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    I'd be willing to pay for a permanent Exp Hold if Gamigo would consider the idea to sell this item, a big YES from me! evilhoney

    I never really bothered with the temporary Exp Hold versions because they're ineffective for the amount of time I would use them, so in my opinion and in my case the benefit isn't worth the amount of money spent.

    As for the on/off toggle I surely don't mind it, but I'd be ok with the option of purchase a separate sc item that undo the exp freeze status in the case I decide to change my mind and level up again.


    3. If a guild has won the tournament recently, it can not participate for 2 sessions

    I never understood the reason for locking out the winner. GT is some sort of competitive content, like worldboss raids. Imagine the drama if a guild/character will be locked out for a week after getting most damage the other day. To me the current rule is just horseshit.

    they say that fortunate doesnt favor fools and i was a fool to even charge 50$

    jokes aside, how are you guys so calm about this?

    Every Dollar you spent keeps this game running so thanks for your support!

    BTW it‘s called „surprise mechanics“ xP

    I recommend archer as go to class. BUT! as always, it has to fit your playstyle, beside that I feel like this is a great independent class to solo most of the content and provides good progress when it comes to leveling. For raiding it isn’t top tier overall but can deal decent dps.

    Even with a small amount of SC spent you can get quite far i would say.

    I‘m also a returning player and I started an archer myself and in earlygame it feels almost broken. You reach Level 20 realy fast and then you get your first kite AE, from there on you rush the levels. Zoom Zoom Zoom.

    Droprate in BoD was bad even before the patch, compared to GGK. I recently leveled my archer there from 50-56 always with war rant +50% and if possible stacked the dropbuff from the daily quest.

    On the weekend I may find time to go for some farming. Will post my feedback here then.

    Btw can confirm shiney GGK droped two blue armors and two weapons pre patch.


    This could be a thing, cant remember anymore tbh, but you may be right. I just pointed out that Gamigo is aware that dropquest are somehow dogsh!t.

    Just tell your partymember to wait with picking up or you‘ll leave.

    How do you know its your drop, if both have the same quest?

    There was a patch that changed many of these type of quests into kill monster A x-times. Because back in the days there was one guy doing it and 4 afk ppl that spend additional drops to him so he can finish the quest fast. Sadly not all are gone but be sure Gamigo reduced these dropquest already.

    Hey there, I kinda be in the same situation like you.

    There is no guide around. Check the market (regulary) to get a feeling for prices. If you have an item you cant figure out the current price, just double the price you think it can be sold. If it is too expensive ppl will contact you. if someone buys it you made at least the double cash and for the next time you know you can sell it for more.

    That is how I handle it right now.

    Came to see an „I’m outta this“-post, actually got tons of maths to read. =(

    It is wrong to say this game isn’t f2p because it is. If you need that much SC to enjoy this game this is your own fault.

    I have to asume I agree with the p2w. But it has been like that since day one.

    Anyways take your time, there are some other games to enjoy.

    See you around. o/

    ..., bind on account which are a few mounts like the Pegasus (these you can switch with other chars on the same account),...

    Bind on account = bind on server, isn‘t it? Would love to use them accountwide. =\