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    Thanks for your comment. I have received reply from the CS, but they cant recover my item... luckily i had around 110 coins so i dont need much to make a new1...

    I have full perm inventory cases, i will be more carefull in the future...

    Thanks for ur advise tho.

    Best regards.

    fyi. There if you go to the item NPC they will allow you to restore all items you sold to npc. If you logout then too bad cause it will disappear. Gm will not restore your item for you.

    as you know u can restore back only 30items (not sure about the exact no. which is 1 page) and that was the first thing i did, rushed back to the npc and I wanted to buy it back, but there were no lega wand, it means i have sold it in the first round thats why it didnt appear on the restore list.

    Heya guys!

    Do you know if I can send a ticket or something to restore back one of my item, because I wanted to sell a drop from CC to the npc and instead of selling it i have used it, and then I didnt realised I have sold the wand...

    Its pretty lame I know, but i feel really bad.

    Any GM, would it be possible to recover the wand somehow? Or if I contact the customer service is there any chance I can get help by them?

    Stats were on the wand (70lvl lega wand)



    INT99 +70



    Please help out this pooor noobie mage.



    Heya guys.!

    I'm lf the following items:

    Shaman top 3x end/dex/int

    Shaman boots 3x end/dex

    Mage 66 helm 3x end/dex

    Legina : 4x end/dex/int + 3x spr (x2)

    Forest : 3x end/dex/int/spr

    Gracia : 3x end/dex/int + 2x spr min 3 would be better.

    Also lf prenerf silent pcs.

    Send me a msg.

    Best regards.


    did you finish the KQ thought? because if you are the thread opener asking for GM help to ban people that means you're just trying to rig a reward system instead of filling it with active players who are trying to level. and that has no business here.

    have u ever been to MDHC KQ? no we didn't finish, and those "walkers" were following 2 players.. I'M quite sure those walkers are not there for the exp but for the OJ's...

    Would be better if they could change the AFQ jail to something else, like if some1 didnt use any mana/sp means didnt do anything during KQ, it would be nice to jail those leechers..

    that depends on KQ levels. KKP/Mini Dragon/Hennath and a bunch of other level ranged KQ are often filled (now). and the issue with "leeching", that does appear recently, in high populated server(s) is because of those KQ's being full. so I don't think people should be too upset over afkers etc. (because this can be a simple "fix", by just logging in and getting ready to join that KQ thus 1-2 less AFK-ed player couldn't be added to the mix.) as for the rest of the story. tank(s) etc that are active inside a KQ often does "carry" the KQ through. so why is people getting bend out of shape over leeching/afking? I'm sure 90% of that is just "guild" drama or in-game drama spilling into the forums. and I wouldn't add my two cents over trying to implement more jail issues etc. because that doesn't mean helping the community.

    Today we just had a KQ with 12 "walker" crusaders, 2 archers and 1 priest... Please let me know how are we supposed to finish a KQ with those afqers..

    Hey guys!

    I have noticed the drop rate has decreased after the new patch.. I dont really get much : 2 drops out of 40 GGK'sand 2 drop out of 10 tower with war rant.

    Usually shiney GGK drops 2 weapons and 2 blue armors, but not after the update.

    Also seems like no more bunch of t6 scs from shiney monsters... killed over 1000 monsters and got only 2 pack of t6 scs...

    Please let me know if you have same issues, or noticed smthn similar

    Best regards.


    Huhh.. Have you been to MD HC lately? out of 15 people 5 (non geared) cursaders, at least 3-4 side chars, and some lvl46-50 lvls. and if u lucky you have 2-3 tanker, but usually thats it. Most of the low lvl chars and crusaders do nothing but walk !!! and it wouldnt be a problem if their main would do some damage, but NO they just hide somewhere in the map and do nothing but WALK.. tell me please how can we finish an event with afqers when we have not enough DPS ?

    I'm 100% sure, theres nothing about skills, because most of the players are attending those events WITHOUT gear...

    the system would be better if a player doesn't make 10-20k dmg on a certain boss they receive no rewards, so it means the 3-4-5 multi accers would be wrecked, and the guys who has 1 alt, then they would be forced to make some damage and help the "party" in the same KQ.

    Does it worth to record the afqers/followers?


    Hey guys!

    I have realised most of the players do nothing on KQ ( especially MINI HC ) they just join with 2-3 alt chars and only thing they do is to kill 5 mobs and then follow their main.

    Could you please tell me how can I report those guys, because most of the events are unenjoyable, because u work hard to kill the bosses and the only thing they do is NOTHING, they put 0 effort to kill the bosses...and when u tell them to help, they laught at you.

    Please check the chars how many dmg did they make on the previous KQ : server ISYA : chars : MeLagToMuch, Saharra

    Looking for your answer, and wishing you nice day.



    Heyo guys !

    I have the following items for sell :

    Legina Ring +0 :

    Str 12

    Dex 14 (+31)

    End 10

    Int 10 (+29)

    Spr 11 (+29)

    M.def 49

    c/o 10G b/o 16G

    Forest Crystal +0 :

    Str 27

    Dex 25

    End 7

    Int 30

    Spr 14

    c/o 8 G b/o 12G

    Bloody Gem +0

    Str 10

    Dex 11

    End 10

    Spr 3

    b/o 4G

    Bloody Gem +0

    Str 1

    Dex 9

    End 8

    Int 10

    c/o 1G10g b/o 2G

    Bloody Gem +0

    Str 12

    End 8

    Spr 10

    b/o 1G

    Beak of Canary +3

    Str 10

    Dex 4 (+9)

    End 6 (+16)
    Int (11)

    SPR (24)

    b/o 2G

    All kinds of +6 Scrolls (incl str,dex,protection) : 200 silver

    Buy :

    No idea yet

    Best regards.


    Hello SittingPretty .

    Thanks for your comment, nah once I left I never logged in and didn't check forum, so I hear about the server merge only now...

    Since i was a newbie back then and also know, could you please tell me how can I send tickets.

    btw its some good news, so my account wasn't banned coz of illegal things :)

    Best regards.


    it says the " the ID has been blocked"

    I have nothing done anything illegal back then so they had no reason to ban my account.

    Also I can't really remember when was the last time I've played maybe 3~4 years, maybe more.

    I remember i was farming blue armors in an insta ( had to run down and on the top there was a big easier boss)

    and also i remember an event where u had the chance to use the hammer which 1hitted every1.

    Thats all i remember from the game :)

    Please any GMs or MODs help me :)