us closer to our enemy (especially kiters).

    So basically change the 110 Reaper skill Killer's Order to have a Casting Distance of 30.0m.