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    Since the patch I can't get into ANY server

    Rephrase that -

    When I first tried to log in after Patch I kept getting an error saying the Launcher wasn't working so I downloaded it again. Ran through all the updates - fine

    Now I can get into EVERY server but cant activate ANY character. I click on the character, it starts opening then the game crashes completely

    I don't know what it is with Patches but I frequently have to fully re-install or it also comes up with XXX.bin not found and I have to hunt for that specific .bin file and copy it into my directory.

    Now it won't let me select any characters!!!

    Think I'm gonna give up buying Premium stuff because I end up losing out on loads with virtually 50% of the Patches!!!

    Anyone else having these issues or is it just me?

    I've just got back into the game after a lot longer than that - 10 yrs ish probably - due to having not much to do during lockdown.

    There are changes but in reality not a lot of major issues apart from the lack of players.

    When Epith and Bijou closed it appears my characters were split over the new servers at random. The stockpile of lovely kit I had in guild storages ready as I levelled up all disappeared obviously

    Also on Isya I've had an issue creating a new character. I deleted a L50 Cleric so I could make an Archer as my L90 Archer was put on an empty server but each time I try and create it tells me "name already in use" - even random strings of 12 or 15 letters/numbers - so good luck if you want to try and set one up there.

    As it is I've started a new stable of "minis" and already got my Archer to L68 and Trickster to L44 in under 2 weeks

    It's actually quite a novelty having to survive on drops and what you can make yourself. There are few if any shops to buy anything from.
    You need to shout out to see if anyone has something to trade, prices are so much lower than they got to on Epith, which was frankly ridiculous, you pretty much need to make your own potions & scrolls ( a couple of people are selling stones) which is why I have 1 mini doing comp/decomp and 1 that does Scrolls & Potions.

    Only down side to that - and it may just be me - but 75% of the time I try and switch characters I get disconnected so have to log in again...

    Also you have to farm materials that you can't buy from NPCs and such if you want to get your scrolls/potions up from T1 which does get a bit monotonous - especially stuff like SBT

    Just updated the patch after Maintenance today and first it came up as missing D3DX9_35.dll file which Idownloaded and now it's just saying "The Application was unable to start correctly 0xc000007b. Click OK to close the application


    Running PC with Windows 10 DirectX v 12

    Just deleted 1 of my Level 50 Characters to try the Crusader class and it keeps telling me every name I choose is in use already - please try again

    Not joking I've been at it over an hour now

    I don't see how everything I try including using random words and Number combinations is already in use

    And if it was why can't they provide us with available alternatives ?????:(

    I used to play years ago and with this Corona Lock Down I thought I'd try and get into my old accounts

    Trouble is I've obviously change Laptops since I last played and when I try and download the game now it appear to be all good until I try and open the game and it stops and an Error Window pops up saying -

    "The Code Execution Cannot Progress because d3dx9_43.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may solve the problem"

    Tried reinstalling 4 times now to no avail

    Running a HP Laptop with Windows 10

    Any clues gratefully received