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    IS it possible to add either more repeatables through these levels or more places to farm shrooms/woods? I feel like high level game play should be the most fun as we spent so many hours getting there.. possibly another repeatable option or two rather then just picking up mushrooms/woods like maybe another drop quest? or a monster kill quest? Idk it gets really boring at these levels and really repetitive

    How come i see 80% of high lvl players with a skin? Cause i play both 10x lucky house, and also play class lucky house. Spend 100k on 10x lucky house but didnt get my axe skin. Then i waited for class skin, and try another 100k on it. Did not even get 1 skin. what a .... rip off. Do people just keep charging money and keep spinning until they get it or what? I dont understand. Cause 200k should have gotten me a skin but no. smh.

    Some people say they got like 4 axe skins for example when they wanted a wand im honestly not sure how the mechanics work but it is def garbage for me honestly axe i feel has the lowest percentage

    I can spend £100 a month in fiesta no problem. I don’t really see any issues with the gifting limits tbh.

    Yes you can spend 100$ a month why would you even want to spend over 100$ a month, honestly I try to limit 30-50$ a month so I can atleast fully SC but anything over that is overkill I can buy 2-3 PS4 games that are permanent and that will be updated more then this game.. this games value is not worth 100$ a month... thats 1200$ a year? lol I rather invest that

    Honestly there should definitely be a certain amount purchased before being able to gift but IMO 100$ is a little to much and then needing to spend half of that just to be able to gift is a little crazy. I mean maybe something like -You spend at least 50$ and are able to gift 50$- it just doesn't make sense spending in real money in this game for gems, the rates are horrible some people are fine with it but the economy of the game ( Amount of gems on Isya server atleast) is ridiculous and you most likely spend hundreds of dollars trying to buy good gear. There is so many gems on Isya and for some odd reason SC doesn't really have any value compared to other items ( How doesn't real money have value to a GEM?!.. reason i'm saying this is because most of everyone funds comes from people selling SC and if YOU are the farmer kind of player.. then also the people buying YOUR items most likely got the money from selling SC LOL.. Besides the point its kind of bad business spending 100$... Gifting 50$ out of that amount and selling it... Then not being able to gift the other 50$ when thats the whole reason you even purchased

    SC in the first place... Its honestly just bad business


    If you really want people to read this you should change the font.

    Was easy to read for me your bio was hard to read though change the color, anyways IMO 115+ definately requires SC purchase wrenches are nearly impossible to kill without the use of charms.. or a killer...

    You forgot to add where you need to spend hundreds of dollars in lucky box to get a skin lol... anyone saying that you don't need these things and that there

    "optional" must spend COUNTLESS hours farming in this game to obtain said items via a SC gifter... something that not all of us have (FREE TIME), for the people that are gonna come on this post and disagree with you, other then probably EXP boost ALL these items are needed to match others style of play. How am I supposed to play with a online friend that donates to the game constantly when I am dying/losing exp/Have to walk all the way back to quest spot while hes there earning triple with a quest exp boost, NOT losing any exp and doesn't need to walk back because he has TEARS OF LEGEL. YES like i said for the "Intelligent" people coming in here to say that it is a option, YES it is a option but its not FAIR or FREE TO PLAY I shouldn't need to spend constant money on this game as if it was a CAR NOTE ... DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED with MAL RAID/HELGA RAID/PUPPET HELGA RAID THE SAME GUILDS THAT WIN THESE RAIDS ARE COMPLETELY SCED and have been hogging it for years... there is no WAY possible unless you leech off of chests and even then there is not enough drops to go around, this game is unfair and honestly if there was more to do I wouldn't be complaining but the fact being that these spots where your said to earn "Money" are always filled or being hogged by a paid player..

    What if 50 or 100 credits to get guranteed desired skin? 🤔

    Thats the convo i was having with some players like if the skin was 50-100$ i wouldn't mind compared to paying 200$-1000$ for a skin but getting random things that I DONT need its not even like they have anything good in the lucky box its all trash bounded items

    Those two are real horror stories... I was so close to trying out my chances the time before this one to get a wand skin but I decided not to since some people told me its a scam. Your stories just convinced me to not every try it. What is wrong with them!!!! :cursing:

    Yeah honestly this is the last time I donate to this game I feel like we're just donating at this point to be disappointed EVERY time, theres no rewards for old time players (woohoo 3 stat pets), everything in this game is bound after lvl 100 ( Need to buy SC with in real $ to unbind), it takes like three months for them to fix "LAG/ Disconnecting" issues even though WE ARE STILL LAGGING and D/C! and we haven't seen any previews for any future updates taking place in the game (including new mobs,new raids, new items) you guys will literally patch the game and fix absolutely nothing that the players requested. back in OS days GM's actually listened to there players and took feedback into making the game a better place, YOU GUYS FOCUS MORE ON SLIME COIN DEALS (1$ off) THEN ACTUALLY UPDATING THE GAME and making it more suitable/playable for players of all kinds (Paying, Non-Paying players)

    Exactly my point like literally I feel like i've just been scammed the "This makes it a very special offer for first time spenders!" makes me laugh, first time spenders please don't spend your hard earned money on this game

    "Get your 1$ special discount on all Slime Coin packages starting at $4,99 or higher with this voucher code!

    This makes it a very special offer for first time spenders!"

    You ask why

    and answered your own question. its luck based lol

    you were unlucky.

    Always these kind of people that live on forum haha , that is not luck based thats a scam this is a game we're talking about not a dam lottery ticket. I shouldn't even have to gamble for a skin, i should be able to buy it in the item shop just like everything else if you agree with Fiestas logistic then keep the smart comments to yourself. Other then that like I said this is not a "Lucky" box, i cant even sell any of the exp cards or extenders I got because they are BOUND, they make items purposely bound in this game for players to buy MORE which is horrible I literally seen a guy say he spent 150$ on a blade and didn't even get it...they barely update this game the least the can do is meet player needs and make the game more playable for players who aren't trying to dish out 100$'s of dollars on a FREE TO PLAY MMORPG, like come on now 1$ discount on a 50$ purchase!?!?! Especially at a time like this, knowing a lot of people will be coming back because of the lock down.

    I just wasted 50$ (Sorry 48.99 because gamigo cares about us and wants to take 1$ off our SC Purchase) on a phoenix lucky box skin *Axe* that is 48k points, can you please tell me why I did not get a skin? This honestly doesn't make any sense to me especially during a national crisis like this and everyone is inside, a lot of old players are returning like myself, I just started a new fighter and wanted to give it a go, I was going to donate 20$ but knowing how Scamigo is I donated a extra 30$ because I know it wouldn't have been enough BUT A WHOLE 50$ AND A BUNCH OF USELESS ITEMS? NOT ONE SKIN? this is honestly just a big scamm I literally left this game 2 years ago because it is literally a money grab because i found myself spending money on SC every month as if i was paying for a CAR NOTE , EVERYTHING is binded in this game, You can't trade SC items, You can't gift people unless you've spent over a certain amount of money, and honestly at a time like this during a NATIONAL CRISIS you guys will still try and scamm people for every dollar they have, I understand it was my choice to purchase the lucky box but seriously? 50$?! no skin honestly about to black list this game from using my card and call it quits once and for all because this isn't right and honestly i don't recommend this game to any new players coming in because you will have to spend money to get geared in this game.